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Posted by brilomax on December 11, 2017


Giselle is a very friendly black & white cat, she came to us with her little family of three, her kittens have all been homed.

She has been neutered vaccinated & chipped, now that she has finished looking after her family she too is ready for a home of her own.

Great News! Giselle now has a forever home in Fulwood with Linda & John. (31/12/2017) 🙂


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Posted by brilomax on December 8, 2017

Fizz, is a turbo charged white and black five month old kitten, she turned up in a garden round the corner from us a few days before Bonfire Night. We were full and as the lady was happy to feed her and give her shelter we left her where she was until we had room and could help.

We put a picture of her on Facebook as she was wearing a collar and very friendly and we just thought she had wandered a bit too far and we would find her owner soon. Later that day she was brought to our door by one of our neighbours so she had moved from a safe garden to one on a busy road! We couldn’t leave her to wander so near a busy road and with bonfire night so close, we tidied a space in our garden shed, not ideal but she was warm and safe. Sadly four weeks later we still haven’t found where she came from.

So we have had her neutered, vaccinated & chipped and we are looking to find her a new home.

Wonderful News! Fizz now has a forever home with Linda, John & Giselle in fulwood (31/12/2017).  🙂

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Posted by brilomax on December 6, 2017

Archie, a large unneutered black Tom cat was taken to a vets
in East Lancs with his paw through his collar which had cut
into his skin. He was kept for seven days but no owner claimed
him and sadly he was not micro-chipped and we offered to take

Archie has now been neutered & chipped and is looking forward to finding his forever home.

Wonderful News!

Archie now has a forever home with Mark in Fulwood. 🙂

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Posted by brilomax on September 28, 2017

These two bundles of fun are the last two of a litter of kittens rescued from a “Chaotic environment” in Penwortham Preston, lots of shouty people, children and noisy dogs. (So we were told).

This has had a positive effect on them both as they are very forward, playful & lots of fun.

They are fully vaccinated, chipped and ready forever homes.

Dora now has a home with one of our existing members. (14/10/2017)

Thomas (now 14 weeks old @ 31/10/2017) also has forever home in Penwortham with a lovely couple and their two cats (now three cats).  🙂


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Posted by brilomax on September 21, 2017


Candy cried to be let into a house in Preston, then promptly gave birth to four kittens, she was a very good mum and all her kittens are thriving and have forever homes.

She is a very friendly lady of about eighteen months old, she has been neutered,vaccinated and chipped.

Stop Press! (30/09/2017)

Candy now has a home with Molly & Danny in Clitheroe.


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