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Posted by brilomax on November 8, 2019

Billy is a large elderly gentleman, he came to us after a phone call from a Veterinary Practice in Manchester, he was described as a stray that had been involved in an RTA and had a broken pelvis.

The Vet had been ringing around all the local rescues and Billy was going to be put to sleep if a rescue space could not be found.

His pelvic fracture was of a type that repaired with cage rest and this lovely gentle and friendly chap is now fully recovered from his injuries, he has been neutered, vaccinated, chipped and is ready for a quiet home where he can enjoy his twilight years. Give us a call on 01772 750263 if you would like offer Billy a forever home, Christine works full time so please leave a message if no one answers.


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Posted by brilomax on November 6, 2019

Rosie was taken to Oakhill vets Kirkham branch by someone who had witnessed her being “Bowled over by a car” in the Weeton Barracks area last September.

Miraculously she was completely uninjured, as she is such a striking cat we were sure that someone would come forward for her, but after significant exposure on Facebook no one has claimed her.

Since then she has tested negative for FIV/Felv, been neutered and micro-chipped.

She is a delightfully friendly little girl of about one year old and will make some lucky person or persons a wonderful pet.

If you would like to offer a home to Rosie or any of our cats/kittens then please call us on 01772 750263, the best time to call is on a weekday evening as Christine still works full time.


Rosie now has a forever home with Ian (13/11/2019).

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Biscuit & Muffin

Posted by brilomax on October 28, 2019

Biscuit (female) & Muffin (male) are both looking for forever homes.

They are last two of Waffles kittens (Dob = 09/06/2019). They are quite small for their age as in the early stages of their lives they seemed reluctant to eat, and despite their Mums veracious appetite and seemingly attentive motherly instincts had to be taken away from her and hand fed.

Now they are in the best of health with excellent appetites, they have been fully vaccinated and chipped and are ready for their forever homes.


If you would like to offer a home to Muffin or Biscuit, or any our cats & kittens please give Christine a call on 01772 750263, the best time to call is on a weekday evening after six (Christine works full time).

Stop Press! Muffin now has a home with Sue in Penwortham. (01/11/2019)

Biscuit now has a home with a young family in Lytham St Annes. (03/11/2019)


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Posted by brilomax on October 25, 2019

(DOB = 31st May 2019)

Sybil was originally called “Cyril” when it was thought she was a he, Christine originally thought she was a boy and so did the Vet that gave her her first vaccination, but when we took her back for the second vaccination the mix up was spotted (by a different Vet).

She is an extremely friendly little soul and she is ready for her forever home.

Give Christine a call on 01772 750263 if would like to offer Sybil or any of our cats or kittens a loving home.

Stop Press! (10/11/2019)

Sybil now has a home with Lisa & family in Longridge.


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Posted by brilomax on September 21, 2019

We were asked to help find Summer a forever home when a member of the public became concerned for her welfare, she was seen to be roughly handled by some very young children, her then carer was persuaded to sign her over to LCR.

Summer is a confident young cat of about six months old, she has been neutered, chipped and has had her first vac.

She is looking forward to having a loving forever home.

As she has been neutered we will be expecting a donation of at least £50, also her new owner will have to agree to keep her in at night & provide a litter tray.


Summer now has a home with Samantha and family in Ribbleton, Preston (21/09/2019).

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