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Beautiful Black Cats

Posted by brilomax on December 31, 2018

We currently have several young beautiful black cats of varying temperaments, timid and nervous, or outgoing & friendly.

They are all neutered, vaccinated &chipped.

Black cats

This one is Sooty, she was homed by us as a kitten, her carer became ill and unable to look after her, so we took her back into care.

We also have Kelly, Jeremy & Rachael.

If you would like to give one of our beautiful black cats a forever home and live in or near to Preston Lancashire, then give us a call on 01772 750263.

The suggested minimum donation for one of our neutered cats is £50 and we expect you to keep them in at night and provide a litter tray.

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Posted by brilomax on December 28, 2018

Ophelia, is a beautiful two years old tortie and white cat who came to us obviously pregnant and with her son Oliver, from her last litter. Ophelia kept us waiting an agonising three weeks and looked enormous before giving birth to six kittens. I wondered if it was ever going to happen, sadly one of the babies had to be taken to the emergency vets to be put to sleep.

Her remaining five kittens thrived (she was a very good mum).

She has been tested for Felv & FIV, neutered, vaccinated & chipped.

Ophelia is a very friendly cat and will make someone a delightful pet.

If you live local to Preston and would like to offer Ophelia a loving home then please call us on 01772 750263, Christine works full time so if no one answers leave a message, someone will get back to you.

For an adult cat like Ophelia we insist on a donation of at least £50 and a commitment to keep her in at night and provide a litter tray.

Update! Ophelia now has a home with Susan in Penwortham, Preston.


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Xmas Flea Market Update

Posted by brilomax on November 25, 2018

18th November Xmas Flea Market

Our Christmas Flea Market on Sunday 18th November raised a wonderful £1,380 to enable us to continue rescuing and re-homing stray and injured cats and kittens.

Many thanks to everyone who donated items for our stalls, we had some lovely knitted Christmas tree ornaments made by Barbara who also donated a natural branch to display them on. I sprayed it silver to match our tablecloths and it looked lovely.
A big thank you to Jane who donated Father Christmas chocolate sleighs and lots of other edible sweets so we were able to have a sweet stall. Jane also donated small items and Christmas stockings so you could make your own stocking.

We had some amazing prizes for the Tombola, Dawn spent a lot of time and money making hot chocolate cones and other items as well as with Jenny’s help making up the baskets we save all year to be filled with your donations of toiletries.
We raised an amazing £300.00 on the Tombola alone.
The kitchen raised the next highest amount of money and again Dawn baked her wonderful cakes and with contributions from Salma, her lemon drizzle cake is lovely, Tom’s cakes and Sandra’s apple pies (missed out there it all went) we very nearly ran out of cakes the kitchen was that busy. Thanks to everyone who helped in the kitchen, unlike the rest of us that can take the weight off our feet now and again the kitchen crew are busy and on their feet all day from until 2.30 pm. They then have to clean up to leave the kitchen tidy, it’s a long day and we appreciate their help.

Many thanks to Jenny who always works like a Trojan unloading the car and getting everything on the tables before we open at 9am.
We could really do with more help first thing for a couple of hours from 7am until 9 am, putting the tables up and unloading the cars as Brian and I are not getting any younger and finding it hard going. If you can offer help for our next Flea Market in February please ring Christine on 01772 750263 after 6pm any evening.

A big “thank you!” to you all.

We are always looking for volunteers to help on the day, can you spare a couple of hours? We have a very friendly group of volunteers but could always use a few more helping hands.

Could you bake some cakes for us?

Give us a call on 01772 750263 if you would like to help in any way.

Needless to say we have now run out of good quality prizes for the Tombola and will need to collect many more prizes for our next Flea Market (Sunday 10th february 2019).

So please keep the donations coming.

If you have any items to donate, please Tel Christine on 01772 750263 or Sylvia on 01772 716837.

To book a stall call Christine on 01772 750263.

Thank You!    🙂

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Posted by brilomax on October 13, 2018

Sooty now 8 months old was homed by Lancashire Cat Rescue as a kitten in May.

Since then her carer has become ill and has surrendered Sooty back into our care.

She is a friendly little girl, seems to get on well with the other cats in her pen and would love another chance of a forever home.

Sooty has been neutered, chipped and is fully vaccinated.

If you would like to offer Sooty a home and live not too far away from Preston, Lancashire then please call 01772 750263, we expect a minimum donation of £50 and would expect you to keep her in at night and provide a litter tray.

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Posted by brilomax on October 3, 2018


If you like a feline with “catitude” then Kelly aged a little over two years is your girl.

She originally came into care after giving birth to five kittens on a ladies kitchen floor, we took her and her kittens with an understanding that the lady with the kitchen floor would give Kelly a home when her kittens had been homed.

Unfortunately when Kelly went back to the ladies home she kept frightening us all by repeatedly crossing a busy main road (she had the option of going to the rear of the house where it was quiet). Fearing that she would come to a sticky end, she came back to us.

Kelly doesn’t get on with other felines and wants to be an only cat.

She is neutered, vaccinated and chipped.

If you would like to offer Kelly a home and live in the Preston, Lancashire area then please ring 01772 750263, we expect a donation of at least £50 for an adult cat and you would have to commit to keeping her in at night and providing a litter tray.

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