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September 2021 Newsletter

Apologies for your late newsletter, we have been extremely busy rescuing, re-homing and helping cats and kittens. Brian retired in March this year and has been kept busy dropping off traps and taking cats to the vets. We are starting our Flea Markets again on Sunday 17th October and our Christmas Flea Market is on Sunday 28th November. Usual time 9 am until 3pm admission 50p, please come along and support us.


Cheetah, came to us after a lady contacted us to say she had a Bengal cat she could no longer keep. Cheetah, who turned out to be a British black smoke cat, he was grey/black with a white undercoat and went to live with Paula and her dog as a house cat.

Jess, another one, at one point we had three all black cats called Jess, was living in someone’s shed and being fed by the home owners. They tried to introduce Jess into the house but their two cats were not happy so we went to collect her. Jess who is a feisty girl now lives with Andrea in Deepdale.

Peanut, was a stray living in Warton, as he was an older cat and quite skinny we had tests done and found he had hyperthyroidism. We controlled it for a while then after discussion with our vet Peanut had an operation to remove the thyroid on one side of his neck. This was a success and Peanut went as a house cat to live with Marlene in Bamber Bridge.

Suzie & Sindy, two of the tabby and white kittens from Freya’s litter have gone to live with friends of ours Karen and Neil as house cats and I can confirm they are spoiled rotten. They are definitely little princesses and have tropical fish to keep them entertained.

Savannah, another tabby and white semi long haired kitten from the same litter now lives in Ribbleton with her new owner Kathleen and a budgie. Savannah is also a house cat.

Sofie, another sibling now lives with Mark and family in Hutton, and Floyd, also tabby and brother to the girls now lives in Leyland with Julie and family. Floyd has two cats and a dog to keep him company in his new home.

Freya, a brown tabby girl came to us after a lovely family in Frenchwood who had been feeding her contacted us to say she had brought them her kittens. Freya was an excellent mum and after we homed her kittens we had her neutered and she now lives in Padiham with Christopher and family.

Simba, came to us from Blackburn after a new baby in the family meant that they felt he would be happier in a new home. Simba was an all black cat who has gone to live with two of our supporters Jane and Roger as an indoor cat in Burscough.

Mabel, a brown tabby who was pushed into someone’s arms with the announcement “You like cats don’t you! here have this one”. This was from a neighbour and poor Mabel was confused and kept trying to get out of the door to go “home”. We took her in and found her a new home with Oscar and his partner in Ribbleton as an indoor cat. Mabel will have a safe outdoor catio to sit in when the weather is nice.

Mitzi, a white and black neutered cat came to us because a child in the family became allergic to her, now lives with Rob in Leyland as a house cat. We are asked more often these days for house cats and with the dangers from cars, and the many lost cats reported to us we are more than happy to oblige if we can. Some adult cats who come to us are used to their freedom and it would cause issues if we tried to keep them indoors. We try to find quiet homes for these cats away from busy roads.

Elsa, a lovely tabby girl about 14 weeks when we collected her as a stray from our vets. Elsa now lives with another indoor cat and Catherine in Fulwood.

Mara and Allie, two of Jessie’s kittens now live with Dawn in Penwortham.

Star and Princess (now called Molly & Dolly), the remaining kittens from Jessie’s litter now live with Jonathan in Leyland.

Callie, Millie and Gizmo, came to us to be re-homed as their owners circumstances had changed, Callie a tortie and white now lives in Ashton – on – Ribble with Annette while Millie a black and white and Gizmo a brown tabby went to live together with Maddie also in Ashton – on – Ribble.


Jessie, came to us after a call from someone moving the next day and couldn’t take the cat. Jessie was under 12 months and it was agreed we would take her in the next day. When we rang to arrange a time to pick her up, we were told she had given birth the night before and could we still take her? We said yes and Brian went to collect her after dropping me at work. 

When I got home I went straight outside to check on her and to see the babies. I opened the pen door which is chest high and she flew at me, inflicting damage to my finger and arm and scratches on my chest. I managed to fend her off and push her back in the pen and shut the door. Dripping blood I went inside to wash the scratches, oh yes said Brian she is a bit feisty! I thought if we left her overnight as she had food and water she would settle down.

Brian took a garden kneeling mat as a shield as he took her food to her the next morning, unfortunately she ducked round it, bit him quite badly and also left a deep scratch on his forearm.

I was stressed wondering how on earth we were going to check on the kittens, change her litter tray and clean her out.

We came up with a solution, we had been given a leather motorbike jacket to sell and Brian wore that and a big pair of gloves and managed to get food in and the tray out safely. Asking about this behaviour as we were aware she was only protecting her babies but as a domestic cat not feral it was extreme, the vet said sometimes hormonal imbalances can produce such behaviour. Luckily within a week she had settled and even let us have a look at her kittens.

In a way this was a blessing in disguise, Brian went to the hospital on the Thursday morning and got antibiotics as his arm was swelling quite alarmingly, he still has a scar.

I went to the hospital after work and saw a nurse with my swollen finger, “Oh”, she said a cat scratch, I saw a man this morning with a cat bite, yes I said, same cat, that man is my husband. Bless her she was horrified, is it your cat she said. I explained it was an owner surrendered cat protecting her babies. When she took my blood pressure it was extremely high which meant lots of tests and a five hour wait at the hospital. The doctor nearly admitted me but then agreed if I took a tablet to bring my blood pressure down and they could see it working I could go home but had to go to my doctors the following morning.

Work were very understanding and gave me Friday off, I knew I hadn’t been feeling well with headaches but put it down to no airflow at work, unable to open windows, the Covid situation and stress at work.

I have been prescribed medication, we have had two nice holidays and moved buildings at work so now can open windows and it has made a huge difference. If I hadn’t gone to hospital when I did, I would still be feeling poorly so thanks Jessie, I think!

Jessie, has been spayed so no more babies and bad behaviour for her, she is a lovely, lively little cat and has shown no more aggression and is looking for a new home.

Spartacus, our white and black male is currently our longest stay cat, he has been with us since February and would love a home of his own.

He loves his food and would need an indoor home or a home in a quiet area after coming to us after an RTA.

Tommy, is a large neutered black and white cat with a typical jowly Tom cat face. Tommy is another cat who loves his food and has been waiting a while for a new home.

Gordon, is a neutered black and white cat, he came to us after the people feeding him asked for help. Gordon would have liked to move in but the resident cats thought different. Gordon has also been with us a while and would love a home of his own.


We have loaned our trap out several times to help catch cats needing veterinary treatment who are being fed and cared for but live outside.

A stray with a head tilt was caught and taken to the vets but it was found he had a tumour in his ear and had to be put to sleep.

Imogen, was found as an emaciated stray on a caravan park in Clitheroe, we were contacted by Meghan and Kait who rushed her to our vet. Imogen was 14 years old microchipped but numbers not up to date. A big thank you to Kait and Megan for asking for help for her. 

I have seen some flea infestations over the years but this has to be the worst!

What looked like grey markings on her forehead was just fleas and flea dirt. 

She had a flea treatment and I combed out what I could before she got restless. Blood tests showed she was anaemic, no surprise there and also in kidney failure. Poor girl, purring her head off all the time I was trying to make her more comfortable.

We collected her Friday and took her back to the vets Monday as she wasn’t eating well. The vets kept her in for a couple of days on a drip and redid the blood tests, they were surprised at the improvement and we were all hopeful. Sadly the following morning when I went to give her breakfast she had gone to sleep for the last time. The Saturday after she came to us was horrendous with torrential rain, our only comfort is that she was warm and dry with us and fell asleep in her igloo on a heated pad. This nearly broke me, I spent a lot of time with her, combing Flea dirt out of her coat, washing her mucky bits and just cuddling her, she did not deserve to be left in this state, she was such a sweet girl.

Gunther, was a black kitten found collapsed in the cold and rain on a building site in Barton. He was posted on a Neighbourhood Facebook page and a kind lady rushed him to the vets. We got a call to help him and picked him up one Thursday afternoon, he was very quiet but being treated for an ear infection and he was eating so we were not too worried about him. I gave him his breakfast and ear drops on the Friday morning before going to work. Brian rang me later that morning to say he was on his way to the vets as Gunther had been fitting. Sadly when Judith examined him, she found his skull was not fully developed and he was sat miserable on the table in the vets and we both agreed it was time to let him go.

One Saturday afternoon we got a call from a farmer in Barton who had found an emaciated tortie cat on his property, he had fed her and shut her in one of his barns. We went to collect her and she had her paw through her collar which had cut into her skin and was infected.

We said we would take her to the vets straight away but found that was not so easy on a Saturday afternoon.

Our vets use Vets Now as do most practices in Preston for out of hours, I rang them to be told Vets Now in Preston was closed and the nearest surgery open was Manchester. There was an alternative I could take the cat to Myerscough vets in Blackburn. Luckily I found Hillcrest vets in Chorley were open until 5pm and they agreed to see her. They managed to get the collar off and said they would ring us later with an update, sadly maggots had got into the wound and we had to let her go on vets advice. Unfortunately this old girl was not chipped, although the collar was quick release it still managed to make a horrific injury to this poor cat. I think she got lost and got so thin her collar slipped and she got her leg through it and unfortunately she was not found in time. If you think this may have been your cat there is a photo of the collar on our Facebook page.

We were then asked to help a kitten taken to our vets, totally collapsed, they had revived him and one of the vet nurses took him home for the weekend and the bank holiday Monday. We were asked to help on the Tuesday and brought him home to a pen in our living room so he could have the extra care he needed. The vets don’t know what happened to him but I suspect some kind of brain damage as he didn’t seem to be focusing properly. Noodles was eating ok at first then he had to be encouraged to eat, he was around twelve weeks old and did not move around but sat in one spot. When after a day with us he had not used the litter tray I stimulated his bottom as you do with newborns and he did an enormous wee and poo. Noodles then started to eat better and to move around a bit more and made a weak attempt at playing.

Later in the week he seemed to regress and was not eating well or using his tray as he had started doing so I started to wash his bottom again and he turned into a feral kitten trying to bite me.

Concerned I asked Brian to take him to the vets the following morning as I thought perhaps he had a broken leg or pelvis as he was showing signs of being in pain. The next morning the only thing the vet could find was a slow heartbeat, Brian brought him home and put his pen in the garden to try to get him interested in his surroundings but when he checked on him a short while later he had passed away. Noodles we tried little man, thanks to Karen who gave him care in the first few days and a hug to Brian who did most of the care for him when we took him in and was devastated when we lost him. I really thought at one point we were winning as he was sitting up better, moving more, his eyes were fully open and alert and he had meowed at me for his breakfast.

We were contacted one Saturday afternoon by Arnold Clark Renault at Motorpoint on the docks regarding a ginger cat on their car park dragging his back legs. He had probably been hit by a car on the nearby busy road. We were left in the same situation regarding out of hours vets and took him up to Hillcrest again. Sadly his back was broken which had damaged his spinal cord and he had to be put to sleep.


We have taken our stall to two car boots at St Michaels and Bilsborrow car boot. We decided to try the Saturday one first and made £60.00, it was a lot quieter than the Sunday one.

We then went back one Sunday and made £160.00, much better. 

We posted a photo on Facebook of our stall set up with our banner and were upset when someone said it looked dirty and it could put people off.

When we returned to the car boot I posted another photo and said we had tried to clean the banner which we had, it didn’t make any difference as it wasn’t really dirty just 20 years old and a bit worse for wear.

We are really grateful to Phillips Business Solutions UK and our friends and supporters Sarah and Rachael for providing us with a free banner. Thank you so much!

We also thank Angel and Dream, cats re-homed from LCR for their generous donations from their fees for modelling various products over the years. Angel was used in a recent wax lyrical advert on Facebook promoting the pets collection of their candles and Dream was used in a recent Aldi campaign in their leaflet advertising scratching mats.

Thank you Carol for your regular donations, we might be biased but you have some very photogenic cats.

Thank you to the friends and family of the late Edmund Shew who made donations totalling £300.00 in his memory.

We also received a donation from the estate of the late Mr Steele, these donations allowed us to help the many cats that have recently needed urgent veterinary care.

We would also like to thank everyone who has donated whilst we have been limited in our fundraising, we couldn’t have helped so many cats without your support.


Saturday 16th October our second virtual cat show starts and lasts for two weeks. You enter photos in the comments section under the category you want to enter. There are rosettes for prizes and a raffle, it’s all good fun. Watch out for the announcement on Facebook and see if your cat can be a winner and raise money for LCR at the same time.

Sunday 28th November, Christmas Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, Usual time 9 am until 3pm admission 50p, please come along and support us. Helpers needed as always.

Best Wishes from Christine

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