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September 2018 Newsletter

Although we have had great success in homing some of our more difficult to home cats, we still have five that we are struggling to find homes for. If you know of anyone who could give an outdoor cat or cats a good home please let them know we have some lovely cats that just need a warm place to sleep, food and water.

Although the cats and kittens have been enjoying the nice weather, we have been concerned how the heat would affect them. We have had fansgoing and invested in a cool mat for one mum and babies.


Shadow & Sweetpea, are two of the four cats abandoned by their owner at an address in Preston, at five months old they were very scared and not used to human contact. These two were the more outgoing of the four and they have been very lucky to have found a home with Caroline and her husband. Pat one of our volunteers at our Flea Markets in Barton is Caroline’s mum so we will get regular updates, although we have received e-mails regarding their progress & they are doing very well.

It takes special people to offer a home to cats that need time to settle in as it can be frustrating at times when you think you are making progress then there is a set back. We have been lucky over the years to have been able to home to some very understanding cat lovers.

Lulu, our black and white mum who came in with her kittens has gone to live with Sandra in Ashton, her kittens listed below have also found homes.

Ronnie, has gone to live in Chorley and has two young girls to help look after and play with him.

Polly, has gone to live with Amanda in Ingol, we have a Facebook page for Lancashire Cat Rescue and Polly found a home through someone recommending us, so a big thank you.

Millie, has also found a home in Ingol, she now lives with Sharon and finally the last of Lulu’s four kittens Billy, who has gone to live in Clitheroe with Molly and Danny.

Jake, Jasper & Jilly our very friendly young cats were very lucky indeed to have found a lovely outdoor home in the countryside in Parbold. Many thanks to Kerris and her family for giving all three a super home and for building them a fantastic indoor pen to sleep in and keep them safe while they adjusted to their new home. Initially they came for two cats but took minutes to decide to keep all three together, thank you so much.

Neo, an elderly tabby was taken to the vets by his elderly owner looking for help as his landlord had changed his tenancy agreement and decided no pets were allowed. This poor gentleman was recently widowed and had just had to have his elderly dog put to sleep and now was losing his cat. We were asked if we could help, we had no room and I feel taking an elderly cat from a home and putting them in a cattery is such a shame. Sadly, Harry an old blind tabby we homed a few years ago to Steven a friend of ours had recently passed away. Should I ask the question? I did and the answer was a resounding yes, I’ll take him. A big thank you to Steven and Neo is a lucky boy.

Kelly, our black mum with her five babies, was spayed and went back to live with Maureen who had been feeding her before she had her kittens in her kitchen.

Kevin, is one of Kelly’s kittens, he was a picky eater and then became poorly, we isolated him and he started to get better with treatment from the vets. He now lives with Julia where he has continued to eat well and has put on weight. He has the loudest purr and is such a friendly boy.

Kodi, another of Kelly’s kittens has gone to live in Chorley with Laura and her family. They already have a cat called Jessie and Kodi has been renamed Woody.

Daisy, was brought to us to be re homed by her owner as he no longer had the time to look after her. Daisy, is a pedigree British dilute tortie, a lovely blue cream, a little bit nervous but has gone to an understanding home, where she will be given the time to settle that she needs.

Mabel, came to us with her brother Mack after their owner couldn’t keep them any longer. Mabel has found a new home where she delights in hiding from her new owners, after a few anxious searches they now just wait for her to come out from her hiding place.


Mack, who came in with Mabel and is a black and white kitten around five months old is still looking for his forever home, he is not lonely as he is sharing a pen with Oliver another black and white male kitten slightly older with an amazing white tip to his tail.

Although we have homed Kevin and Kodi, we still have three of Kelly’s kittens needing homes, Kerris, Kayleigh,and Keira are all black, very friendly, absolutely gorgeous and full of mischief.

Lizzie, is an older mum who has lost all her teeth and is very timid. She was terribly frightened when she first came to us with her two one day old kittens. She soon realised that we were going to feed and look after her, she quite often sits with her tongue out and looks quite comical. We called her two kittens Logan and Luna but sadly after a short illness we lost Logan despite our and the vets best efforts. It is heartbreaking to look after kittens from when they are born to being ready for a new home and then to lose them so quickly and unexpectedly. Luna and Lizzie are both black and semi long haired and are looking for a new home.

Ophelia, is a beautiful tortie and white cat who came to us obviously pregnant and with her son Oliver, from her last litter. Ophelia kept us waiting an agonising three weeks and looked enormous before giving birth to six kittens. I wondered if it was ever going to happen, sadly one of the babies had to be taken to the emergency vets to be put to sleep. It was obviously not going to survive so it was the kindest thing to do. The babies are six weeks old now and will be ready for homing at nine weeks after their first injection.

Simba, is a seal point Siamese whose owners had to give him up due to moving to property where cats are not allowed. Simba, is five years old and preferably would like a home as an only pet and where someone is at home most of the day. He is very affectionate and craves attention as do most orientals. Someone who has previously owned a Siamese would be ideal.

Nancy, is a very pretty tabby and white cat brought to us by a couple of our members who had been feeding her for a few weeks. Nancy had milk so had kittens somewhere but although a thorough search was made, no kittens could be found. Nancy, had been hanging around for a while and not going anywhere so it’s a mystery what happened to her babies. Nancy was quite thin when she came to us but has grown into a lovely cat, a little bit nervous but affectionate when she gets to know you.

If you can offer a home to one of our cats or kittens please ring Christine on 01772 750263 after 6pm weekdays, thanks.


We have helped several people who are feeding stray cats with vet bills. One cat at a colony on Blackpool Road needed a dental. The gentleman feeding her, takes care of her vet bills for flea treatment and worms but could not afford the vet fees for an operation to remove some bad teeth.

A stray cat needed to be clipped due to some bad matting and we arranged for it to be seen by our vet.

We lent our trap to a lovely couple who used it to catch a mum and kitten living in the woods near their house. They are caring for them and have possible homes for them.

We collected a cat from a driveway where sadly it had passed away and through its microchip we were able to reunite it with its owner.

We were asked to help with a cat that was hanging around the car park at the Royal Preston Hospital, after scanning for a microchip we found out the cat lived just across from the hospital.

Another cat that kept visiting a house through the cat flap was shut in and we went to scan and again the cat lived just across the road.

If there is anybody who could help with scanning cats then please get in touch, Our circumstances are changing and we might not have the time to go out during the day to check if a cat or kitten is chipped.


The Flea Market at Barton in May raised £780.00 thanks to everyone who came to help or who visited us on the day. The sun was shining and as well as a Flea Market nearby, the big Car Boot at Bilsborrow started that weekend so although our takings were not as much as usual we were delighted with the funds we raised.

Two stalls on Preston Car Boot and a stall at Longton Fete raised £240.00. Thanks to Brian who helped at all three and to Paul and Dawn who helped at Longton Fete. Brian and I then did a car boot at the big field in Bilsborrow and made £66.00, it was a gorgeous day and although I thought I was under the canopy of the stall got sunburnt on my shoulder.
A friend at work the next day suggested natural yoghurt to take the pain away, so there I was that evening fighting cats off so I could smear cold yoghurt on my arm and shoulder. It was bliss, “honestly” when I offer the cats yoghurt they turn their noses up at it, smear it on my arm and they are interested!

We were very lucky to receive a cheque for £69.00 from a raffle and also £23.00from the collecting box from Oakhill Vets who had a stall at the Gt Eccleston Show this Summer. Thank you for your support.

A Sunday spent at Elaine’s car boot raised £100.00. It was a lovely sunny day and it was very busy. We are hoping to go back and do another one before the Flea Markets start again in September.

A stall at the Chester and North Wales Cat Show raised £145.00.


Sunday 23rd September Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, 9am until 3pm, helpers needed as always. We struggle to get everything set up in the morning, if there are any early risers out there willing to give us a hand unloading the car and setting up please give Christine a call on 01772 750263. If you could just help for an hour anytime during the day it would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday 21st October Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, 9am until 3pm, helpers needed, we are there from 7am until 4.30pm. Helpers are needed all day, if you could spare an hour or two to come and help us raise money for the cats we would be really pleased to see you.


We always need cat and kitten food, Felix adult food in jelly and Pets at Home kitten food, we are going through lots of boxes of that at the moment.

Thank you so much to those of you who drop off food on our doorstep or at our vets, we and the cats are very grateful.

Our Flea Markets start in September as above and we badly need donations of Bric a Brac for our stall, good as new items, CD’s and DVD’s.

We are also collecting items for our Christmas Flea Market, unwanted gift sets and toiletries we can make into our gift baskets. We also need baskets to put our toiletries in, if you have anything you can donate please telephone either Sylvia on 01772 716837 or Christine on 01772 750263. We are able to collect if you are unable to deliver.

If you can help please call Christine on 01772 750263 and we can arrange collection.

Best Wishes from Christine