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October 2020 Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who has donated in any way to support us this year. Brian and I are so lucky to have such wonderful people helping us through these difficult times and we really appreciate your help. We have had donations of money to help as we cannot fundraise in our usual manner, lots of cat food has been donated and some lovely person is posting money in an envelope anonymously through our letter box.

Brian has been following government guidelines so we can arrange viewings of the cats and complete the paperwork in a Covid safe way.


Cleo, the last of TC’s kittens to find a home now lives in Preston with Charlotte. We were able to get Cleo and TC spayed whilst the vets were only dealing with emergencies as we woke up one day to find a Tom cat asleep on top of their pen. We had never seen him before and we haven’t seen him since.

Dinah, one of our tabby females now lives with Sian and family in Longridge.

Stripey, now called Nell, another tabby female now lives with Catherine in Penwortham.

Rizzo, our pink lady now called Poppy has gone to live by the seaside with Lisa.

Princess & Tiny, both black kittens now live with Victoria in Woodplumpton.

Myrtle, our black and white female now lives with Edward in Preston.

Peanut, our very pretty tortie and white long-haired cat was not with us long before going to live in Clayton le Woods with Carrie.

Fleur, now Fizz, our pretty tortie kitten has gone to live with Lindsay and has two other cats for company in Whalley.

Jacqui, tabby and white, our older mum was spayed and now lives in Lea with a lovely couple who were happy to give a home to an older cat.

Bowie, so called as we were driving around the Trough of Bowland when we were asked to help with a kitten that was being given away. We went to collect him, a small black and white kitten who now lives in Penwortham with Kathryn.

TC, our black and white female, has gone to live in Clitheroe with Ellie.

Felix, one of our many black and white kittens this year, now lives with Emily in Haslingden, where he will be an indoor cat.

Korky, from the same litter as Felix, also black and white, now lives with an older cat and a guinea pig in Bamber Bridge with Julia.

Olly, was a young black kitten found with a broken pelvis and our vets asked us to help. Olly, luckily did not have trouble going to the toilet and after a couple of days with us started to perk up. He continued to improve but when he went for repeat X-rays it was discovered that he may need surgery later on.

Olly, has gone to live with Rhiannon in Avenham, we have offered to pay for any ongoing treatment caused by his broken pelvis.

Pepper, now Pippa and Murac, now Erica, shared a pen together and were very lucky to be offered a home together in Hoghton.

We have heard from Hilary their new mum who said they have settled in really well and made themselves at home.

Suki, a very pretty tortie and white is now called Indiana and is living with Anne and her daughter in Coppull.


Bella and her kittens, Pergo, Rossi & Rico, were left behind by their owners when they moved house, kind neighbours fed them and contacted us for help. Sadly although we have tried so hard to tame this little family only Pergo is happy to be stroked. The kittens have been neutered and are around seven months old.

Bella can be stroked but only for a short time and we really think it would be kinder to try and find outdoor homes for her, Rossi and Rico. If you know of anyone needing outdoor cats please ask them to get in touch.

Teddy, is a very large white and ginger Tom cat being fed by a lady in Preston. Sadly not microchipped but a very large cat, because he is such a large cat although very friendly the female resident cat was frightened of him. We were asked to take him in as he also showed signs of a mild upper respiratory infection. Teddy has had a course of antibiotics and is ready for a new home.

Roy, is a very friendly grey tabby older kitten around six months old who after he was rescued from a farm became very unwell. He showed classic symptoms of really bad cat flu and was very poorly for several days. We were asked to take him in and find him a new home as he was poorly twice whilst settling into his new home and the vets thought it could be either the Herpes virus or the Calici virus and could be a recurring problem. Roy has been tested and was negative for both virus’s, also the stress of coming into rescue and also being neutered has not brought his symptoms on again.

Poppy, is a very friendly black and white cat who came to us very pregnant, she was enormous when she gave birth to seven babies. Unfortunately this was the night before we were going away to celebrate our grandsons 21st birthday. I was concerned because she came to the door of the pen leaving her new born kittens every time I went to check on her. Sadly despite the best care from Jenny and Karen who were looking after the cats while we were away, and the efforts of our vets all of the kittens passed away. Poppy did not have any milk so Jenny stayed up all night feeding them by hand, taking them to the vets first thing in the morning then going to work. The vets fed them during the day, Jenny picking them up after work.

It was not an easy time for anyone for those few days as we lost the kittens, one by one, thank you so much Jenny and Karen for everything you did.

Poppy has tested negative for leukaemia and the FIV virus and has been neutered and is ready for a new home.

Daisy, we think may be Poppy’s sister as they are from the same area and look very similar in build and colouring. Daisy has been neutered and is also looking for a new home.

Although we have done well with re-homing during the restrictions imposed on all of us we still have four all black cats that have been with us a long time. 

Lucy, is a black short haired cat who keeps us on our toes, she smacks us when we clean her pen although after countless discussions regarding her behaviour now does keep her claws in.

She is an independent lady but does enjoy a fuss on her terms.

Lucy, will need an experienced owner who will let her settle in at her own pace.

Rachel, is another independent cat, she prefers women to men but would make friends with whoever feeds her as she does like her food.

Luna, is a rather shy lady who would prefer a home where she is the only pet. 

Lizzie, is an older lady but in good health and does enjoy her food. Lizzie is semi long-haired and tends to knot but she does allow herself to be brushed and seems to enjoy it.


Piano, is a black and white cat seen struggling in a pond on a housing estate being built in Fulwood. Two men driving past spotted her and went to her rescue, she was taken to our vets but sadly wasn’t chipped.

They warmed her up and we collected her the following day, we put her photo on Facebook and a few days later her owner was found. Piano was returned home and advice was given regarding micro-chipping. We received a generous donation from her grateful owner.

Sadly Piano wasn’t the only cat in the pond, there was also another cat who sadly did not survive, due to being micro-chipped the owner was found.


We managed to take our stall to St Michaels and Billsborrow Car Boot for two weekends in September, we raised £235.00 in total. Thank you to everyone who donated items for us to sell.


At the time of writing this sadly there are no plans for us to have any more Flea Markets at Barton Village Hall this year. We have dates for next year and have our fingers crossed we can have some form of fundraising there but will have to see what 2021 brings.

A bit of good news however is that we are having a virtual cat show on Facebook to raise funds. Many thanks go to our friend Carol who is organising this for us. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of how to enter, the competition will run from 9am on the 17 October to 9pm on Friday 30 October. Please enter for a bit of fun and some fabulous prizes and to help use raise funds, we will also have raffles and an auction during the cat show so please join the page even if you are not entering any photos.

Follow us on Facebook to be kept up to date.

Best Wishes from Christine

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