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October 2017 Newsletter

Although we had a break from our Flea Markets during the summer
our Fund-raising continued with our Open Day, a stall at a cat show
and a day at a car boot. Thanks to everyone who donated items for us
to sell, your support is greatly appreciated.


We are finding it so difficult to home adult cats, mainly because most
are either all black or black and white and most are very timid. This
means they hide when prospective owners come to view them, but
they would all become wonderful pets given the time and care needed
to settle into their new homes.

Please remember if you are choosing to home from rescue then the
cats might not have had the best start in life and don’t deserve to be
overlooked just because they are a bit timid in the presence of
humans. With time and love they can become wonderful pets.

Dinah, a semi long haired black female whose owners were moving
where pets were not allowed has gone to live with Maureen in

Candy, came to us with her week old babies now in new homes,
Candy was spayed, vaccinated & chipped and now has a home in
Clitheroe with Molly & Danny.

Our kittens stole the show at our Open Day and several of them found
a home as a result.

Candy’s kittens, were very popular at the Open Day & Conrad &
Cedric, two semi-long haired ginger males now live in Penwortham.
Cody, a tabby & white male, now lives with Sarah in Longridge and
Cole a black kitten has gone to live with Amanda in Ribbleton.

Tilly, a timid black cat has found a wonderful home with Jennifer who
regularly donates items for our sales. Tilly was one of our longer stay
cats and we are delighted that she now has a home she can call her

Elsa, came to us very frightened and absolutely filthy, covered in oil.
She turned up on someone’s doorstep, she was only six weeks old and
no sign of her mum or any siblings. Our best guess was that she was
born in a garage and somehow got separated from the rest of her
family. We gave her a bath and she soon looked much better and
although still a bit timid has gone to live with Robert and his family in

We were asked to help re home three kittens born on the fourth of
May and the owner named them after Star Wars characters, we loved
the idea and it also meant that we could remember their birthday.

Chewbacca, turned out to be a tabby & white female and we named
her Becky and she was re-homed with Denzil a semi-longhaired black
kitten who came to us to be re-homed with his mother Dinah, Becky
& Denzil have both gone to live in Fulwood with Martin and Joanne.

Han Solo, a handsome white and black male now has a new home
with Karen, who is hoping to enter him into the household pet section
of cat shows. This leaves Binks who now renamed Angel, a very
pretty tabby & white who has gone to live with Pat & Carol and their
other rescued cats. She has settled in really well and has two other
kittens to play with.

We helped a family in Penwortham, re-home their litter of kittens,
Rosie & Jim, a black and a black and white kitten have gone to live
with Ann & Steven in Leyland. Dora an all black kitten has gone to
live a bit further away with previous adopters in Huddersfield.

Thomas is still looking for a forever home.


We have several litters of kittens with their mums who will be ready
to go to new homes soon.

Flora, is a black and white very friendly cat who was rescued from a
home where she has had several litters of kittens, her three babies are
now five weeks old and eating well on their own.

Giselle, is another black and white mum, also with three kittens who
are five weeks old and absolutely adorable as young kittens are.

Eileen, is an all black female who was brought to us from Burnley in a
taxi by the lovely lady of the same name who was feeding her. Eileen,
the human not the cat, had taken the pregnant stray to the vets to be
told she would have her kittens anytime now. Eileen is only a small
cat and had an enormous tummy whilst pregnant, after nearly two
weeks and still no sign of kittens, Brian took Eileen to see our vets at
Oakhill on Conway Drive. Eileen had a check up and again we were
told anytime now. Another five days and Eileen whose tummy was
absolutely enormous by this time had still not had her babies, we rang
the vets to book an appointment for the following day. We had to
cancel the appointment as when we got up in the morning, there were
three tiny kittens and a very proud mum. I had to go to work but Brian
was at home and I rang several times to check as I could not believe
she was only going to have three!
Eileen did only have three kittens and she has been a very good mum,
when the kittens are old enough she will be spayed and she is very
lucky to have been offered a home already.

Bonnie & Clyde, homed as young kittens last year have been returned
to us through the family’s personal circumstances. Clyde, is an all
black male and Bonnie is a very pretty black and white.


A phone call late one evening resulted in us taking in a very pretty
tabby girl recently spayed but sadly not chipped. The couple who
found her saw her nearly run over on a busy road and rang to ask if we
could help. They would have looked after her themselves but as they
had a very large dog who did not like small animals could not take her
We had to put a pen up in our garden shed as we really did not have
room for anymore cats but could not leave her out on the streets.
Luckily only an hour after she arrived and after two big bowls of food
she was reunited with her owner, thanks to the power of Facebook!

We lent our trap to a lady who had taken in a relatives cat that
managed to escape and she managed to catch it within 24 hours.

We received a generous donation from a gentleman in Chorley who
was very upset as he was looking after his daughter’s cat while she
was on holiday. The cat managed to escape and was in his garden but
too scared to go to him, again the cat was caught within a few hours.

One of our traps has been lent to a lady who is trying to catch a feral
kitten that has appeared at her home, no updates on that yet as to
whether she has been successful.

A lady taking care of a cat left behind by a neighbour rang as it
needed a dental very badly, she was unable at that time to afford a
large vet bill. We agreed to fund the treatment and the lady offered to
give the abandoned cat a home.


(A few words from Brian Lomax)

Although I always edit the newsletter for Christine, all I do is set it out
so it looks nice (I hope), run a quick spell check and add a couple of
photos, the content is all down to Christine.

In 1987 Christine started collecting30 years rescuing 2
items for a local cat rescue and got
friendly with one of the ladies on the
committee and offered to help with
taking phone calls.
She then offered to foster kittens in a
spare bedroom, started to help with
fund-raising and learnt how to use
the trap and ferry ferals to the vet.
After six years in January 1994
Christine started out on her own and
Lancashire Cat Rescue was born, we
became a registered charity in 2010.

I don’t often let Christine know of
how proud I am of her achievement
in the cat rescue world.

So from me and all the cats and kittens she’s helped over the last
thirty years, I’d like to say “Well Done!” and “Thanks for being you”.


The Open Day raised £135.00 and we received lots of donations of cat
food and items to sell on our stall. We made plans for if it rained but
we were very lucky with the weather, although not very sunny it
stayed dry all day.

A stall at Chester & North Wales Cat Show at Deeside Leisure Centre
raised an amazing £215.00! We had a wonderful day, all those lovely
cats and kittens. The icing on the cake was that Dream re-homed from
us won Best Non Pedigree cat, she has now won over 60 household
pet Best in Show rosettes! An amazing achievement, and we are so
proud of her.

A stall at Elaine’s car boot one Sunday raised £122.00, thanks to
Dawn and Brian who helped me set up and also kept me company and
helped me pack up. Again we were lucky with the weather and it
stayed dry for us.


Sunday 19 November, our Christmas Flea Market at Barton Village
Hall, helpers needed throughout the day, on the stalls and helping in
the kitchen. Please telephone Jennifer on 07754 410616 if you can
spare an hour or two to help.

If anyone can donate Items with a Christmas theme for our stall
or our Tombola we would be very pleased to hear from you. Our
Tombola is always popular and the more prizes we have the more
money we can raise, chocolates, wine and toiletries are always

If you could bake a cake or donate cake ingredients, it would also help
to raise funds.

If you can help by donating any items (we can collect) please ring
Christine on 01772 750263 or Sylvia on 01772 716837.


I cannot remember the exact year but must be at least 25 years ago
Cats Protection introduced their free neutering scheme. Not long after
that Microchips were invented and I thought we would see a reduction
in unwanted kittens being born and that any stray cats could be
returned to their owner through their microchip.

Sadly not everyone sees the benefits in getting their cats neutered or
chipped and this year the kitten explosion has been horrendous. We
take in as many as we can but there are always those we have to say
no to we just hope another rescue can help.

Best Wishes from Christine

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