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November 2021 Newsletter

We are busy getting ready for our Christmas Flea Market on the 28 November, it will be our last fundraiser of the year as we are not having a Christmas Coffee and Mince Pie event due to family commitments. Hopefully we will have one next year.


We have continued to find homes for our rescued cats following Covid safety guidelines and procedures Brian has put into place.

Bailey, a kitten from one of our trapping sites came to us for a short while then to his new home with Samantha in Leyland.

Leo, had been homed to a lady in Ingol, but was proving a bit of a handful for his elderly owner so we were asked to help. He is a lovely friendly long haired black and white boy and soon found an indoor home in Eccleston with Christine.

Jessie, our black cat who came to us with her day old kittens, was spayed and now lives with Jack in Clayton le Woods.

Gordon, our stray from Broadgate was with us for a few weeks before being chosen to go home with Andy as an indoor cat in Blackburn.

Tommy, came to us as a typical unneutered male with big cheeks, we had him neutered and he now lives with friends of ours Linda and Stuart in Accrington. They have had cats from us over the years and supported us from the beginning, he has really landed on his paws, after much thought and a few changes, Tommy is now Charlie.

Baxter and Brodie, two black and white kittens, born to a stray being fed in a garden in Leyland now live with Mark and Hazel in Grimsargh.

We are working with the couple feeding strays there to get them neutered.

Buster, another black and white kitten from the same garden, with lots to say for himself now lives with Ashleigh in Ashton.

Sam, was being fed by a kind lady in Fulwood whose own cats were frightened of him because he is a very large black cat. We had him neutered, vaccinated, chipped and he now lives in Lostock Hall with Ann and her husband.

Shadow a female, and Smoky a male, are two neutered young black cats, who came to us due to their owners ill health. They have gone together to a new home in Leyland with Michael and Lynn.

We took in five kittens for re homing from a garden in Grimsargh where we are trying to catch mum to have her neutered.

Cyril, a black and white long haired kitten was homed to Brian in Cottam and his sibling Sylvester, also long haired black and white now lives with Sandra in Lostock Hall.

Chloe, a tortoiseshell and white kitten now lives with Michelle in Leyland.

Chester, a white and black kitten now lives with Amy in Penwortham, he has had a few problems with an upset tummy but seems to be on the road to recovery now.

Sidney, a black kitten from a farm where we are neutering the adults with the help of Alison and Alan, now lives with John in Penwortham.

Charlie, Sidney’s brother, a long haired black kitten now lives in Whalley with Lindsay and has three older cats to keep him company.


Spartacus, our white and black boy is still waiting for his new home. I can’t believe he is still with us. He is a large handsome boy who will make someone a lovely companion. You must just agree to feeding him several times a day as he does love his food!

Sally, is an elderly tortie lady with hyperthyroidism and is on medication twice a day. It is liquid given with a syringe and she takes it very well. Sally, needs an understanding quiet home, she just likes to eat and sleep and must be kept indoors. It is a big ask but if someone could offer her a home we would pay for her medication and vet visits.

We would love Sally to spend whatever time she has left in a loving home of her own.

Quinny, came to us with her very young kitten, Harley, after a phone call to say there was a young kitten on the road and mum was in the bushes in Grimsargh.

We took a trap and found cat and kitten deep in a hedge by the side of a busy country lane, Brian climbed over a fence into the adjoining field, watched by a herd of curious cows. They came over to see what was happening and I thought they would stop the cat going in the trap. Luckily they soon got bored and mum and baby were caught.

Quinny, we thought was a feral cat but although nervous still she is starting to trust us and can be stroked. They were both underweight and very hungry but are starting to look much better.

Sadly Quinny has tested positive for FIV and we cannot test Harley until he is six months old, again we need an understanding home for them both. FIV can be transmitted to other cats so an indoor home only is best and preferably as the only cats although it is transmitted only by bites and mating. We successfully had an FIV cat, our wonderful Cassius for five years with three other cats and he did not pass it on to them.

Charlie is 15 years old and has been living rough after his owners moved a way for at least the last three years, possibly seven according to some neighbours. He is a long haired neutered male Persian type with orange eyes and has had his coat which was in a dreadful matted state shaved in places. Poor boy must feel much more comfortable now. He has had blood tests as he is an older cat, but there is nothing of concern on the results. Anyone who takes an older cat from us will get any vet treatment other than the usual flea treatment, boosters etc. free of charge.

Corky, is a black and white male cat around eighteen months old, he came to us after a child in the family developed an allergy. He is still settling in but seems a friendly cat and he will be ready for a new home soon.


We have loaned our trap out several times to help catch cats needing to be neutered, many thanks to Alison and her husband Alan who have volunteered to help with trapping. They have already trapped a couple of cats on a farm where we were asked to help and we have a couple more situations we need help with.

We were asked to help a young cat injured in an RTA by our vet as the owner couldn’t afford the full cost of treatment. It was thought initially it was just a broken pelvis, but turned out to also be a diaphragmatic hernia. The vets operated and it was a success but sadly poor puss passed away in recovery, the operation was too much for him. Very sad but we gave him a chance.


The September Flea Market raised £1,005.00 and the October Flea Market raised £1,000.00. We were not expecting to raise such wonderful amounts as we thought people may still be cautious about coming to an indoor event. Thank you to everyone who supported us, we really enjoyed being back and catching up with our regular stall holders and visitors.

Thank you to all our volunteers who came to help on the stalls, and to those of you who sent donations as you could not help on the day.

We have been very lucky during the last eighteen months to have such wonderful supporters who have regularly sent donations of money and cat food whilst we have been very limited in our fundraising.

We have just held our second virtual cat show and with the help of some really lovely people who donated prizes for the raffles, sponsored rosettes and agreed to judge the eight different classes we raised an amazing £900.00. Thanks to our best in show judge who had the difficult task of picking the best in show and reserve from the first place winners in the eight categories. We couldn’t have raised this amount without everyone who took part by entering their cats photos or by taking part in the raffle, thank you for your support.

The cat show, rosettes, prizes for the raffles and the raffles themselves were organised for the second year by our friend Carol. It is a mammoth task and we are very lucky to have her help and support, thanks Carol.

Many thanks to Julie who donated a body shop advent calendar which we raffled and raised £109.00. Many thanks to Dawn and Carol for their help in running and drawing the raffle on Facebook.


Sunday 28 November, our Christmas Flea Market at Barton Village Hall 9am until 3pm. Volunteers to help on the stalls and in the kitchen needed as always. Thank you to Barbara for the lovely knitted snowmen, Xmas trees, robins and Xmas puddings to sell for people to hang on their Christmas tree. These sold very well on our Facebook page last year and were very popular the last time we had a Christmas Flea Market.

We also have lots of lovely Tombola prizes, our festive baskets put together by Dawn and light up bottles and some fabulous glass and alcohol combinations put together by Jane. Thank you to those of you who have also donated items for the Tombola, it is going to look very festive.


We have some lovely good as new items to put on our stall but could always do with more. With nice items to sell we raise more money for the cats, if you have anything to donate for this fundraiser or for ones in the future please ring Christine on 01772 750263, please leave a message if no one answers.

Best Wishes from Christine

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