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November 2019 Newsletter

We have a bumper raffle for you this year thanks to some amazing people who have donated some great prizes. Please if at all possible support our fundraising efforts, we have our raffle, the Christmas Flea Market and our Coffee and Mince Pie Day. These events need to raise as much money as possible as from December to February we have a break from fundraising.


Walter & Sundae, now live in Bamber Bridge together where Sundae homed as a female turned out to be a boy! Apologies to Trish and family, however in my defence he / she had been to the vets several times and my decision on the gender was never questioned. Sundae, was one of our most poorly kittens and very tiny for some time so this made it difficult to determine whether she was a boy or girl.

Wesley & Warren, joined a young couple in Buckshaw Village as part of their family.

Wilbur, now lives with Louise in Penwortham and Coco, now lives with Kevin in Lostock Hall.

Willow, was reserved at our Open Day and has gone to live at the seaside in Southport.

Esther, is a tabby kitten taken to the vets after being found collapsed down a country lane. As she was carried into the vets, crying in distress a family were there with their own cat and heard her cries. The vets rang us to see if we could take her explaining she was blind and they were unsure if it was permanent and we went to collect her. We had a phone call from Miranda who heard her cries at the vets offering her a home. I explained she was blind but Miranda, Linus and Duncan came to see her and Esther will be going home with them in a couple of weeks time when she is old enough to start her course of injections.
She was a very clingy kitten, understandably when she first came to us and it was quite upsetting knowing she couldn’t see what was happening to her or where she was. It didn’t take long though for her to settle and she comes into the house and soon learnt her way round and the hiding places under the settee and chair. Her new family have been to visit her several times so she can get to know them before she goes to her new home and I play her their voices recorded on my phone. We’ve homed a blind kitten before and he had a wonderful life with Pat and Roy and even went on caravan holidays with them. Little Esther is a lucky girl, first to be found and then to have a lovely home to go to.

Cookie, now lives with Amanda in Leyland and Sidney & Amos now live with Kate in Penwortham.

Clover, one of the four month old kittens rescued with Molly now lives with Emma and Adam in Lea and Summer, the other kitten went to live with Samantha in Ribbleton.

Frosty, our white and black female cat who originally came to us with Jingle from the RSPCA now has a new home with Brian in Penwortham.
Frosty suffered an inner ear problem that left her with a head tilt, this and the fact she is quite a nervous little cat didn’t make it easy for us to find her a home. Many thanks to Brian for giving Frosty a chance, he is making slow but steady progress with her.

Xena, our very friendly black cat now lives with Charlene in Bamber Bridge, this means we still have eight black cats needing homes.

Muffin, has gone to live with Sue in Penwortham who first re-homed a cat from us 14 years ago, Muffin has Xena (an older resident cat) to show her the ropes in her new home.

Biscuit, has gone to live with a young family in Lytham St Anne’s.


Billy, a white and black large cat came to us after a phone call from a vets in Manchester, he was a stray that was involved in an RTA and had a broken pelvis. The vets had been ringing around all the local rescues and Billy was going to be put to sleep if Rescue space could not be found. Billy is a lovely chap of about ten years old, he enjoys his food and is fully recovered from his injury and looking forward to a new home.

Dinah, is a very pretty tabby girl found as a stray and being fed by a lovely family who would have adopted her but their own cat would not accept her.

Molly, came to us after a post on Facebook saying a pregnant cat had been found in a box on a local park. Again the story didn’t add up, when someone concerned about the cat went to collect her, she found several other similar looking cats and two four month old kittens. Molly, is blind having been born without properly formed eyes, she gave birth the morning of our Open Day and made so little fuss, it was only when Dawn went in to give her a cuddle we found the babies. Molly, has been a wonderful mum to her four babies who will be looking for new homes soon, two white and black kittens and two all black kittens. I think they are females but reserving judgement until the vets have checked due to Sundae now a male kitten and Cyril turning out to be Sybil!! I’m losing my touch.
We were lucky enough to be able to collect the two four month old kittens, one of which was being held and swung around by one of the young children of the house and we were concerned for their safety.
The entire tom at the house has been neutered and we are keeping an eye on the situation.

Silver, a grey and white female cat found straying in the Leyland area, she is very friendly, has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

Rosie, a tabby and white female cat was taken to the vets after supposedly being hit by a car and bowled over. She had no injuries and we were asked if we could take her in, we suspect she was an unwanted cat handed over by her owner. The sad thing is that she had been feeding kittens, hopefully they were old enough to survive without her. We posted her picture on Facebook and local people made enquiries around the area she was found but no one came forward. Sadly as so often happens she was not microchipped.

Lucy, what can I say about wonderful Lucy, she came to us after some friends were concerned for her, they were feeding her as the owners were not looking after her properly. Then the owners said they were moving and were looking to re-home their cat so with their permission Lucy came to us.
She is a black cat with a feisty character, when she first came to us, we all bore the battle scars as we filled her food dish and changed her tray, she would swipe at us and often drew blood. We soon realised it was because she could see and hear other cats which she is definitely not fond of so would need to go to a home where she is the only pet. This is a shame as I must admit I’ve fallen for her, she now only gives playful taps and mostly her claws are in and we have kisses and head bumps every day. In the right home with understanding owners Lucy would make a lovely pet for someone, she would keep you on your toes.


Chloe, a black and white stray cat named by the people feeding him turned up one day with a bleeding paw and we were asked if we could trap him so he could receive treatment by the vet. Brian went out with the trap but despite waiting for ages was unsuccessful, many thanks to Linda and John for their help with this situation and their contribution to the vet fees. Brian called round on his way home one evening and there was Chloe looking for food, initially very wary but eventually he allowed himself to
be picked up and put in a basket. Brian returned home with a very noisy cat protesting at being in a basket and waking me up.
You will have noticed that although named Chloe, I have referred to the cat as he! l had a peek at the cat in a basket the following day not knowing the cats name but seeing a very butch Tom cat with the typical jowls and large head. I asked Brian if he would run an errand for me that day, after taking Chloe to the vets he said he would, who’s Chloe says I? The cat in the basket he said, it did make me laugh, no disrespect to the wonderful people feeding him as when younger he could have looked like a female but it was a great start to my day.

Biscuit, who had her broken pelvis mended, had x rays then her pin removed at the vets and is now fully recovered.


The Open Day combined with our 25 year anniversary celebrations of LCR raised £225.00. Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy the day with us, thank you for your cards, kind wishes and your generous

Our Flea Markets in September and October raised £1,000.00 and £1,1000.00. Many thanks to all our volunteers and visitors especially those who braved the atrocious weather in September. Our visitor
numbers on the whole are down, if you are on Facebook could you share our posts? Could you put a poster up for us advertising our events? Please ring 01772 750263 if you could help in this way.

We have received some funds from people who fundraise for animals then chose a charity to donate it to, we are very grateful to everyone who helps us in this way. Especially so to the lady from Leyland who regularly sends us donations which she has raised by spending her time behind a stall selling items for charity.

Condolences to friends of Mrs S Gold who was a long term supporter of Lancashire Cat Rescue and sadly passed away recently. We received a generous donation from her estate which will go to help the many cats in our care at the moment.

We also sadly lost another long term supporter Dinah Stephenson mum of our treasurer Sylvia. We met Dinah several times at Barton when she came with Sylvia to help and she adored her cat from us Tiger. Sadly Tiger passed away earlier this year and Dinah recently, we have received a donation in their memory from Sylvia.


Sunday 17th November our Christmas Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, 9am until 3pm, helpers needed as always. We have some lovely knitted items from Barbara, and have some excellent Tombola prizes thanks to Jane and everyone else who has donated prizes. We also have had donated lots of lovely raffle prizes and items for our stall.
Come along and support us, have a walk around the festive stalls, stay for lunch, (hot pot, sandwiches and lots of cakes) have a go on the Tombola, you may win a prize.

Saturday 7th December, Coffee and Mince Pie Day at 33, New Lane, Penwortham, PR1 9JH. 10.30 to 1.30 pm admission £1.00.
Lots of you generously want to buy the cats food and toys for Christmas, this is your opportunity to drop items off for the cats, or you could also drop any donations off at Oakhill Vets at their practices in Fulwood, Kirkham or Goosnargh.


As already mentioned we have some great prizes as well as the ones printed on the tickets themselves (Christmas Hamper, Afternoon Tea for Two at Cuerden View Cafe & a Pair of Lazy Cat Cafe Vouchers). We also have a beautiful cat themed patchwork lap blanket and cushion, a knitted clown, a couple of bottles of gin, one of port, several bottles of wine, a cut and blow dry at a local hairdressers, a portrait of your pet, a chocolate bouquet & an M&S £25 Voucher. We have never had as many nice prizes and hope that this will encourage everyone to buy their tickets or sell them to friends.

Our thanks go to Jane and Jean who offered three years ago to do a Christmas Hamper for a raffle prize and encouraged us to do a raffle as we were a bit unsure. Each year it has raised more money than the year before, hopefully this year will be our best yet.

The raffle will be drawn at 33 New Lane at our Christmas Coffee and Mince Pie Day at 1 pm on the 7th of December.

Extra tickets are available if you would like to buy or sell them on our behalf they can be sent to you or collected from us by arrangement from our home, call us on 01772 750263 after 6pm or leave a message and we will call you back.

Please return stubs, money and any unsold tickets to;

33 New Lane, Penwortham, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 9JH
by the 1st of December.

Best Wishes from  Christine