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November 2016 Newsletter

We are busy getting ready for our Christmas Flea Market and we need your
help. We are very short of items for our stall, particularly those with a festive
theme. If you can help with donations of items for us to sell, make some cakes
or donate a prize for the Tombola we would love to hear from you.


Brilliant news Coco and Toffee, our two torties looking for an outdoor home
now live on a farm in Knowle Green. They were spotted on our notice board by
Betty at Oakhill Vets Open Day at Goosnargh. Brian and I delivered them and
we made them comfortable in a pen in one of Betty’s empty stables. I was
worried about them settling and we went into the house to complete the
paperwork. I then popped my head round the door to see how they were doing
and they were both snuggled up in the igloo Betty had provided, and had eaten
the food we had left for them. I felt much happier knowing they were settled
enough in their new environment to eat their tea.

Pepsi, our feisty tortie now has a new home with Ian who took her home
sporting the evidence that she can nip now and then. In fact she made him
bleed but he offered her a home, all the same! Ian asked which was the black
and white one that can sometimes nip, Brian pointed to Sofia who promptly
scratched him. They were both bleeding, I wish I had been there, Pepsi is still
in her new home so she must be behaving.

Our other tortie girl Jasmine, now has a new home with Caroline in
Oswaldtwistle. This means we have now found homes for all our tortie girls.

Freddie, was an RTA taken to the vets with a broken leg and we were asked to
help. We paid for X-rays and an operation to pin Freddie’s leg, then collected
him to look after until he was ready to be re-homed. Freddie was one of the
stars of our Open Day, and found himself a new home by beguiling Suzanne
who offered him a home as soon as he was well enough. Freddie now named
Vincent stayed until the vet was happy with his recovery and he now lives in
Blackrod with his new family. They have very kindly sent us photos of Vincent
relaxing in his new home.

Winston, was the first of Natsu’s kittens to be re-homed, this little boy again
charmed his new family Mandy and her daughter at the Open Day at the rescue.
Winston was too young to leave his mum but contact details were exchanged
and he was reserved. Unfortunately he became very poorly the next day and
needed nursing and I stayed up with him through the night. Winston was the
smallest kitten of the litter of five and I really thought we were going to lose
him. The fact he pulled through is down to the expert care of the vets at Oakhill
in particular Kimberley who looked after him so well. He is a much loved
member of his new family who came to see us at Oakhill Vets Open Day to tell
us how well he was doing in his new home. Winston now called Milo went
back to say thank you to Kimberley for looking after him so well and we have a
lovely photo of them together with a young member of his new family.

Lola, now named Freya, was homed following our September Flea Market
where she was spotted on the photo board we have in the lobby. Freya now
lives with Alex, Dave and Maya in Burscough.

Morgan and Jake, went to live together in a new home in Ashton.

Joe, the last tabby kitten now has a new home in Leyland where he lives with
Becky and Kate.

Chester and Dusty, the remaining two boys from an eviction (see Cats Helped)
have been doing well doing well and putting on weight, Chester has been
neutered (Dusty is too small to be neutered yet), they have both been chipped .
They are both going to live together with Elaine soon.



Natsu, a very friendly tabby and white female has been spayed now all her

kittens have been homed and would like a home of her own. Natsu is quite a
dominant little cat with others so would probably be best suited as an only pet.

Daisy, came to us after she was taken to the vets with a broken pelvis. She is an
all black cat, very friendly and fully recovered from her injury.


Delilah, was handed into our vets as a stray, she has been neutered and is

extremely playful. I think she would prefer to play rather than eat. She is a very
pretty black and white cat.
Ellie, a black and white cat was dumped in a cardboard box outside our house
with the message very nervous cat sorry. Ellie wasn’t nervous she was
petrified! We have called this little girl Ellie as the thoughtless owner didn’t
provide us with the poor cats name or history, is she spayed? Is she vaccinated?
Sadly she was not chipped, was very skinny and had lots of fur missing due to
a flea allergy. Poor Ellie has tested positive for leukaemia and when she first
arrived had to go in a small crate in Brian’s shed as we were full! Ellie, has a
slightly larger pen now and after flea treatment and good food she has put on
weight and has a lovely shiny coat. Ellie, is not a nervous cat, she is very
friendly and we hope we can find her an understanding home where she can be
given the love and care she needs. We will pay any vet fees if someone will
give this lovely lady a home.

Lucy, a pretty brown tabby came to us after we went to collect her from a
house in Euxton. She was about six weeks old and very frightened, how she
ended up there on her own is a mystery. Lucy, is slowly getting used to strokes
and cuddles and will be ready for a new home soon.


Trooper, is a male tabby cat found in Broadgate very badly injured, he could
hardly walk. One of his back legs he was dragging behind him and his other leg
was barely supporting his weight as he was so thin. The vet thinks he was hit
by a car some weeks previously and he had not eaten properly for a while.
Trooper was collected by Thomasina after a phone call to her explaining an
injured cat was laid under a car. Lancashire Cat Rescue have helped with his
veterinary fees and at first it was thought the leg he was dragging would have
to be removed, once the remaining leg was built up enough to support him.
After lots of rest, good food and gentle physio it looks like Trooper will keep
his leg, well done to Thomasina who has worked so hard to get this boy well
even when he hissed at her. Trooper has his own Facebook page for those of
you on Facebook, just search for Troopers journey and follow his progress.
Thomasina is looking to rehome him when he is well enough.

Tabitha, was a stray being fed by a kind lady at her place of work. One day it
became clear she was not well at all, the lady rushed her to the vets and she
needed an emergency operation. We have paid towards the cost of Tabitha
being spayed and having a biopsy, poor Tabitha had pyrometra which is an
infection of the womb and is fatal if not treated quickly. Tabitha was then
rushed back to the vets as she could not go to the toilet, the vets treated her and
she is slowly improving. Thankfully the lady feeding her acted promptly once
she realised Tabitha was unwell despite being a single parent on a low income,
she paid for the initial consultation and is continuing to care for Tabitha.

Emily, Merlin, Dusty & Chester, came to us after we were asked to help with
a family who had a large number of cats. We took in these kittens and another
charity is looking after the adult cats. The kittens were in an appalling state of
neglect, eyes bunged up although they did not have cat flu, they were terribly
thin and riddled with fleas. They were also covered in smelly diarrhoea, and
had to be washed. The poor babies were so grateful for someone to care for
them, I sat in their pen with them and they just wanted cuddles. Emily, the
tortoiseshell was the smallest but after treatment at the vets started to put on
weight and we thought we were going to be able to save her. Sadly we first lost
Merlin who just went to sleep in my arms, then Emily became poorly and was
unable to walk. I took her to the vets and there was nothing they could do
except end her suffering, she was only weeks old! Poor babies, brought into the
world by people who do not take advantage of the free neutering schemes out
there and then neglected when they are born. I cannot tell you how it makes
you feel when you think you have saved a little life only to find the love and
care from you is too late. Dusty and Chester are doing well and have a home to
go to.

We are grateful that we had the funds that were left to us to care for cats
needing veterinary treatment and were able to help, Tabitha will be looking for
a new home in a couple of weeks and LCR will continue to fund any vet care
she may need.


Our Open Day in August raised £230.00, we received generous amounts of cat
food, donations of items for our stall and it resulted in finding homes for two of
our cats. Many thanks to Dawn who gave up her weekend again to make the
cakes for us and to everyone who came to help on the stalls and with the

A car boot on Preston market one Sunday raised £60.00. We were going to do
an outdoor car boot Bank Holiday weekend but the weather was atrocious, so
we decided to wait until the following weekend. The weather on the following
Sunday morning was just as bad and we decided to go undercover in Preston.
Many thanks to Jenny for her help and company and to Sam and Brian who
helped us pack up.

The stall at the Open Day at Oakhill Vets in Goosnargh was a very enjoyable
day. Lots to see and do, dancing with dogs, show jumping in the main ring and
exotic species inside. Jenny was very brave and held a tarantula, ugh!
We raised £71.00 and as mentioned earlier found a wonderful home for Toffee
and Coco with Betty.

The Flea Market at Barton in September raised £970.00 thanks to everyone
who came to help or donated items for our stall. Our volunteers worked very
hard, thank you so much, especially as a couple of you were not feeling very

The Flea Market at Barton in October raised £1,090.00 we were very short of
helpers, due to various reasons some of our regular volunteers were unable to
come. We missed your help and company but the rest of the team rose to the
challenge and we raised an amazing amount of money. Thanks for all your hard
work, it is very much appreciated.


Sunday 6th November, Christmas Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, 9am
until 3pm, we are having a Raffle as well as a Tombola. Two of our members
have very generously donated a Christmas hamper, an M & S voucher and also
a Boots voucher. We also have had donated for the raffle several bottles, some
special chocolates and a luxury gift set. Therefore we are going to need more
volunteers to help sell raffle tickets on the day.

As already mentioned we desperately need items for our stall, we collect all
year and store all items which we think are suitable for our Christmas events.
Usually by this time of year we have a good selection, however for whatever
reason this year we have nowhere near the amount we have had in previous

Could you help us in anyway? Have a good look in your cupboards and donate
that unwanted present or buy us something to go on our Tombola. We save
individual toiletries and wicker baskets and other containers that are suitable
and make them into gift baskets for our Tombola and again are short on
supplies to make these.

Perhaps you could do some baking for us, we had sold out of cakes by 1.30pm
at our Flea Market in October, this was a first for us.

Christmas Coffee and Mince Pie Day

Saturday 17th December, Coffee Morning and Mince Pie Day, at 33 New
Lane, Penwortham 10.30am until 1pm. The Christmas Raffle will be drawn at
1pm. This is your opportunity to drop off any cat food you may wish to donate
to the cats and to have a coffee and mince pie and visit the cats.

Numbers to ring if you can help

If you can help by baking some cakes or by donating flour, butter, caster sugar
or other baking ingredients please tel Dawn on 07843416194.

If you can help by donating items for our stall or the Tombola please ring
Christine on 01772 750263 after 6pm (or leave a message and I will call you
back after 6pm) or Sylvia on 01772 716837. We can arrange collection.

If you would like to come and help us raise money to help the cats at any of our
fundraising events please telephone Jenny on 07754410616 who will be
delighted to hear from you.

As most of us work full time and also have other responsibilities please be
patient if you cannot get through to us first time or leave a message, we will get
back to you, thank you.

Raffle Tickets

Thanks to a couple of our members donating some lovely prizes we are having
a Christmas Raffle.

The raffle tickets will be for sale at our Xmas Flea Market on the 6th of November.

The raffle is being drawn at the Christmas Coffee & MInce Pie Day on the
17th of December.

Best Wishes from Christine

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