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May 2020 Newsletter

We hope everyone is staying safe & well in these difficult times, we have had to cancel our fundraising events and don’t know when we will be able to start fundraising again.

We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received since the lockdown began.

Thank you to everyone who has written, phoned, made PayPal donations on our Website ( or messaged us to see how we are coping and how they could help.

We are so grateful for the donations of money and cat food we have received. We can’t list everyone but must just mention one of our cat show friends who held an online fundraiser for her birthday in lieu of presents and raised an amazing £350.00! Thank you Sarah, we are very grateful and the money will be used to continue to care for the cats and kittens we currently have at the rescue.

One of our volunteers sent a very generous donation in lieu of the birthday meal that couldn’t happen. Others have sent donations as they know we cannot fundraise, we are very lucky to have such amazing supporters.

The only time we struggled slightly was right at the start of the lockdown when the shops were rationing boxes of kitten food to three per person. Once I mentioned this at work one of my colleagues went out at lunchtime and bought us three and so did another colleague who dropped them off at home for me. We then got some donated, left on the doorstep, so after a couple of weeks going shop to shop, the restrictions were lifted. Thank you to all the kind people out there who are making sure we have everything we need to care for the cats, we do appreciated it and are very grateful to have such wonderful support.


Tango, ginger and white and Copper, all ginger, brought to us from a farm in Kirkham went to their new home together in Fulwood.

Cinders, a dark tortie from the same litter now lives in Ormskirk.

Madge, Madison and Minstrel now live with Susan in Goosnargh.

Mila, a black and white kitten and Morris a tabby kitten possibly from the same litter but found in different areas of Kirkham found a new home together with Michelle and Mark in Chorley.

Solar, a dark tortie, now lives in East Lancashire with Stephanie.

Freckle, a black and white kitten now has a new home in Ingol with Alicia.

Jazz, a black semi longhaired kitten went to live in Blackburn with Christopher.

Patches, a black and white kitten went to live in Coppull with Hannah.

Mr Jeeves, from the same litter as Jazz and Freckle had to wait a bit longer for a home but now lives in Fulwood with Fiona.

Waffle, a young tabby cat that came to us pregnant last year, was spayed after her kittens were homed and found a new home with Julie in Blackburn.

Trixie, is a 13 year old black female who came to us when her owner David sadly passed away. I work with Sue his sister and we offered to find her a new home when we heard the family needed to rehome her.

Trixie strolled around our living room and made herself at home. She was a bit subdued for a few days but then her personality came out, she is a lovely girl. We got a phone call from the vets that we use asking if we had an older cat and Trixie now lives with Emily one of the vets. We received generous donations from David’s grateful family and a cheque from donations made in David’s name at the funeral service.

Jingle, our very nervous longhaired black cat that has been here far too long has a new home. Massive thanks to Caroline and her daughter Emma for taking on this nervous boy. Jingle spent the first few days in a space behind a toilet then progressed to the cat carrier. He has been seen on camera exploring his new home and they have been able to stroke him, we are confident that he will soon settle in his new home.

Nellie, a tortie and white female was homed by us last year with her litter sister but was bullying her so was returned to us. It was not long before we rehomed her to Joanna and Max in Preston as an only pet.

Max, one of a litter of four born to mum Jacqui that were collected by us the day they were born, is a white and tabby kitten that now lives with Tracey and family in Ashton. I work with Tracey and have seen Max on a teams meeting we had with homeworkers, he had grown quite a bit.

Scarlett a tortie and white and Toby a tabby and white two more of Jacqui’s kittens now live in Croston with Nicola who first gave a home to a LCR cat many years ago.

Oliver and Smudge, now Olaf and Elsa, are two kittens from a litter of four whose mum Tinks, was taken in by one of our volunteers Jane.

We said we would help find them homes and these two now live in Nelson with David and Angela.


Tinks, as mentioned above was a stray being fed by several people and when it was obvious she was pregnant, Jane took her in so she could have her kittens in a safe place. Tinks has been spayed and is an all black cat, very friendly and would love a home with access to a garden as she likes to go outside.

Tiny, (she isn’t anymore) and Princess are two all black kittens from Tinks, litter of four who are looking for a new home, together if possible.They are around 14 weeks old and are fully vaccinated and microchipped.

TC, our black and white mum has been spayed and is looking for a home of her own. TC is a friendly cat, seems to be okay around other cats and likes a wander around our garden so a safe home where she can go out to explore would be ideal.

Jacqui, a 10 year old tabby and white longhaired cat came to us after we were contacted by a couple of ladies in Chorley. Poor Jacqui had been abandoned by her owners when they moved house and had given birth to four kittens. Brian took the call as I was at work and managed to make room for them. Jacqui, was the perfect mum, after so many years giving birth to numerous litters poor girl she had had plenty of practice. Jacqui possibly has a new home to go to once she has been spayed.

Fleur, is the last of her kittens to need a home, she is a brindled tortie and very sweet. She is fully vaccinated and microchipped, she doesn’t seem very keen on other cats so would be best suited to being the only pet.

We went for a drive around the Trough of Bowland recently, yes it was necessary for our mental health. Brian and I are key workers so still working although I have the opportunity to work from home occasionally. I have just gone to work and returned home and Brian has gone out to do the shopping so we both felt the need to just do something different. It was very busy so we didn’t stop just drove through some lovely countryside.

While we were driving around I took a phone call from a lady who had come home from shopping to find someone had handed her husband a kitten they could no longer look after. Poor Bowie, as we named him, had to be didn’t it? He was a shivering wreck poor little mite and no older than five weeks old, he cried constantly, obviously missing his litter mates and mum. It was heartbreaking he cried if you cuddled him, he cried if you put him in his pen. Luckily after two days he settled down and is now a cheeky little boy, loves his food, cuddles and toys. Bowie will be ready for a new home in a few weeks when he is able to be vaccinated.

Peanut, abandoned by the same family as Jacqui, gave birth to one kitten which has been found a home by the kind people feeding her after she was abandoned. We were then asked if we could find her a home and we collected her. Peanut is about five years old and a shy tortie and white semi longhaired cat. We are going to get her spayed very soon and then she will be looking for a new home.


We were asked to help an elderly cat found straying by a veterinary practice in Manchester. Gabrielle as she was named by the vets had a terrible eye injury, it looked like an infection that had not received treatment and it needed removing. Gabrielle was taken to our vets where it was discovered through blood tests that she was also suffering from hyperthyroidism which meant she was a poor anaesthetic risk.

We were left with a choice either put her to sleep or give her a chance.

After a discussion with the vets we decided to go ahead with the operation to remove her eye with additional support throughout the anaesthetic. Sadly although the operation was a success and she came round from the anaesthetic Gabrielle died in her sleep that evening. Poor girl she deserved so much better, if only someone had taken steps to help her sooner we might have been able to save her.

Stan, an outdoor cat being fed by a gentleman in Kirkham needed a dental and we helped towards the costs.

A cat with a badly broken leg returned home after being missing for three days and again we helped with the cost of having it repaired.


The Flea Market at Barton in February raised £800.00 despite the atrocious weather conditions that meant some of our stall holders and volunteers couldn’t travel due to the roads being flooded.

It was a very strange day, I am not keen on driving these days and only drive the car to Barton and back several times a year, I also hate driving in the rain and through large puddles. To be honest I don’t know how I got to the Village Hall, as there were already large areas of water to be driven through on Leyland Road which was closed later on in the day.

We then discovered we had forgotten several items, I forgot the corned beef for the hotpot, thanks to Jenny who turned her car around and went back for it. I had left it near the cooker so I wouldn’t forget it lol. Dawn forgot the jam for the scones, thanks to Sylvia for buying some on her way to Barton. Brian left a bag with the salad items and ham for the sandwiches and had to go back for it, how long have we been doing this?

Despite all this and the fact our visitor numbers were a third of the normal number we had a good day. As a whole we generally make about a thousand pounds so we were surprised and delighted to make £800.00.

Thank you to all of you, helpers and visitors, not forgetting our stall holders who braved the elements to make our day a success and raise much needed funds for the cats.

Our Flea Market in March saw much better weather and our visitor numbers were increased which saw us raise £1,060.00.

Many thanks to Dawn and Paul who resolved a nasty incident between one of our regular stall holders and an aggressive customer. I saw a different side to my daughter who managed single handedly to evict the customer who attacked one of our regular stall holders.

Thank you to everyone who came to help, donated Tombola prizes or items for the stall and to those bakers who donated cakes for the kitchen. Thanks to you we had a very successful day, we really appreciate your help.


Before the start of the government guidelines in March which meant our April and May Flea Markets were cancelled, our remaining Flea Markets were for September, October and November. We don’t know if any of these can go ahead at the moment. If they can they will be very different from our usual Flea Markets so please bear with us if we have to put any guidelines in place. We are hoping it will be possible to raise much needed funds at outdoor car boots if they are allowed to go ahead this Summer. We will update our Web page and on Facebook if we are planning any fundraising events and please contact us if you know of anyway we can fundraise whilst we go through this difficult time.


Percy, the pigeon (actually a collared dove but it doesn’t roll off the tongue the same) started visiting us some weeks ago. He landed on the conservatory roof causing great excitement amongst the cats, both the rescue cats and our own. In fact it was Oreo and Dennis charging around the conservatory which drew my attention to him. He strutted around on the roof for a while then flew away, he comes at least once a week and is obviously thirsty eyeing up our water feature. As he seemed to be reluctant to fly down to the water I put a bowl of water on the walled bit of our back garden but although he watched me do it, he didn’t come down to drink.

He then got the courage to fly down and perch next to the water feature but Jack our dog chased him off.

He has managed to get a drink of water as we distract Jack and get him out of the way once we know Percy has come for a drink and Percy is getting bolder. We are enjoying our new visitor and the small birds that have also come for a drink. We can only think that the recent lovely weather has made it difficult for the birds to find water to drink.


Most of the cats that we have mentioned that we have homed in this newsletter we homed before the lock down. We haven’t taken in many cats since then as homing stopped and we didn’t have room to rescue any more cats. There are now guidelines in place for rehoming rescues, which is very different from how we homed before. We have rehomed several cats and kittens this way and feel confident we are not putting ourselves or others at risk. Therefore if you are interested or you know someone who can give one (or more) of our cats or kittens a good home please call us on 01772 750263. We will find a (socially distant) way.


I got a message through Facebook regarding a cat called Maxwell who it seemed had somehow travelled in a vehicle from Bolton to Kent. He had been missing three weeks and his owner thought she would never see him again. A lady feeding him had him scanned and a rescue in Kent looked after him while trying to find someone to take him home. We were asked if we knew someone who could bring him to Bolton and I put a message on our page and also a local lost and found page on Facebook. One of the admins on that page worked hard to find someone who was coming from Kent to the North West and also managed to raise enough to pay the petrol money to bring the errant wanderer home. It’s amazing what can be achieved with everyone working together.

We loaned a trap to a friend from work whose cat was missing and was usually an indoor cat. It took an agonising five weeks before he eventually walked into the trap. He is now safely back at home.


We always need Felix cat food, cat and kitten in jelly preferred. Although our fundraising has stopped we are still in need of items to sell once we are able to. We need Tombola items but although we usually ask for chocolates, as we don’t know when we can have our fundraising again please check the use by dates.

Please call us on 01772 750263, if you would like to make a donation.

Best Wishes from  Christine

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