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May 2018 Newsletter

We have had an amazing few weeks where we have homed some of our long stay adult cats. This has meant we have been able to take in a couple of mums and their kittens.


Our three kittens from the last newsletter have all found homes, Hugo, renamed Tigger went to a new home but came back to us as his new owner felt he was too much for her. We have re homed Tigger with a family with children which is probably better suited to his personality as he lives up to his name and is very bouncy.

Hayley, now lives with Hannah and has been renamed Bella, she has another kitten as a playmate.

Henry, our black kitten had to wait a bit longer for his new home but has gone to live with Karen in Ashton. I used to work with Karen years ago and know what a cat lover she is.

Isabelle, our white cat with blue eyes has gone to live with Sylvia in Penwortham. Isabelle had an upset tummy resulting in a few accidents, this improved after a visit to the vet. Then Isabelle after coming and going happily for a few days, disappeared. Poor Isabelle was missing for a week, but had found a lovely lady a few streets away who had given her shelter and fed her. The lady saw one of our posters and got in touch and Isabelle is back home. She is grounded for a few weeks now.

Floyd & Bear, two of our hard to home cats have gone to a lovely rural outdoor home in Catterall. They were kept in a large pen for two weeks then released into a very large garden, I just hope they leave the pheasants alone.
They have shelter and a comfy bed in the garage for nighttime and if the weather is bad. This type of home is ideal for them as they really did not want human contact.

Joy, a short haired black female, has found a home with Jack in Leyland. Joy was one of our hard to home cats as she is very shy but we hope in a quiet home she will settle and be happy.

Flora, who saw her kittens go to new homes, now has a home with John and Linda who took Giselle and Fizz from us. Flora is very quiet and wary around people, we are hoping she will come out of her shell once she settles in her new home.


Jingle & Frosty, our brother and sister are still looking for a new home together. They are not as nervous as they were and if we had room here they could stay as they are lovely cats, just need love and patience.

Phoebe, an all black female has blossomed lately and now let’s us stroke her even when she is not eating. Again she will need patience and love but would settle in a quiet home.

Korky, came from Vets Now where he was admitted as an RTA on Good Friday. A large unneutered Tom cat he had a broken jaw which was operated on by our vet and had a tooth removed which had gone through his bottom jaw. We think Korky may have a home when he has fully recovered with the lady that found him.

Lulu, is a black and white cat that came to us with her four kittens from a home in Accrington. The lady had agreed to look after her friends cat and kittens then the owner did not want her back. Lulu is a very friendly little cat that will be spayed soon and ready for a new home.

Mimsie & Felix, all black and black and white respectively, are looking for an outdoor home. They were born in a h


ome but then thrown out at an early age and we have tried to get them used to being stroked but feel they would benefit from a rural outdoor home.

Jasper, Jake and Jilly, came to us via another cat charity who had removed several cats from a hoarding situation. They have been very challenging as they had dreadful diarrhea and wouldn’t use a litter tray. They would urinate in it but poo everywhere but in the right place. We had poo samples to the vets but tests did not pick anything up. Sadly they are three of the most loving cats we have ever looked after but if we cannot get them to use their trays then we must look for outdoor homes for them also. They have improved and sometimes use their trays but also sometimes go on the concrete in their outdoor run. Riding stables where there are children visiting would be ideal as they love cuddles.

Jake also has inflamed gums which might need ongoing vet treatment which we are quite happy to pay for.


A stray cat that turned up in a lady’s garden needed treatment for fleas and when he has put weight on a dental. He had blood tests as he is not a youngster and the vet wants to wait and do another test in a few weeks time. The lady feeding him is happy to continue to care for him.

Kelly, is a little black cat that gave birth in a lady’s kitchen, she rang me while Brian and I were away for the weekend. I rang Jenny who was looking after the rescue for us and she went to help. It was lucky she did as mum being so young was a bit overwhelmed and hadn’t cleaned up the kittens very well. There are five kittens and they had their cords all tangled around themselves and were wriggling around and getting more tangled. Jenny untangled them, and moved cats around at the rescue to make room for mum and babies.
Thanks to Jenny and Karen for looking after the cats for us, we had some poorly kittens which needed extra care and we were only able to go away knowing Jenny and Karen were taking good care of them.

Mikey, a long haired tabby went missing soon after Isabelle and from roughly the same area. On Tuesday we got the call from Helen who had found Isabelle then on Friday, she rang to say there was a long haired tabby in her garden. A call to Mikey’s owner and he was soon back home. What are the chances of them both ending up at the same house? Many thanks to Helen for looking after two lost cats and contacting us so they could be reunited with their owners.


We sadly lost our beautiful Jodi, she coped so well with having her leg removed due to the horrendous injury to her foot. We took her to be spayed on the same day as Isabelle. When we collected her she seemed quiet and didn’t want her tea, although Isabelle ate hers, however all cats cope with operations differently, and I just thought she needed more time before she was ready to eat. When I checked her later she was struggling to breath so we rushed her to the emergency vets. The vet put her on oxygen and asked permission to draw air from her chest cavity as it was a possible collapsed lung. We were with the vet some time later discussing what it could be when the nurse shouted, the vet went to see and she had gone.

To say we were shocked was an understatement, we had a postmortem done at our vets and she had an underlying heart problem no one could have known about. Such a shame, she was a lovely cat and had a home to go to, but it wasn’t to be.


The Flea Market at Barton Village Hall in February raised £1,041.00 many thanks to everyone who came to help, donated items for our stall or the Tombola or visited us on the day.

The Preston & Blackpool Cat Show in March raised a wonderful £270.00. This is our best in some time at this show, thank you to everyone who donated cat related items, they were very popular. A big Thank You to Barbara who knitted some chicks for us and supplied chocolate eggs to go with them, they and the colourful knitted cats were a great success.

A big Thank You to Dorothy for her woolly cat blankets, these were also popular and contributed to our takings. We also sold quite a few of our handmade cards, thank you to everyone who makes items for us to sell.

Thank you to Dawn, Jenny and Brian for their help and it was nice to see Sylvia, Alix and Pat in the afternoon.

The Flea Market at Barton Village Hall in April raised £1,270.00 many thanks to everyone who came to help, donated items for our stall or the Tombola or visited us on the day. Welcome to Oliver and Jason who came to help and baked fabulous cakes for us, thanks also to Salma who brought scones and cream. We are always grateful for any donations towards the refreshments in the kitchen.


Sunday 6th May, Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, 9am until 3pm, we always need volunteers to help on the stalls and in the kitchen.

Please call us on 01772 750263 if you are able to help in any way.

Saturday 2nd June, we are having a stall at Longton Fete, we don’t do many outdoor events these days but still have our covered market stall. Hopefully it will be used to keep the sun off us and not the rain.

If you have any donations to help us raise funds please ring Christine on 01772 750263 or Sylvia on 01772 716837 we are able to collect.


Although it is September before we have any more Flea Markets we are still collecting items to sell and are planning on attending a couple of car boots with our market stall, weather permitting. If you can help please call Christine on 01772 750263 and we can arrange collection.

Best Wishes from Christine

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