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March 2021 Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who sent donations of food, money and toys for the cats over the Christmas period, we are very grateful and we missed seeing you as we couldn’t have our usual Coffee and Mince pie event.

Hopefully if things keep improving we can get to see you soon as we will be able to start fundraising again.


We have continued to find homes for our rescued cats following Covid safety guidelines and have been able to take in cats needing homes following the same guidelines.

Dylan, a black and white cat came to us from Preston as a stray, we had him neutered and he now lives with Sarah as an indoor cat and Daisy, who we think is his sister as she came from the same area and they are similar ages.

Bella, a tabby and white cat who had been left behind with her three kittens who were a few months old, they were all very nervous not surprisingly. Bella now lives in Much Hoole with Matthew.

Rossi, and Ricco, two of Bella’s kittens also tabby and white now live with Lloyd and Megan in Darwen. These two kittens have needed time to settle in their new home but last time we spoke with their new owners they were making slow progress.

We are so lucky to find people willing to give homes to some of our rescues who need patience and time to settle in and be comfortable in their new homes.

George, an entire male cat, all black, came to us as a stray and after neutering and having his vaccinations and a microchip now lives with Abigail and Joseph in Deepdale.

Mo, an all black cat around 5 years old came in with Leo, a longhaired tabby and white cat who is 14 years old after their owner sadly passed away. They were understandably upset at coming into rescue but soon settled down and were both lucky enough to be given a home together with Hannah and Anthony in Chorley.

Gizmo, is an all black cat, a very young looking 16 year old. His owner was moving and unable to keep him so we agreed to take him. Our vets put us in touch with a lady who had just lost her cat and Gizmo went to live in Wrea Green. Gizmo kept us on our toes in the first two weeks he was in his new home. After two days we got a call to say he had got out and disappeared, Brian went to look for him and left a trap in the hope he would go in. After arriving home Brian got a call saying Gizmo had appeared from behind the washing machine.

The following week he had definitely got out when a delivery arrived at the house, again we delivered the trap and waited for a sighting of him. Clever Gizmo found his own way home and appeared crying at the door after being awol for three days. We think he has decided now that he is stopping in his new home.

Shadow & Milo, two cats that came to us from Burnley as their owner became bedridden and unable to care for them, Milo is tabby and white and Shadow is an all black cat. They now live together in Longton with Margaret and we have heard they are settling well.

Jess, came to us after being found wandering distressed one afternoon, after a few days she was behaving oddly standing in corners. At the vets it was discovered that she seemed to have lost her vision, she had an injection which perked her up. Although we had tests done there was no obvious reason for her sudden blindness. Her blood tests were good for her age (17 yrs) and we think she may have regained some vision. Jess enjoyed a wander around our garden supervised by Brian most days. Jess now has a home with Danny in Bamber Bridge.


Peanut, is a ginger and white male cat, being fed as a stray in Warton, he was very thin and very hungry. We had tests that showed he was hyperthyroid, he was started on medication and has put on weight. Peanut is having an operation to hopefully cure the problem meaning he will no longer need tablets daily. When he has recovered from the operation he will need a home, he is around eight years old and a very friendly cat.

Jess, we had a call from a couple in Preston town centre just before Christmas about a stray cat that was living in their garden shed, they’d grown quite fond of Jess and were obviously sad to surrender her into our care, but Jess was being very aggressive towards their own cats. Her mood swings had also been observed.

She is rather unpredictable, lovely one minute then grumpy the next.

Jess has also made it clear she needs to be the only pet as she doesn’t get on with other cats or our Collie dog (Jack).

We think she is about five years old, she has tested negative for FIV & Felv, is fully vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped.

If you would like to offer a home to Jess and live local to Preston, Lancashire please give us a call on 01772 750263 to arrange an appointment to view (socially distanced of course). If no-one answers please leave a message (Christine still works full time). We expect a minimum donation of £50 for our adult cats and a commitment to provide a litter tray (or trays) and keep them in at night.


We have loaned our trap out several times to help catch cats needing veterinary treatment who are being fed and cared for but live outside.

A stray that had a torn ear in Kirkham was caught and treated with antibiotics before being released.

Castro, turned up at a house in Leyland where the resident was feeding a couple of stray cats, he was covered in a dark substance but disappeared before anything could be done. Two days later he was back and we responded to a call for help. We were horrified when we had a good look at him, he was covered head to tail in oil, he either fell in something or it was thrown over him. As this was Saturday evening we made him comfortable and took him to the vets Sunday morning.

The vets did a good job of bathing him and Brian rang to say he was on his way back with a ginger and white cat! Poor Castro lost a lot of fur and his skin was really sore in places, he had to wear a collar for a few days so he wouldn’t lick himself. His first couple of trips to the litter tray resulted in piles of black gooey poo, so he must have tried to clean himself. The vets gave him another bath and he started to look better although his nose started to look crusty and sore, it’s healing nicely now. The vets took blood tests to see if he had any internal damage as he had ingested some oil and thankfully everything seems fine.

He was incredibly hungry and bit me as I was feeding him, my fault my finger got in the way, he was so desperate for food. We had a T4 blood test done to check for hyperthyroidism but his levels were in the normal range, presumably he is just a greedy boy? His fur is growing back and his sore patches are clearing up and he has little downy patches on his back legs that were so inflamed.

Spartacus, was taken to our vets in Fulwood with a broken leg and jaw. He was underweight and full of fleas, he was microchipped but there was no current telephone number. We were asked to help as he needed two operations and we said we would take him and to go ahead with treatment. Spartacus is a white and black boy and we have had him several weeks now, the vet finally got a response to an email sent to the owners details and they are out of the country. Spartacus was left with a family member who did not tell them he was missing, we are hoping they are back in the UK soon or agree to let us rehome him.


We were lucky to have some lovely knitted Christmas tree decorations made for us by Barbara, who has also made some knitted Easter chicks along with chocolate eggs. These lovely knitted items as well as profits from the sale of Christmas cards donated by Carol raised £40.00 for us. We are very lucky to have members to spend time making things for us to sell which we were able to do on Facebook. Carol had cards printed with Angel who came from LCR and Spud who came from Cats Protection and worked hard to sell them for us. The profits were split between LCR, A Purrfect Friend and Carols charity South Ribble Cat Welfare.

Carol and Shirley, donated items for a Facebook raffle, we included some of the knitted Easter chicks with chocolate eggs made and donated by Barbara. Many thanks to everyone who donated or bought tickets and a huge thank you to Carol who organised this for us. It is not easy keeping track of who has bought what as the post is shared on several pages. Carol is kept very busy and we appreciate the time and effort she puts into raising money for us at a time when we are unable to do our usual events.

This raffle and some donations we received for Castro at the same time meant we received over £800.00.

The rest of the Easter items from Barbara were sold to family and friends and raised £20.00. Thank you Barbara we are saving the knitted cats for when we can have a stall at a cat show again.


We are hoping to start our Flea Markets again in September as the committee at Barton Village Hall are reopening the hall in June.

We will be having a stall throughout the summer at local car boots and hoping to have an Open Day at some point in the summer.

If you have any items to donate we are collecting again please telephone 01772 750263. You are more likely to speak to someone after 6pm but you can leave a message on the answer machine and we will call you back. We can collect if you are unable to deliver and it will be done safely.


A special “Thank You” to Emelia & Samuel who as part of a school project decided to have a food collection for cats in care, they shared a large amount of collected food items between Lancashire Cat Rescue and the RSPCA.

Emilia & Samuel are sister & brother and their family gave a home to two kittens twelve years ago, sadly one isn’t with us anymore but Buckfast is still going strong.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in anyway during the last year. Some of you have sent cards, money donations or donations of cat food regularly during the lockdowns, this has helped us tremendously. It has also given us a boost knowing you are thinking of us and we can’t wait to get back out there Fundraising in person.

It’s hard work and I never thought I’d say this but I’ve missed it, talking to people about their cats and raising money at the same time.

If you can help please call Christine on 01772 750263 and we can arrange a suitable delivery time or collection.

Best Wishes from Christine

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