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March 2016 Newsletter

We have our first mum and babies of 2016, with such a mild winter,
we expect there are going to be quite a few early litters of kittens. We
have used all the donated food we got at Christmas, could you donate
a box of Felix kitten food, or Pets at Home sachets in jelly? I don’t
know where they put it all! Thank you to everyone who leaves cat
food for us at either one of the Oakhill veterinary practices or at the
rescue, it is much appreciated.


Sammi, was not back with us long before being chosen to go and live
with Kevin in Ingol. Sammi has settled really well and Kevin is
delighted with her. Kevin came to look at the cats with his sister
Shirley, who came back to see us a week later and adopted Heather
and Noah, they too have settled well into their new home.

Bunny, our timid little girl now lives with her new owner Chris, in
Southport. We get lots of photos of Bonnie as she is now called
enjoying life in her new home.
She gave her new owner a fright by hiding behind the freezer for a
few hours when she was first arrived and Chris thought she had

Robyn, our last tabby kitten from the litter from Barrow, did the same
to her new owner David when she went to live with him in Ribbleton.
Robyn hid at first and gave David a fright when he could not find her.
Rescue cats sometimes need time to settle into their new homes.

Harry and Hope, two of Joy’s kittens have gone together to a new
home in Newton with Scales.


Joy, our black mum has been spayed and is ready for a new home.

Pumpkin, the last one of her kittens needs to stay with us a bit longer
while we investigate what is making him wheeze when he breathes
sometimes. It seems to come and go and is still there after three lots of
antibiotics so is not an infection. He is eating well and lively as a
kitten should be, so it’s a mystery. He is sharing sitting on my knee
with Brucie and Zara, two of our own cats as I type this. He is a
typical playful kitten who loves cuddles and will be a delightful
addition to any family once we have cured his wheezing.

Booths Stray

Bear, is a large black cat that was straying around the delivery yard at

Booths supermarket in Penwortham. The staff were concerned for his
safety with the delivery wagons and asked us to help. We have put his
photo on our Facebook page and posters up, but no one has claimed
him. He is a lovely boy and it is hard to believe he has not got an
owner out there. Sadly, although he was wearing a collar, there was
no tag or microchip and no one has rung to report him missing. Bear
has had his first vaccination, and now has a microchip, he will make
someone a lovely pet.

Beechway Cat

Rupert, is a large black and white cat being fed by one of our

members, he was not neutered and was upsetting the resident cat. We
collected him and sadly at the vets he tested positive for FIV. This
means he needs to be homed as an only cat and must also be an indoor
cat. He is a large, very friendly cat who would love a knee to snuggle
up on. LCR will pay any vet bills if someone can offer Rupert a home.
Brian and I had Cassius a beautiful tabby boy some years ago who
had FIV and we were lucky enough to have him for five happy years
before he became poorly.

Jasmine, is a young tortoiseshell female, found in the Kirkham area,
sadly she is microchipped but the chip has not been registered to an

Smudge, is our new mum, brought to us by the lady whose garden she
had given birth in, Smudge arrived with three one day old kittens. The
family have kindly offered Smudge a home when her kittens have
been weaned. Smudge, is the most protective mum I have ever looked
after, it was several days before she would let me touch her babies.
They are three weeks old now and she still growls at me if she thinks I
am paying them too much attention. She has been a very good mum.

Waffle, is a large tabby neutered male around ten years old and would
love a home of his own as soon as possible. He had a home but sadly
his owner died, he was found a home by the family but his new owner
became ill and could not care for him any longer. Waffle, is a lovely
cat and as with Rupert LCR will pay any vet bills if someone will
offer this lovely boy a loving home.


Brian came home one evening to find one of our neighbours moving a
sadly deceased cat that had been run over in New Lane. He scanned
the poor puss and as she was chipped was able to let the owner know
and take the cat home. Not a nice thing to have to do but at least the
owner got to know what had happened to her missing cat.


The stall at Preston & Blackpool Cat Show raised a wonderful
Thanks to Dawn for her help and company on the day, we really
enjoyed ourselves, chatting to fellow cat lovers and watching the
antics of the young cats in the pens facing us. To round the day off
nicely Dream a cat homed from LCR won the best household pet

The Flea Market at Barton on Valentine’s Day raised £1,150.00,
thanks to everyone who came to help or who visited us and spent
some money on the day. We had a valentines theme on the Tombola
and in the kitchen. Dawn and I had been on a shopping spree to buy
items with a valentines theme and it proved very popular.


Sunday 10th April Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, 9am until
3pm, helpers needed as always. If you could spare an hour of your
time we would be grateful, we need help on the stall, on the Tombola
and in the kitchen, washing up, serving drinks and food or clearing

Sunday 8th May Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, same as above,
as well as helpers we always need donations of Tombola items. Our
Tombola is always popular which means we need lots of prizes,
suggestions are gift sets ( unwanted Xmas presents) chocolates,
bottles, soft toys, anything that would make a nice prize.

If you could help out on the day or have something to donate please
ring Christine on 01772 750263, preferably after 6pm. If you get the
answer machine, leave a message and we will call you back.


Many years ago I went to collect a mum and kittens from a garden in
Penwortham. I managed to catch mum and all of the kittens bar one
quite easily. The remaining kitten appeared to have something wrong
with his eyes but knew that garden and its hidey holes very well. He
led me a merry dance but just as I was going to give up I managed to
catch him. It was apparent straight away when I was able to examine
him that he was completely blind.
I had a few sleepless nights wondering how I was going to find a
home for a blind kitten. We managed to get the local press interested
who printed his story and Pat and Roy from Blackpool came to look at
Kira and offered him a home. In fact it was quite apparent from
talking to Pat on the phone that sight unseen Kira had found his new
home. Kira, was much loved and very well cared for by them both and
coped very well with his disability. He even had a harness so he could
go on caravan holidays.
Sadly, Pat lost both Roy and Kira last year, I saw Pat at the Preston
and Blackpool Cat Show. It was very brave of her to come and see us
as she and Roy came every year. Thank you Pat for the donation in
memory of Kira, we were so lucky to find him such a caring and
loving home.


We are always in need of items to sell on our stall, or items for the
Tombola. Bric a brac, toiletries, DVD’s and jigsaws in particular are
very popular. Recently we have had some fleecy blankets donated for
the cats, these wash well but with so many cats to look after, we could
do with some spares.

We always need cat food, Felix in jelly preferred or Pets at Home
sachets, the kittens like the Pets at Home brand and they seem to
thrive on it.

As mentioned previously we could do with some extra help with our
Flea Markets, helping on stalls, washing up, clearing tables etc.

If you can help in any way please ring Christine on 01772 750263.

You can also ring Sylvia on 01772 716837, this is her original number
which she has been able to return to after a mix up with her new
telephone and broadband provider.

Best Wishes from Christine

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