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June 2019 Newsletter

Since our last newsletter we have managed to re-home several of our long stay cats and at one point we only had five all black cats instead of the ten we started with at the beginning of 2019.

However we have since taken in two more strays both of them all black so we are up to seven again.


Patches, our very friendly black and white cat who came to us pregnant now has a new home with Joan and Brian in Fulwood. Thanks to Lyn at Oakhill Vets for mentioning Patches to Joan, this little cat so deserves a loving home and she has a lovely garden to explore.

Roxy and Pebbles, two dark torties came to us to be re-homed as their owner couldn’t care for them any longer and they went to live together by the seaside in Morecambe with Jean.

Bonnie, was found in the engine bay of a vehicle with a badly broken leg, a burnt mouth and a chipped tooth. Our wonderful vets operated and pinned her leg, she came to us to be looked after during her recovery and took it all in her stride. Bonnie had an external fixator on her leg and had to wear a plastic cone but didn’t worry about any of it. She took her medication every day and only occasionally spat her tablets out, we looked after her a bit longer than the normal six weeks as the fracture although healing was slow in doing so. When she had the fixator removed she was spayed and has gone to live
with Clare and Robbie who recently lost a much loved cat, Tinkerbelle who was re-homed from us several years ago.

Sooty, a young black cat now lives with Paul in Clayton – le – Woods.

Leo & Jeremy, have gone to live with Liz in Chorley, Leo a white and grey boy was found abandoned with his sister in a rabbit hutch and Jeremy an all black cat came to us to be re-homed as his owner couldn’t keep him any longer.

Lucy, a white and grey tortie who came in with Leo, now has a new home with Marcin in Preston. Lucy, was very timid while in a pen with Leo, but once he was re-homed she started to get friendlier and to grow in confidence. Sometimes homing siblings together isn’t the right thing to do, it’s a judgement call and Lucy when they came in together although the same age was significantly smaller than Leo which makes us think he stopped her from eating.

Luna, our black long-haired kitten from last year finally found a home with Rachel in Oswaldtwistle.

Kelly, our black female who was living near a busy road that she kept crossing so we were asked to re-home her is now living in Chorley with Richard.

Felix, a black and white female, one of the five young cats thrown out of the house to live in the garden that we rescued last year, now has a home with Heather in Ribbleton. It takes a long time to find the special people prepared to give timid cats a home, they don’t always show their true character in Rescue, but the feed back from the new owners has been wonderful. They just need a little extra time to get used to their new homes.

Trudy, was taken in as a stray being fed in a garden in Penwortham, she was a very dirty white and black cat. It always amazes me how quickly the clean themselves up when they know they are safe and being cared for. Trudy soon started to look very white as she started to look after herself and now has a home with Barbara in Plungington. Trudy didn’t always use the litter tray to start with but she had learned to use it before we rehomed her.

Mimsie & Phoebe, two all black cats that were looking for an outdoor home have gone together to live in Settle with Ruth, who had set up two wonderful pens for them in an open fronted barn. This meant they were safe while they settled into their new surroundings. We had just got them into the pens and they were checking out the lovely view over the fields opposite the barn when some hens came round the corner. You should have seen the look on Mimsie’s face! Recently Phoebe caught her first mouse, so pleased they have got such a wonderful home.


Cooper, a very dapper black and white boy came to us from the vets, he needed an operation to pin his leg after being hit by a car. He had an external fixator the same as Bonnie, the difference being he never seemed comfortable despite painkillers. About five days after the operation he was climbing the walls of his pen in pain, very distressed, Brian managed to get him into a basket and we took him to the emergency vets. They had to sedate him before they could examine him but couldn’t find anything wrong. Strong painkillers were given and advice to keep him in the basket overnight. Cooper went to see our vet the next morning where he was admitted under observation and had X-rays to see if the pins had moved. Sadly after a couple of days it was decided that as he was in such pain and discomfort it
was probably a nerve problem and the only way to ease his pain was to remove his leg. Worryingly at first he showed some of the same symptoms of pain and discomfort but thankfully he soon became much happier in himself and healed nicely. He is such a lovely boy and would very much love a home of his own.

Willow, and her five kittens came to us after being found in a box in someone’s garden, the kittens were only about a day old. Clever Willow had found a box under a table to have her babies. One of the kittens grew very quiet and we struggled to get her to eat solid food, sadly we lost her but her siblings will soon be ready to be re-homed. We have two semi long-haired all black kittens and a semi long-haired black and white one also one short haired black and white kitten.

Xena, an all black slightly oriental looking female was being fed by a lady in her garden. Her grandson, who I met years ago as a young boy when neutering some feral cats at a stables rang and asked us to help.

Solar, is a dark tortie and very friendly with humans but really doesn’t like other pets. She came to us to be re-homed with her sister Luna and we soon found them a home together, unfortunately it didn’t work out, no ones fault it just wasn’t meant to be. We re-home cats all the time and 90% of the time it is a good match just now and again it just isn’t right and the cats don’t really settle, we are always happy
to take the cats back. We now realise that despite living together for the first twelve months of their lives they will be better re-homed separately.

Lucy, an all black cat came to us from one of our long-standing members who had been feeding her as her owners did not seem to bother with her. They were moving and we were asked to help find Lucy a home. Lucy would prefer a home with no other pets and to be able to go outdoors.

Waffle, is a brown tabby who came to us via the lovely owners of the Lazy Cat Cafe, they heard some students talking about a stray cat they were feeding and offered to contact us. Brian went to collect Waffle who was pregnant and after she had settled in she gave birth to five kittens, two tabbies and three black ones.

Gizmo, is a very lively kitten around twelve weeks old who came to us because a child in the family who had re-homed him was allergic to her.

We had a phone call one weekend from a gentleman overwhelmed with kittens, he had taken two young cats in before Christmas from a family situation. Sadly he didn’t get them neutered and they had kittens within a short time of each other.

Mabel, is all black and has three very chunky black and white kittens, Myrtle, her sister is black and white and has five black and white kittens that are a lot smaller than Mabel’s.

We have a lot of kittens that we are looking after and we are going through a lot of kitten food, if you are able to donate a box of kitten food “Pets at Home “ if possible please, we would be very grateful.


Paul, one of our regular helpers in the kitchen at Barton went to help some ducklings stuck in a gully, they were reunited with mum who led them to a nearby pond.

We helped a gentleman who needed his cat to be put to sleep as he had spent all his money on treatment which hadn’t worked and he was in tears on the phone, we sent him to our vets and paid the bill.

A black cat was found injured and we agreed to pay for treatment, sadly he was too badly injured to be saved and the kindest thing was to let the vet end his suffering.

A lady phoned about a cat that had appeared in her garden looking unwell, Brian went round and picked him up and took him to the vets. Sadly it was decided it would be kinder to put him to sleep as he was elderly, full of cat flu and fiv positive. This poor boy was not neutered, which probably accounts for the state he was in, he deserved better.

Charlie, who despite the name is female came to us after being found on a local DIY store car park, we were told she was limping and had an injury to her neck. When we scanned Charlie she had a microchip, we rang Petlog who were less than helpful and it took a couple of days before the owners could be reached. When they came to collect Charlie, we found out she was 17, we would never have said she was that age as she was in such good condition and had been missing for four weeks. Charlie has a touch of arthritis which explained the occasional limp and had an old injury to her neck, she also lived quite a distance from where she was found.
Her owners were so pleased to have her back and gave us a generous donation, Charlie is a bit of a celebrity in her neighbourhood, everyone loves her and they and the family’s children had all missed her very much. They organised a welcome home party for her and even neighbours who had moved away came to see her. One puzzling thing was as they were leaving they said they were amazed we had managed to put a collar on her as she didn’t like them, we hadn’t put a collar on her so she must have been being looked after somewhere and they had put a collar on her. It made my day to see how much she was loved not just by her family but so many others that lived nearby.


The Flea Market at Barton in February raised £905.00, this year we had a Flea Market in March which we haven’t done in previous years as the dates we were given always fell on Mother’s Day, however we were given the 10 March this year and raised £1,025.00

The April Flea Market saw us advertising more than usual for stall holders as it clashed with another event nearby. We were lucky to be able to fill the hall and raised £1,115.00, the same thing happened in May but again we managed to find stall holders to fill the hall and raised £1,150.00

I’ve just realised the amounts have gone up every time, thank you so much to our loyal volunteers who give up their Sundays once a month at the beginning and end of the year. We really do appreciate your support and wouldn’t be able to raise these amazing amounts without your help and the help of our members who donate things to sell and items for our Tombola. Mentioning the Tombola, I must say a big thank you to Jane who has started coming to help and who makes and donates lots of prizes and items to sell. Jane has already donated lots of prizes for our Christmas Flea Market, thank you Jane.

We received a donation of £15.00 and some cat food with a very nice Thank you letter after Paul found a purse and returned it to its owner. The £15 was for Paul but he insisted we have it for the cats, thanks Paul.

A stall at Preston Car Boot raised £90.00 despite the bad weather.

A stall at Preston & Blackpool Cat Show raised £271.00 thanks toeveryone who donated items for us to sell and to Barbara and Glynis who knitted Easter chicks for us that sold well here and at our Flea Market.
Barbara also knitted some cats for us to sell, these were a great talking point on our stall. We also sold some of the cat blankets that Dorothy makes for us. We are very grateful to everyone who spends their time making things for us to sell, whether it is knitted items, cat blankets, or greetings cards.

Congratulations to Dream who won Best Household Pet and to Carol her owner.

A stall at Lakeland and District Cat Show raised £115.00 and to our delight Dream won Best Household Pet again beating the Pedigree Pet. There is a video on Lancashire Cat Rescues Facebook page of Dream
being judged and you can see how she wowed the judges in typical Dream style.


Sunday 22 September Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, 9am until 3pm, helpers needed as always.

We always need items to sell on our stall, bric a brac, DVD’s and CD’s, jewellery and cat related items for our stall at Cat Shows. Cat baskets, cat beds, scratching posts all sell well please telephone Christine on 01772 750263 if you can help at our Flea Markets or you can donate items for our fundraising events.


Brian and I were honoured to be invited to attend one of the Queens Garden Parties held in May in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. We had the most marvellous day, we went down to London on the Tuesday, stayed overnight and went to Buckingham Palace on the Wednesday. It was glorious weather, we stayed at a hotel just outside Kensington Gardens and therefore walked through the gardens into Hyde Park then Green Park then onto the Mall and up to the gates of the Palace. We didn’t get to see the Queen which was a small disappointment but did see Prince Charles, Camilla and Princess Anne. We had a lovely tea, sandwiches and little cakes followed by ice cream, we then walked back through the parks to the hotel. It’s a day neither of us will forget in a hurry.


Sadly Brian and I have lost two of our lovely cats recently, Sophie a white and tabby cat, very laid back and friendly who did very well in the few cat shows I entered her in and we have some lovely rosettes and a glass goblet that she won in pride of place in our living room. Sophie was a kitten from a litter born in Wales ten years ago, we were asked to help re-home them as a family member brought them to
Lancashire as they were in danger from eagles and wildlife where they were living. We had just lost one of our cats and decided to introduce Sophie into our feline family.
Sophie’s face swelled earlier this year and it was diagnosed as a cancerous tumour, we looked after her for several weeks knowing we would have to let her go before she started to suffer. We had lots and lots of cuddles knowing we were going to lose her soon and for me I found that helped.
Despite the tumour in her jaw she never stopped eating and had chicken for breakfast before her last trip to the vets, where she was the little star she always had been and peacefully went to sleep for the last time.

Charlie, an all black cat was kept by us as he had a terrible cat flu infection as a kitten that affected his vision and meant he had episodes where his eyes and his nose would run. He had tablets and eye drops when he had an outbreak and was always good at taking his medicine. Due to his poor vision he didn’t tolerate kittens very well and had to be removed into another room when they were about. He was very much a mummy’s boy and quite possessive of my knee, Sophie liked to sit on my knee and Charlie would climb over her to be nearer to me and gradually push her off sometimes giving her a smack to get her to jump down.

However when she had been diagnosed with her tumour and wanted to sit on my knee, Charlie would jump down from my knee so she could have me all to herself, it was as if he knew.

Charlie, went very skinny a couple of years ago despite being very hungry all the time, we had blood tests done as I was sure he had an over active thyroid but nothing untoward was found. We had blood tests done again this January and this showed some infection which could have been his constant snuffles.
He continued to eat very well and we had to shut him out of the kitchen as he would steal food, any food he could get his paws on, even stealing meat from a hot frying pan. He was so quick, you thought you could keep an eye on him but he managed to pinch something if you were distracted in any way. Charlie, went to sleep peacefully on a blanket in the living room, he is now reunited with Sophie. We miss them terribly, they were a big part of our lives and the house is a lot quieter now as they were both
very vocal.


Brian and I sadly said goodbye to Pat, a friend and a fellow rescuer and chairman of South Ribble Pet Cat Club which was formed to raise the profile of Household pets entered into Cat Shows. When the club was first formed some years ago, household pets sometimes didn’t even get rosettes when they won first prize. The club changed that although sadly Household pets still don’t get the recognition they deserve at some cat shows. The club held their own Cat Show for many years and Pat had great success in getting local businesses to sponsor classes and donate trophies for the prize winners. I will always be grateful to Pat for coming to see me to offer support when I first set up Lancashire Cat Rescue and
we had an awful time with a virus that was wiping out litters of kittens. I rang as I needed to talk to someone after leaving the vets and less than half an hour later, Pat and Carol were knocking on the door offering support. Pat had been poorly for some time but still continued to help cats by taking calls from the vets and administering the Welfare fund set up to help elderly owners with their vet fees.
Pat is now reunited with her beloved Tanya.


Although it is September before we have any more Flea Markets we are still collecting items to sell and are planning on attending a couple of car boots with our market stall, weather permitting.

If you have any wool to donate, we can pass it on to to Dorothy for making cat blankets.

If you can help please call Christine on 01772 750263 and we can arrange

Best Wishes from  Christine