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June 2016 Newsletter

Homing has been slow, which is frustrating when there are so many cats and kittens
waiting to be rescued but no space available. We are very grateful to everyone who passes
their newsletter on to friends and neighbours and also to those of you who share our
Facebook posts. The more people who know about the cats and kittens in our care
needing homes the better chance we have of rehoming them.
We asked for donations of fleecy blankets for the cats and we have received several
donated fleeces as well as some from one of our members who made several cat sized
blankets from one large one, thanks Pat.


Buttons, our very timid tabby, has finally found a home with Jules and Craig.
They took Angel from us around three years ago, Angel sadly had Leukaemia and they
knew their time with her would be short. Jules is a veterinary nurse so she had the best of
care but sadly became poorly and was saved from further suffering. This lovely couple
then asked who would benefit most from a new home? My lovely Buttons ( you know I
would have kept you if I could) immediately sprang to mind. She had come so far from
the feral cat that arrived here but hid when people came to choose a cat.
Surprisingly she let Craig stroke her for a while before panicking and trying to hide.
Everything that could be helpful was thought of to make settling into her new home as
stress free as possible but Buttons, now named Daisy refused to eat for four days! I am
glad to say she is now making up for lost time and will allow herself to be stroked when
in her safe place and hopefully will continue to realise she has landed on her paws and
enjoy her new home.

Raffles, the last cat from Barrow, now has a new home in Ormskirk, where we hope he
will make friends with Tia who will be his new sister. Apparently she was not too
impressed at first but I’m sure he will win her over.

Timmy & Honey, two of Smudges kittens have gone to live with Julie, Kate and
Benjamin in Hoghton. They are helping to ease the pain from the loss of their much loved
cat Millie, also homed from Lancashire Cat Rescue.

Caspar, the remaining kitten from the litter of three has gone to live with Annette, Chris
and Alex, where he is now called Rubick. I have seen pictures of him exploring his new
garden, he looks like he has made himself at home.

Bear, our large black cat now has a home with Barbara in Ashton.

Waffle, our elderly tabby now has a new home with Philip in East Lancashire. He has
gone to live with another cat grieving for a companion that has passed away. We hope
that having Waffle join the family will help everyone missing their much loved cat. We
have seen photos of Waffle now named Charlie in his new home and he has settled in very
well. I knew when I spoke to Philip that he would have a wonderful home. Thanks so
much to Philip and his family for choosing an older cat.

Buddy and Geoffrey, two young kittens came to us as the family who gave them a home
had a little girl who they discovered was allergic to them. They went to live with Amy in
Lostock Hall and gave us a scare by becoming very lethargic and sick in their new home.
It seems they had a reaction to the worming tablets I used which I get from the vets and
have had no problems with before. A check up at the vets showed nothing seriously
wrong and they were soon getting up to mischief as kittens should.

Pumpkin, was the last of a litter of kittens that we kept behind as he wheezed when he
breathed, despite three lots of antibiotics it refused to go away. What a fun little boy,
always up to mischief, tearing around the house as if he lived here. We had him neutered
and examined whilst under the anaesthetic and nothing was found that explained his
Brian was annoyed one day when the headphones he had chosen as a “gift” when he
returned a power bar to a mobile phone company who recalled them stopped working in
one ear. The following day I heard chewing wheezy sounds and caught Pumpkin chewing
my iPhone charger cable, sadly it now no longer works.
Brian checked his headphones and yes the wire had been chewed, Pumpkin managed to
chew through another iPhone cable and our house phone battery charger cable also before
we started hiding them from him.
Thank you to Tori who chose Pumpkin as a friend for her LCR cat (Skittle) who she
adopted from us some time ago, we hope Pumpkin stays away from any cables. Our house
is a lot quieter without him.


Although we have homed Buttons, now Daisy we still have several long stay cats.
Midnight, Phoebe and Tilly are our all black girls who keep being overlooked.

Toffee and Coco need an outdoor home where they are cared for and have shelter. We
have a poster asking for an outdoor home for these two torties, if you can display one in
your local vets or pet shop please get in touch.

Sophia is not happy with human contact and I am sure she would be happier with a semi
outdoor life.

Pepsi, our tortie with attitude seems to have calmed down somewhat and has not nipped
me for a while, please don’t make me regret writing that Pepsi.
She is very pretty and has a walk around the garden every morning when I feed her,
always ending up at the water feature ( it’s too small to be called a pond).
She pretends she is thirsty and having a drink but I know she is eyeing up the goldfish. I
carry her back to the pen and she always purrs, she would love a new home.

Joy, was a thin black mum feeding kittens when she came to us from the RSPCA just
before Christmas. Her kittens have been homed and she has been spayed and now looks
wonderful after putting on weight. She does not look like the same cat, she is very
friendly and would love a family home.

Rupert was a stray being fed by a lady in Fulwood but was making her cat unhappy. We
were full initially but when space became available we took Rupert in for rehoming. Sadly
Rupert has tested positive for FIV so needs to be an only cat that lives indoors. He is an
adorable black and white cat, who just loves cuddles and would make someone a great lap

Poppy, was homed by us some years ago and is back with us now sadly after the death of her owner. Poppy is a thirteen year old tabby and very bewildered at the moment after
losing her home. She has recently had a dental and is fully vaccinated and chipped, as
with all our elderly cats LCR will pay all her vet treatment in her new home, that also
applies to Rupert because he has FIV.




Mrs Pots, a semi-long haired black and white cat, came to us from another rescue along
with her four black and white kittens. Bear and Chip were collected along with mum
from a house where they were being fed. Two days later cries could be heard coming from
a wall and Pink and Floyd were found and reunited with their mum and siblings. These
kittens will be vaccinated soon and ready for their new homes. They are all black and
black and white.

Natsu, is a very pretty tabby and white cat who gave birth to five kittens in a garden shed.
Thank you to Steven who helped bring this little family into rescue and to Alison who has
offered Natsu a home when her kittens are weaned.


Stan, a long haired stray being looked after by Jonathan has had his annual haircut at the
vets in Kirkham. Jonathan inherited quite a few strays when he moved into his home
several years ago and we help when we can. Stan was also being bullied by a neighbours
cat, but Jonathan has resolved this. His text to me asking for advice made me laugh, he
told me the cat (a Siamese) was an Eastern European, from Russia with its own passport,
in brackets I know it’s a cat! Just made me think of the Russian Mafia, luckily it now
seems to be leaving Stan alone.

A cat being fed near Kirkham is part of another small group of cats we have been asked
to help out with from time to time. This poor cat turned up to be fed with part of its tail
missing and the bone exposed. LCR have paid for its treatment and hopefully it will be on
the mend soon.

Billy, an elderly stray cat has received treatment for hyperthyroidism and kidney problems
after his worried feeder took him to the vets. This kind lady is looking after Billy but
doesn’t have the funds for his vet treatment. LCR is taking care of his vet bills from the
donation we received specifically for this purpose.

Tiger, is a tabby cat living with his elderly owner in Fulwood who had an altercation with
a neighbour. We think poor Tiger was kicked, the police attended and gave the lady our
number as she was unable to take Tiger to the vets. Brian and I picked up a very large cat
and went to see Ian the vet who said Tiger had a damaged knee but hopefully with rest
and medication it would mend on its own. We returned Tiger home and as we were
explaining he had to have rest and be kept inside we could hear him hammering at the
closed cat flap! Luckily when Brian took him for a check up three weeks later he was
pronounced fit and well. The relieved owner made a generous donation to our funds.

When Lee who works at Sprint Print (located in the Old Fire Station in Bamber Bridge)
found a cat looking lost in his front garden he knew who to call as they print our
newsletters. We found an elderly tortoiseshell cat called Pebbles patiently waiting to be
rescued, bless her, she only lived around the corner. Luckily she was microchipped and
returned to her relieved owner an hour later. Pebbles had been to the vets for her booster
and then gone for a wander outside and got lost. She has now had her access to outside
restricted to keep her safe.


The above story leads us nicely into this campaign to help cats get back to their owners if
they go missing.
We have an amount of money which is to be used for microchipping, if you know
someone on benefits or a low income please Tel them to ring Christine on 01772 750263
after 6pm please. We are working with Oakhill vets who will implant the microchips and
they have veterinary surgeries in Fulwood, Kirkham and Goosnargh. This offer is
available during August and is limited so don’t delay getting in touch if you want to have
your cat chipped. We come across so many cats with no identification either collar and tag
or microchips, but they are obviously well cared for. Please spread the word and let’s try
and get as many cats chipped as we can while we have the funds.


The Flea Market at Barton in April raised £1,090.00 thanks to everyone who came to help
or who visited us on the day. The sun shone in the afternoon which meant we had fewer
visitors but still managed to raise an amazing amount of money. Thanks to Pat who came
to help for the first time, we hope you come again.

The Flea Market in May saw our visitor numbers drop but we still managed to raise
£1,030.00, well done to all our volunteers, we couldn’t do it without you! We rely on our
Flea Markets at the beginning of the year to raise enough funds to see us through the
summer months when we are busy with mums and babies.

We have received two unexpected donations, Penwortham Priory Technical College sent
us a cheque for £370.00 from various fund-raising events they had held.
We also received a cheque for £200.00 from Animal Concern of Caterham in Surrey who
have held fund-raising events and donated the funds raised to help the cats and kittens in
rescue. Thank you so much for thinking of us, it is much appreciated.

A stall one Saturday in July on Preston car boot raised £50.00, thanks to Dawn and Brian
for their help and company. We usually raise more money than this but town was quiet
despite the various activities taking place that day. However we met a lady who has just
set up her own cat rescue, saw some of our regular customers and some of our members in
town stopped off for a chat. All in all a very enjoyable day.

Thank you to all of you who regularly drop of items for us either here at the Rescue or at
Sylvia’s, we really appreciate it and also the donations of food we receive.


Sunday August 14th, Open Day at 33 New Lane, Penwortham 11am until 3pm.
Admission £1.00 children free. This is your opportunity to see the cats and kittens waiting
for new homes and to help us raise the money to care for them until they are chosen to go
to their new families. We will have items for sale, our popular Tombola and homemade
If anyone is interested in volunteering to come and help us on the day we would be happy
to hear from you.

Sunday 11th September, Open Day at Oakhill Vets Goosnargh, we will have
a stall and are taking some of our cats, last time we attended we found homes for some of
our kittens. None of our cats will be homed on the day but can be reserved and
appointments made to come and see the cats at the rescue.
The last Open Day was very busy lots to see and do as well as see behind the scenes at a
veterinary practice.

Sunday 25th September Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, 9am until 3pm. If
you could volunteer to help us on the stalls or in the kitchen we would love to hear from
you. Our Flea Markets are generally busy and we are always grateful for an extra pair of
hands to help out.


We are always in need of items to sell on our stall, bric a brac, jewellery, toiletries,
CD’s and DVD’s. We especially need lots of Tombola items as we have several
fund-raisers close together and the Tombola is always popular and raises a lot of money
for us. If you have nothing in your cupboards perhaps you could buy an extra item when
you are out shopping, chocolates, biscuits, or toiletries are always popular. We currently
have 17 cats and 13 kittens in our care so any donations of cat or kitten food would be
very welcome. We feed Felix in jelly or Pets at Home kitten food but all donations

Please Tel Christine on 01772 750263 after 6pm or ring during the day and leave a
message. If you live in or around Fulwood please Tel Sylvia on 01772 716837, we can
collect if you cannot deliver.

Best Wishes from Christine

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