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July 2017 Newsletter

Apologies for the lateness of your newsletter, we have been having some IT

Thanks to everyone who sponsored Brian who completed the London
Marathon on St George’s Day and raised over £1,500.00 for our funds. Well
Done Brian! Many thanks to Karen who looked after the cats while we were


Evie, who we took in from the vets as her owner had gone into a home has
found a new home with long-standing members in Penwortham.

Lilo & Stitch, both boys despite the names came to us as their owner’s little
boy was severely allergic to them. They were not with us very long before
going to their new home in Chorley.

Ellie, our beautiful black and white girl who sadly tested positive for leukaemia
has gone to live with another cat also with FeLv and Louise and Charlie who
offered her a home. This is wonderful for Ellie and we are so pleased for her
and so grateful to her new owners for offering her a home.

Bertie and Bumble came to us after being rescued from an uncaring owner,
brought to us as the rescuers could not keep them. Bumble, is a ginger and
white male kitten around 14 weeks old and now lives with Ellie in Leyland and
Bertie, is an all tabby male around 18 weeks old and lives in Preston with
Bowen and Ste.

Casper, whose story is in the “Cats Helped” section now lives with Laura and
her husband in Clayton le Woods.


Jingle & Frosty, desperately need an understanding home together. They are
very timid and we have had them in our conservatory for the last few weeks
and they have made a lot of progress. They really need to continue their
progress in a new home. Jingle is a semi-long haired black male cat and Frosty
is a short haired white and black female, both are neutered and chipped.

Archie, came to us from a vets in East Lancashire where he had been treated
for a wound after his collar was caught around his front leg and dug into his
armpit and made quite a mess. He was quite stand offish at first but is
mellowing and wanting affection from us.


Merlin and Morgan, are two ginger and white brothers, 20 weeks old, again
very friendly and mischievous, we would like to home these two together if

We still have the four cats rescued from Cemetery Road, they are still timid but
would hopefully settle in an understanding home. Sadly as they are black and
black and white it will be harder to find them homes.


We have several cats that would be suitable for outdoor homes, stables, small
holdings etc. We offer ongoing veterinary care, and advice to anyone able to
offer a home to a cat that prefers the outdoor life.


Thomas, a feral taken in as a stray and semi tamed by the lady feeding him was
lethargic and not his usual self. We paid for him to see a vet and he was found
to have been in a fight and had a wound that was making him poorly, hopefully
now he has received treatment, he will make a full recovery.

A stray being fed by a lady in Preston was very matted and we paid for the cat
to be groomed at the vets.

Mittens, sadly was found deceased on the pavement outside the house of one
of our neighbours. Mittens was microchipped so although sad at least the
owner was reunited, unbelievably tragic last year Brian was told about a
deceased cat on the road and it belonged to the same owner!

A stray cat, semi feral, being fed regularly in a garden in Kirkham needed a
dental and we helped with the cost.

A stray cat being fed by a friend of ours needed help at the vets to peacefully
be put to sleep as he was suffering and there was nothing more that could be

A stray being fed by a lady in Preston was very matted and needed neutering,
an appointment was made at the vets with the RSPCA agreeing to fund
treatment. On the day however as the lady feeding the cat said she was willing
to give it a home, the RSPCA said as it was no longer a stray then they would
not pay for treatment. The vets rang us and as the lady was on benefits we
agreed to pay for the cat to receive treatment. The new owner starts a new job
shortly so will be able to care for the cat in the future.

Casper, a very handsome black cat was hit by a car and left lying in the road
on a very busy dual carriageway until rescued by one of our members.
Unbelievably as Laura was trying to stop traffic to reach him, a car went over
him again! Laura rang us and took him to Vets Now as an emergency. Casper
has been incredibly lucky, escaping with a small fracture of the jaw and some
scrapes and bruises.
We were very worried about him at first as he would not eat and also did not
move much, hardly surprising really! However he is eating well now and his
jaw is mending on its own and lucky Casper has been offered a home with the
lady who rescued him Laura and her husband. He just has to get along with the
existing cats who we hope will accept him. Many thanks Laura for your brave
actions, your donation towards his treatment and for giving Casper a home.

Finlay, is a semi-long haired black cat found as a stray with a very nasty
wound on his side being fed by one of our members in Penwortham. It took
several lots of antibiotics to clear his infection, as he was an unneutered male
the vet thinks it was probably a bite from another cat. Finlay has been neutered
and had his first vaccination and has been microchipped, when he has had his
second injection he is going to be returned to Colin and Julie to see if he will
settle with their existing cat Poppy.

Candy, a very pretty tortoiseshell cried to be let into a house in Preston and
then promptly gave birth to four kittens. They were looked after very well for a
week and then we were asked to help, Candy is a very good mum and the
kittens are thriving.
Candy, was poorly a week after coming into care and we rushed her to the vets
one evening when she got a very large tummy and was dripping urine while the
litter tray was dry. The vets were not sure what was happening and we took her
back the next day for tests, they thought perhaps she had a tail pull injury or
possibly a spine or pelvic injury. After X-rays and scans no injuries could be
found and Brian and I were shown how to express her bladder.
We tried that evening and again the next morning but failed miserably, luckily
Candy used her litter tray that afternoon all by herself. The whole thing was a
mystery and the vets suspect it could be connected to the birth of the kittens,
she is back to normal now.


The Flea Market at Barton in April raised £1,200.00, Well Done everyone,
especially Dawn and Paul in the kitchen which raised £400.00!

A stall at Preston Car Boot in March raised £55.00 many thanks to Brian who
helped me set up and also pack away ( I hate that bit).

We had a lovely day at Preston & Blackpool Cat Show raising £125.00 and
seeing Dream who was homed from LCR win Best Household Pet for her
owner Pat and Carol rounded off the day nicely. Dream regularly attends cat
shows and has won many titles and we are very proud of her achievements.

The Flea Market in April had an Easter theme and our Tombola looked
wonderful! Many thanks to all of you who donated Easter eggs and a special
Thank You to Barbara who knitted some lovely Easter Rabbits egg cosies
which had chocolate eggs inside. We are very grateful for everyone who
spends their time knitting items, crocheting cat blankets and baking for us. It is
very heart warming to have your support for the work we do. We raised a very
welcome £1,100.00!


The Flea Market in May clashed with a large car boot up the road and another
Flea Market nearby. This meant we lost many of our regular stall holders and
we were not sure whether we should cancel it altogether. Thankfully after a
meeting of committee members we came up with a plan, many thanks to Dawn,
Paul, Jenny, and Brian for their brainstorming and for working so hard on the
day! It was a great team effort and paid off as we raised £800.00.


We had a wonderful weekend in London in April watching Brian and our son
Paul run in the London Marathon. It was a great day watching all the runners,
some of whom were running in fancy dress, it was a dry day with spells of
sunshine and Brian raised the magnificent sum of £1,500.00! A huge thank you
to all of you who sponsored him, Brian used to run regularly but hasn’t for a
number of years now but trained hard for several months and it paid off on the
Many thanks to Karen who looked after the cats while we were away, meaning
we could enjoy ourselves knowing they were in very capable hands.


Sunday 23rd July, Open Day at the rescue, 33 New Lane Penwortham PR1
9JH. 11 am until 3pm. Come along and see the cats and kittens, they will be
pleased to see you, especially if you bring treats. We will have a cake stall,
LCR pens, key rings, bookmarks etc. on sale! Knitted cat blankets, hand made
cards and you can have a go on our popular Tombola. Admission £1.00 or a
donation of cat food, Felix in jelly preferred both adult and kitten.

Anyone who could bake a cake for us or donate something for our Tombola
please ring Christine on 01772 750263. If you would like to come and help
on the day setting up, on one of the stalls or serving tea and coffee please ring
Jenny on 07754410616. We are always in need of volunteers at our
fund-raising events.

Sat 12th August stall at Chester & North Wales Cat Show.
If you have any cat related items, cat beds, scratching posts, cat baskets,
anything with a cat related theme that you are willing to donate, please ring
01772 750263, we are able to collect.


As well as your generosity sponsoring Brian in the London Marathon, you dug
deep and donated over a £1,000.00 for Thomas and the eye operation he
needed. Thank you to all of you who sent donations and I speak for Judith, his
“mum” as well as Brian and myself. I am pleased to be able to tell you his
operation was a success and now not only is he pain free but he has regained
some of his vision and is enjoying life again. Judith has come along to a couple
of our Flea Markets to help on the stall and has kept us up to date with his
progress. Thank you again for your support which has made such a difference
to this little cats life. Thanks also to Judith and her husband for looking after
him when he turned up as a poorly stray, he was very lucky to find you.

Our thoughts go out to three of our long-standing members who have recently
lost their much loved cats.


Spike, was a tiny brown tabby kitten found all alone by Sylvia’s son, full of cat
flu on a country lane. Sylvia is our treasurer and a trustee of the charity so
David knew where to take it for help. The poor little mite was only about three
weeks old and not very well at all. The vet didn’t think he would survive and
Sylvia’s husband uttered those famous words we have all heard at some point,
he’s not stopping, it’s just for one night! Needless to say Spike as he was called
did stay and he and Jack adored one another. The fact that he survived was
thanks to Sylvia’s nursing skills although he didn’t always show his gratitude.
Spike could be quite naughty with Sylvia and bite her when she picked him up
for a cuddle, although he never bit Jack her husband except once! When kittens
have been hand reared as Spike was they tend to be quite rough with the human
who reared them, treating them as they would a feline mum.
Sylvia was going out for the day and asked Jack to feed Spike, unbeknown to
him Sylvia had bought some cat food Spike didn’t like and she had pushed it to
the back of the cupboard. Unfortunately Jack opened a tin of the cat food Spike
didn’t like and was rewarded with a bite on the ankle! Spike had a huge
purrsonality and grew into an impressive handsome cat! Sylvia once told him
he would be sent to LCR if he didn’t stop biting and he looked straight at me
and hissed, it was so funny as if he understood. I didn’t take it personally and
used to buy him the cube like tents with a toy hanging in them as he loved
playing and sleeping in them.
Helen, one of the vets at Oakhill used to joke she was having a day off when he
was booked in for an appointment and Spike once made her say a naughty
word when he bit her!

I once very foolishly offered to clip his claws and got away with clipping three
as Sylvia held him before he realised what was happening. It was a struggle but
I managed it and Helen was very impressed and probably relieved at the same
time. Spike was definitely a character and was very much loved as proved by
the fact that although the vets did not think he would survive he lived for 19
years! Sadly recently he passed away and has joined his dad who I am sure was
waiting for him at Rainbow Bridge. Spike is very much missed by his mum
Sylvia and everyone who knew him. Our committee meetings won’t be the
same without him.


Douglas, was re homed from LCR by two friends of Brian and I, Pat and Carol,
sadly Douglas crossed over Rainbow Bridge recently. Here is his story told in
Carols own words.

Douglas was, quite simply, a character. He was the cat that was meant to be,
from Chris & Brian deciding against their initial reaction not to go out to what
did not sound an emergency on a Sunday when they were about to walk the
dogs, to both Christine and ourselves turning up together at the same time in a
supermarket none of us regularly used, to our first sight of a tiny tailless kitten
in a big “cone of shame” he was always destined to come to us.

Douglas was an abused kitten. When Chris & Brian turned up to the house in
East Lancashire where he had been taken for safety by a passer by who had
witnessed youths throwing him out of a window and prodding him with a pole
to get him out from under the car where he had fled, they discovered that was
not the worst, his poor little tail was, literally, hanging by a thread, someone
had attempted to hack it off with a knife.
Our vets finished the job humanely and Chris was on her way home with him
in a basket when she stopped at the aforementioned supermarket. She invited
us to see him and it was love at first sight, but, “we had too many already “.
One minute out of the car park and Pat was on the phone to her ” don’t let him
go, we will have him”.
Many rescues would not have allowed anyone with the number we had, to have
another but Chris knew us and, more importantly, knew how the cats were
looked after, so we had our first LCR rescue cat (eventually 3 more were to

Douglas was christened by Chris, inevitably as “he’s a Manx cat now” but it
suited him and we didn’t change it. Amazingly, despite the atrocities heaped
upon him as a kitten, he always loved people and never feared any human
although he had every reason to, and he never forgot who rescued him, every
time Chris & Brian visited he would come running to see them and would purr
and head butt them. We did show him as a kitten but he wasn’t keen and a
growling and judge thumping episode at his last show dictated that he should
stay at home.

Many years ago we entered Douglas into the survivor category of the Cats
Protection annual awards, he was a finalist and won us a trip to the awards
dinner in London, he did not win but just to be a finalist from the many
hundreds of entries was amazing. He also became the “face” on the vaccination
cards used by the vets that LCR went to at the time. They wanted a photo of a
black and white cat and Chris asked us if we had one, we still have a blank card
and will treasure it always.

Douglas had a “party trick”, if he wanted to be stroked he would tap your hand,
you would stroke him and stop, he’d tap your hand again, and it went on until
he’d had enough then he’d bite you gently to indicate the game was over. He
loved his toys, “especially “Big Ratty” and would carry them around in his
mouth, wailing! He also loved water and would play in the bath with a toy and
even used to ask to come into the shower with you.

A few years ago Douglas was diagnosed with diabetes, after the first “OMG I
can’t inject him moment” reaction I quickly learned and it became second
nature to both of us, bless him, Douglas never complained about his twice daily
injection and I am now a dab hand. For my occasional overnight stays for cat
show etc. one of the veterinary nurses, Maria, bless her, offered to come and
give his injections as the friend who stays to look after Pat and the cats, felt she
could not do them. Maria only said to me the other day how Douglas knew the
minute she arrived and would come running from wherever he was to wait at
the kitchen door for his injection and a bit of food. He was a model patient.
Ironically, just as the diabetes seemed to be getting under control Douglas’s
kidneys started to fail. We started treatment but in the last week or so his
condition deteriorated rapidly and he spent Tuesday at the vets on a drip to try
to boost him.
He would not eat and just as I was ready to call it a day yesterday afternoon he
began to eat again albeit only bits. At the vets last night we decided to give him
a little more time as although quality of life was not amazing, he seemed not to
be in too much discomfort. Sadly he went downhill rapidly last night, stopped
eating again, was very wobbly and we knew that it was time. Douglas passed
gently from all pain and illness this morning and is now playing happily with
the others gone before and waiting at Rainbow Bridge for him.
You may be gone, our special boy, but you will never ever be forgotten.

Carol Walker.


A big thank you to everyone who drops off food at the rescue or the vets, we
now have a container for donated cat food in Oakhill Vets in Kirkham and we
now have collecting tins in Booths at Penwortham on the counter in the cafe
and the kiosk counter at the front of the store.

A belated thank you to Oakhill Vets for their very generous donation of over
£600.00 from their Open Day. It had completely slipped my mind, but as ever
we are very grateful for all your help and support.

Many thanks to Carol for her donation of a years supply of cat litter, needless
to say it didn’t last a year here but has saved us quite a bit of money.

We received two very large donations recently from a couple of our members
celebrating special anniversaries where they asked for donations to LCR
instead of presents. We were amazed at the amount we received and at the
generosity of people donating, thank you it was a lovely surprise and will help
many cats and kittens.

Best Wishes from Christine

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