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January 2020 Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who sent Christmas cards, donations and food and treats for the cats, we had a bumper year this year, thank you so much.

We had a quiet Christmas and were able to have a bit of a break then took in four cats in just over a week. Currently we are looking after 13 cats and 14 kittens. This means we need our upcoming Flea Markets to raise lots of money so we can pay our food and vet bills.

Every cat and kitten is wormed, treated for fleas, vaccinated, microchipped if old enough and neutered before homing.

We have already received some donations from the kind people who are always the first to donate their unwanted gifts to us after the festive season, thank you so much. If you received something you don’t want or need, please consider donating it to us to help with our fundraising. We can only help cats with your help.


Waffle, our lovely tabby girl has gone to live with Lynn by the seaside in St Annes on Sea.

Sybil, was the first of Molly’s kittens to find a home and she has gone to live with Lisa and her family in Longridge. Lisa works at the Veterinary practice that we use so I am sure we will get updates on her progress. The remaining three kittens from the litter have a home to go to soon.

Rosie, our friendly tabby and white cat is now called Sophie and lives with Ian and his partner in Bolton.

Samson, our big black boy now lives with Margaret in Whittle-le-Woods.

Mabel, one of our mums with kittens in the Rescue over the summer, was spayed after her kittens found homes. Mabel then went to live with Barbara after she lost her much loved Harley. We are very grateful to Barbara for all her crafty items she makes for our stall. They help raise much needed funds.

Milly, a young white and black girl has a new home in Leyland with David & Manjit.

Billy, our older white and black boy now lives with Georgina one of our stallholders at our Flea Markets. I’m sure we will get regular updates on his life in his new home.

Molly, our amazing blind mum, was spayed after her kittens were weaned and now lives with another blind cat (and a few others) at Aunty Celia’s Cat Sanctuary in Ingol. We are so grateful to Celia and her husband Tim for offering a safe indoor home for Molly. There is a safe enclosed outside run so she can sit in the sun, if there is any this summer.

Silver, our very pretty grey and white female, now called Gracie, has gone to live with a young family in Lostock Hall.

Rudy, is a ginger kitten who came into care with his 3 litter mates who were born on a farm and had a mild form of cat flu. Some cream for their eyes and antibiotic drops soon put them right and they were ready for new homes. Rudy now lives in Ashton with Laura and her feline family.

Two of the other kittens are going to their new home soon but Cinder a very timid dark tortie girl is still looking for her forever home.


Rizzo, is an older cat found in the countryside and taken to the vets as she was covered in some sort of pink paint or dye. Poor Rizzo, named after one of the characters in Grease as she is currently a pink lady, also had bite marks and urine stains on her legs. At the vets they tried to wash off the pink but it got worse. Rizzo is still pink after several weeks with us, but it is fading and her legs have got better. Rizzo is going to have some tests to make sure she is perfectly healthy due to the fact she is an older girl, then she would love a home where she is properly looked after.

Murka, (the name on her microchip), was found abandoned in a cat basket on a car bonnet in Ashton. She is a white & black domestic shorthair, neutered & fully vaccinated aged five years. The person who found her took her to our vets in Fulwood and we were asked to help. Murka is microchipped but the telephone numbers are no longer in use and a letter to the address she is registered to went unanswered. Sadly it seems Murka was unwanted and just callously dumped. She came with a cushion which she is very attached to, poor little cat she deserves so much better. We struggled to get her to eat at first as she was so upset but she has come out of her shell this last week and now shouts for her food when she sees you.

Stripey, a friendly tabby being fed as a stray was taken to the vets for a microchip check, sadly she had been re-homed from the owner on her chip. Her previous owner had not kept any details of who she had re-homed her to and we were asked to help. Stripey has been neutered and vaccinated and is looking for a permanent new home.

We still have several cats that we have had for a while, please consider homing an older adult cat, a black one or a timid cat, every cat deserves a good home.

TC, is a black and white mum who we collected one weekend along with her five kittens, four black and white and one all black. They will be having their vaccinations soon and then they will be ready for new homes.

Morris, a seven week old tabby kitten was taken to the vets after being found down a lane in Kirkham then Mila, a white and black kitten again around seven weeks old was found in the same area. There is obviously a problem around that part of Kirkham but without knowing where the mums are we cannot help. 

Talking to the lady who found one of the kittens, she said before Xmas two kittens were found sadly deceased by the side of a road. I wonder whether they were siblings of Esther our blind kitten lucky enough to be found and then re-homed to a lovely family?

Morris and Mila are siblings we think and had mild cat flu from which they are fully recovered, they have had their first vaccinations and are ready for new homes.


We have lent our trap out several times recently so feral cats can be trapped, neutered and released. We are trying to find the mum or mums in Kirkham that keep having kittens. The lady who found Morris has borrowed the trap and is trying to track down mum.

Marvin, is a very large brown tabby male, very friendly, who was taken to the vets with a nasty limp. He was found to have an abscess which the vets treated and as he was not chipped he came to us.

Luckily, thanks to the power of Facebook we were able to reunite him with his owner.


Our Christmas Flea Market at Barton in November raised our best total yet, drum roll please, £1,530.00. We have been aiming for the £1,500.00 total for the last couple of years and we were all elated that we made that amount. A very big “Thank You” to our team of volunteers who spend their Sunday’s helping to raise money to help the cats, Brian and I appreciate your help.

The Coffee & Mince Pie Day, raised £150.00 on the Tombola and Gift Stall. We raised a much needed £500.00 after expenses on the Christmas Raffle, thank you to everyone who bought tickets and Congratulations to the winners. A list of winners is on our website (Coffee & Mince Pie Day Update) posted 12th December 2019, also grateful thanks to those below who donated prizes.

A huge “Thank You” to Jane and Jean for their donation of two Christmas Hampers, one for humans and one for cats, thank you ladies for your continued support. Jane and Jean set the ball rolling every year with their Christmas Hamper, it’s very much appreciated.

Thanks also to Jayne who also put together and donated a Christmas Hamper for our raffle.

Lazy Cat Cafe, Divine Hair and Beauty, Cuerden Valley Park View Cafe, for their vouchers and Chocolate Bouquets and Choccy Treats by Jayne for the wonderful Chocolate Bouquet. Linda for the lovely handmade lap quilt and cushion, I was very envious of the winner of that prize. We were donated bottles from Sandra and Emma and a free portrait from Shelley West of SGW portraits and a knitted clown from Karen.

If I’ve missed anyone I’m sorry, we had a really good response to our request for prizes, “thank you!”

We were offered a free stall at St Cuthberts in Lytham at their Antique and Collectible Fair. Sadly, possibly due to it being close to Christmas or the fact it was the first one, it wasn’t well attended. We made £20.00 but did enjoy ourselves chatting to the other stall holders.

Also thanks to Best Electrical Wholesalers in units 1 & 2 on Deepdale Mill Street, Ribbleton. Brian went there just before Christmas to purchase some tie wraps for putting up signs for the Flea Markets, the manager very kindly insisted on giving us enough to last a couple of years for free.


Sunday 9th February, Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, 9am until 3pm, helpers needed as always, setting up and manning the stalls and helping in the kitchen. Call us on 01772 750263 if you are able to help.

Sunday 8th March, Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, 9am until 3pm, helpers needed as above.


We are always in need of excellent quality good as new items to sell on our stalls as well as for prizes on the Tombola.

If you are a baker then cakes are always welcome for the kitchen. Please telephone Christine on 01772 750263 if you can help in anyway.

Weekday evenings after 6pm is the best time to call, or you can leave a message on the answer machine.


We are very lucky to have collection boxes in Booths at Penwortham, the Lazy Cat Cafe in Cannon Street Preston, Oakhill Veterinary Centres and most recently Snack in a Box on Blackpool road, Ashton (Thanks Jeanette).

We get a nice amount regularly from these boxes and are very grateful to everyone onboard for the opportunity to raise money this way.

If any local shops / retailers would like to support us by having one of our collecting boxes on their counters then please get in touch by calling 01772 750263.

Best Wishes from  Christine

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