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January 2019 Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who donated items for us to sell, cat food, litter, toys or their time to help us fund-raise in 2018. Without your help we could not continue to rescue and re-home the injured, stray and unwanted cats and kittens that come to us for help. You were very kind over the festive period, many of our Christmas cards contained donations and we received lots of cat food and toys. Thank you for your continued support we are always very grateful for everything we receive.

We are hoping your generosity will continue into 2019. Can I start by asking you to donate any unwanted Christmas presents for our Flea Markets at Barton, or for our Tombola? Any items from a gift set that you do not use can be donated for our baskets that we put together for the Christmas Tombola. Our first Flea Market is on February 10th just before Valentine’s Day so any bottles or chocolates would be especially welcome.

We have already received some donations from the lovely people who are always the first to donate their unwanted gifts to us after the festive season, thank you so much.

I’d like also to say thank you to the people who generously donate cat food to us on a regular basis, we open the front door or come home to find donations on the doorstep. We also receive bags of donated cat food dropped off at our vets, Oakhill on Conway Drive, Fulwood.

It is very much appreciated, and helps with our funds which means we can help more cats.


Quetzel, our brown tabby female now has a new home with Pat one of our volunteer helpers at our Barton Flea Markets. After an initial scare where she disappeared for a time in the house she has settled very well. I’m sure we will get regular updates.

Mac, our black and white young male cat now lives in Chorley with Michelle.

Ophelia, our pretty tortie, has gone to a new home in Penwortham with Susan.

Oprah & Oreo, her two remaining kittens have gone to live in Ashton with Samantha.

We still have Patches, our black and white mum although we have found homes for her kittens.

Presley, now lives in Bamber Bridge with Trish, Paige, now lives in Lancaster with Claire, Adam, Sophie and Lucy whilst Percy lives in Preston with Marcel and is starting to make friends with Rosie his new feline sister.

Jemima, has gone to live in Penwortham with Sarah, Stephen, Eliza and Laura. Sylvia, Stephen’s mum is a trustee of LCR as well as our treasurer and the keeper of the Tombola drum so we will get regular updates which is nice.


Samson, is a very large black male cat being fed by neighbours after his owners moved and left him behind. We were contacted when he started limping and looking sorry for himself, a visit to the vets showed a wound on his back leg. We have treated his wound which is healing nicely and he has been neutered and vaccinated. Anyone who likes large cats would adore Samson.

Rachel, came to us from the same carpet warehouse in Preston that we got two kittens from a couple of years ago. Thanks to Jayne for rescuing her and bringing her to us and for the vouchers and donation, Rachel is an all black female, Of the seventeen cats we lunaare looking after at the moment, Jingle, Phoebe, Lizzie, Luna, Sooty, Kelly, Jeremy and Mimsy are all black cats. That makes ten all black cats that we have looking for homes.

Please share any posts on Facebook and spread the word if you know of anyone looking for a cat, we just don’t seem to be able to home black cats.

We do have several cats of different colours, Felix is black and white as is Patches, Leo, is an eight month old white with grey patches and very friendly, he came in with his sister Lucy but he stops her from eating and she has become less timid since we decided to separate them.

Lucy & LeoLucy, is white and tortie, timid until she knows you then very friendly.

Roxy and Pebbles are two eight month old torties, unwanted by their owners. We think we have a home for them at the end of the month.

Frosty, a white and black female, came to us with Jingle her long haired all black brother from a rescue by the RSPCA, they were very timid which is why they are still with us.

Sadly Frosty has started to be very wobbly and unsteady on her feet, she is turning in circles and easily falls over.

We have tried two courses of antibiotics but she has only improved slightly, we think that is because she is getting used to her condition whatever it might be. She doesn’t have a temperature or an ear infection so she is going in for an X-ray to rule out polyps in her ear or a fluid build up. The sad thing is she is now happy to be stroked and purrs readily when she sees you.


A cat was living in a garden in Penwortham, we scanned for a chip which was found but sadly not registered. We lent a cat kennel as the cat was timid but a neighbour offered to feed it and take it in once it trusted her.

A friendly Tabby cat turned up at a house in Leyland, it was scanned and found to have a chip but unfortunately this chip also hadn’t been registered.

Brian went out to an address in the Lancaster area to investigate the possibility that a ladies cat was stuck in a drain on a new build estate, the poor woman was convinced that she could hear her missing cat meowing when it was quiet. The RSPCA and the building company had investigated and drawn a blank, unfortunately Brian failed to shed any new light on the situation.


The Christmas Flea Market at Barton in November raised a wonderful £1,380 thanks to everyone who came to help!

We had a fantastic looking Tombola stall, thanks to everyone who donated and to Dawn and Jenny who spent time putting the toiletry baskets together. They looked wonderful as ever, thanks also to Dawn for the hot chocolate & marshmallow gift bags which made lovely prizes.

We must also say a big thank you to Jane who donated lots of sweets including some of Santa’s Sleigh which were completely edible and also stockings and stocking fillers where children could choose their own.

This meant our Tombola stall raised £300.00 on its own.

Our kitchen was busy as always due to Dawn’s lovely cakes, thanks to Tom, Sandra and Salma who also bake for us, if anyone is interested in baking for us please get in touch (01772 750263), our visitors love their cakes.

Thank you to Barbara who made some lovely Christmas ornaments and provided a tree branch to hang them on, I spray painted it silver to match our Christmas tablecloths. Barbara also made us some lovely  cards to sell.

We also had woolly cat blankets to sell, thanks to Dorothy who makes these for us and is always looking for donations of wool, we can collect if needed.

Many thanks to Gill Rabbett, who ran a 10k at Disneyland Paris and raised £300.00 for us. Well Done, hope you got chance to go on some rides while you were there.

While we are talking Disney, many thanks to Jenny, Karen and Sylvia for holding the fort while we were in Florida last year, we knew the cats were in safe hands.

The Christmas Raffle raised £308 for us thank you to everyone who bought tickets or donated prizes. A special thank you to Jane and Jean who put together our first prize of a Christmas Hamper as they have done since we started a Christmas Raffle, and to Dawn who donated a film night prize of cinema tickets, popcorn etc. All the winners have been notified and the prizes delivered.

On the Christmas Coffee & Mince Pie Day we made £80.00, and thanks to all our visitors we received loads of cat food and toys for the cats.


Sunday 10th February 2019 our first Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, 9am until 3pm, helpers needed as always. We struggle to get helpers first thing, putting the tables up and unloading the cars if you are free for just an hour 7am until 8am it would be a big help. We have some lovely Valentine prizes for our Tombola, thanks to Jane but still need more as at our last two events the Tombola has been so popular. Any unwanted presents for our stall would be welcome, we can collect from you please Tel Christine on 01772 750263 after 6pm or leave a message on the answering machine if you would like to help or donate items.

Our other dates for the Flea Markets before our summer break are

Sunday 10th March 2019

Sunday 7th April 2019

Sunday 5th May 2019

We are hoping to have a stall at the Preston & Blackpool Cat Show on Saturday 23 March 2019 at the Preston College Sports Centre, St Vincent’s Road, Fulwood open to the public in the afternoon. Come along and say hello to us on the stall and see the lovely pedigree cats and maybe our wonderful Dream in the household pet section if she is entered.


The Lazy Cat Cafe in Cannon Street Preston has supported Lancashire Cat Rescue since it opened, sharing our Facebook posts, putting up posters and having a collecting tin for donations on their cafe counter. Sadly someone decided to steal the collecting tin recently and David and Kathy the owners of the cafe started a Virgin Giving Page to replace the stolen donations.

This raised a total of £209.40 for us, thank you to everyone that donated, it’s so upsetting to think that someone could steal from a charity, but your donations remind us there are far more good people out there than bad ones.

I have visited the cafe several times and it is a lovely place to go and relax even if it is a bit like a bus mans holiday for me. The cats are so well cared for and happy to play or just come for some attention and there is also coffee and cake. I highly recommend you pay a visit, the cats will be very happy to see you.

Best Wishes from  Christine

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