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January 2017 Newsletter

We received lots of Christmas cards, many of them with donations inside and
the success of our Christmas Appeal for cat food means we will not be buying
any for quite a while, thank you so much! Many thanks to Brian, Dawn and
Karen for looking after the cats after I first had a bout of Norovirus which then
led to me being quite poorly and unable to eat or drink anything. This laid me
low for several weeks and as I could not bend I could not see to the cats.
Thanks so much for all your help, It’s good to know I can rely on you to be
there when I need you.


Daisy, our friendly black female who came to us as a result of an RTA with a
fractured pelvis has a lovely new home in Longridge with Jean.

Sofia and Midnight, have gone to a small holding in Hutton where Midnight
follows her new owner round like a shadow and Sofia has only bitten one
visitor!! We think this must mean she is happy in her new home.

Aladdin & Genie were spotted by their new owners at the Christmas Coffee &
Mince Pie Day and collected them after Christmas. Despite living outside all
their short lives they were not too unsettled when we brought them inside,
although we had to turn the volume down on the TV. They now have a new
home together in Fulwood.

Harry, our elderly tabby with limited eyesight has gone to live with Steven
where he has settled well and is enjoying his home comforts. Many thanks to
Steven for giving another elderly cat a retirement home with the best of care.

Rupert, our lovely black and white boy now has a new home with Joanne and
her family in Ingol. Rupert sadly tested positive for FIV and will be an indoor
cat. He has settled well and is enjoying life in his new home. I work with
Joanne so will be kept up to date with his progress.

Lucy, our tabby kitten now lives with Sharon in Clitheroe.

Natsu & Delilah, now live together in Chorley with a couple of dogs. They
also live with some caged birds and enjoy bird watching as well as snuggling
on and in their new owners bed.

Chester & Dusty, have gone to live with one of our members in Leyland.We
know they will have a wonderful home.

This lovely lady took two litter mates from us some years ago now. They came
to us at just a day or days old after being abandoned by their mum. This turned
out to be lucky for them as they would have died if they had been fed by mum.
Sometimes the blood from mum and dad in cats is not compatible and if mum
feeds the kittens they die. Sadly one kitten from the litter had already passed
away when they were found. I have never before or since revived kittens that
were so close to dying, a friend and I warmed them up and fed them warm
kitten milk every few hours and they pulled through. The only sign of the
trauma they had been through was the loss of part of their ears. They lived to a
good age despite their poor start and one of our cattery pens is named after
them. Our cat Dennis was also born to a mum with a similar problem, his
siblings died before we realised anything was wrong. Somehow he survived
although the end of his tail dropped off and he does still have some health

Apollo, Adonis, Ariel, Abraham & Ace, were five long haired kittens from
Skelmersdale brought to us for re-homing as the owner was caring for her
grandson. They were adorable kittens and we had no trouble finding homes for

Adonis, was the first to be homed with Lorraine and family around the corner
from us in Penwortham, they have had LCR cats before and fell in love with
this black and white cutie.

Ariel, now lives with Janet in Samlesbury, she is a very pretty tabby and white
and was the only girl in the litter.

Ace, was another tabby and white long haired kitten who now lives with
Gemma and a Siamese kitten in Leyland.

Apollo, a tabby and white kitten has gone to live with Emma and two adult cats
in Preston.

Abraham, (now named Charlie) an all tabby long haired kitten was the last to
be rehomed and is now living in Bispham with a ginger kitten for company.

Poppy, our 13year old tabby female has found a home with Marjorie in Colne.
Marjorie is Jaynes mum who rescued Aladdin & Genie from outside the carpet
shop. Poppy has settled in straight away as if she has always lived there and we
are so pleased she has finally found a forever home.


Evie, so named as it was just before Christmas when she was booked in to be put to sleep
as she was a stray being fed by a lady who had gone into a nursing home and
the family couldn’t take her. We were asked to help and of course said yes.
Evie was very thin with some hair loss when we first got her, she loves her
food and has put weight on and her coat is glossy. She is friendly and ready for
a new home.

Shadow, Sweetpea, Felix and Treacle, were abandoned by their owners and
were living outside in the back yards of houses in Preston. A lovely couple
made them a shelter and were feeding them and asked for help in re-homing
them. We collected Shadow, Sweetpea and Felix one weekend but Treacle was
very wary and only caught a few days later and reunited with the other three.

archieArchie, a large unneutered black Tom cat was taken to a vets in East Lancs
with his paw through his collar which had cut into his skin. He was kept for
seven days but no owner claimed him and sadly he was not microchipped and
we offered to take him. He needs his wound to heal, to be neutered and he will
be ready for a new home. He is a very friendly boy.

Although homing has gone well recently we still have Frosty, Jingle & Joy
brought to us last year by an RSPCA Inspector. Frosty & Jingle need to be
homed together, they are timid but can be stroked when they are being fed and
just need a quiet home where I am sure they will soon come round.

Tilly and Phoebe, are two black females who again we have had for a while as
they are quite shy.

We also have Bear, Floyd and Chip, black and black and white 8 month old
young cats who were quite shy but are now becoming more friendly.

Ellie, needs an indoor home as sadly she tested positive for feline leukaemia,
she is very friendly and has come a long way from the sorry state she was in
when she was dumped outside our house last year. There was a note to say she
was a nervous cat but despite the obvious upset of being abandoned has shown
no signs of being nervous. She was under weight and her coat was in a sorry
state. You would not think she was the same cat, her coat is glossy and she has
put on weight.




A cat that had a home but moved in with a neighbour when his owner got a
kitten was very poorly over Christmas and we paid for him to see an emergency
vet as the owner declined to help. After treatment this poor cat is now
recovering at the neighbours and the owner eventually paid something towards
the bill.

We collected a very cold tabby cat badly injured from the Deepdale Retail Park
loading bay. He had been involved in an RTA and everyone was driving past
him, a lady stopped, took him into the security guards office and rang us. Brian
collected him and took him to the vets, they were not hopeful, however he
survived the night and they operated on his jaw the next day and stitched his
eye up to try to save it. Sadly the following day his owners found him at the
vets and demanded he be put to sleep. The vet explained there was no charge
for his treatment and he could be signed over to us if they did not want him
back.they were adamant he be put to sleep, Brian and I plus all at the vets who
cared for him were devastated, never has this happened to us before and I hope
it never happens again.


The Flea Market at Barton in April raised £1,480.00, our best yet! Thanks to
everyone who came to help or who visited, we had 100 more visitors than the
October Flea Market. The Lancashire Evening Post again managed not to put
our advert in the paper so we asked people on Facebook to share our post and
lots of you did, thank you!
We were kept busy all day, we sold lots of refreshments in the kitchen and our
Tombola with the lovely baskets made by Dawn and Jenny raised £200.00!
Many thanks to Michelle, a new volunteer who got thrown in the deep end with
a stall all on her own selling DVD box sets. We had boxes and boxes of them
donated, thank you so much they sold well. Thank You to Steven who helped
out on the stall as well as looking after his own.

The Christmas Coffee and Mince Pie Day raised £90.00 on the gift stall and
The Christmas raffle raised £340.00 many thanks to everyone who bought
tickets and to everyone who donated prizes. A special thank you to Jane and
Jean for the idea of a raffle started last year and for their very generous prizes
of a Christmas hamper and a couple of vouchers. We appreciate your
generosity ladies.

The raffle prize winners are listed below.

1st prize Christmas Hamper, B Birch
2nd prize M & S voucher M Whiteside
3rd prize Boots voucher J Park
4th prize Bottle of bubbly A Watkins
5th prize Gift set R Denver
6th prize Bottle of Baileys J Helm
7th prize Bottle of Vodka P Creaton
8th prize Hotel Chocolat chocolates P Pritchard
9th prize Bottle of Rum S Cook
10th prize Gift set S Gregory
11th prize Teddy Bear D Bradshaw
12th prize M&S gift set M Bradley
13th prize Bottle of Cava E Carroll
14th prize Simple skin care set D Ward
15th prize A box of Fox’s Biscuits


Sunday 12 February Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, 9am until 3pm,
helpers needed as always. As it is just before Valentine’s Day our Tombola
will have a Valentines theme. Dawn and Christine have been buying items for
decorating the stall and some chocolate related gifts for you to win to give to
your loved one. If you can spare an hour or two to come and help us raise
money to help the cats we would love to hear from you. Please ring Jenny on
07754 410616 to discuss how you can help.

Sunday 9 April.Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, 9am until 3pm, please
come and help us raise money for the cats. As it is a week before Easter our
Tombola will have an Easter theme, could you donate an Easter egg for our

If you can help in any way please call us on one of the previously
mentioned numbers.


thomasWe paid for a stray ginger cat to have treatment at Oakhill vets last year and an
outside kennel was provided in the garden of the lady who took him to the vets.
Tom was not interested in being a house cat at that time but Judith who was
feeding him worked her magic and now with the Sunday name of Thomas he
has moved into the house. Sadly the reason for his visit to the vets last year, he
had sore eyes, has returned and our vets have done all they can for him.
Thomas has been referred to a specialist vet where he needs to have operations on both his eyes. Could you make a donation towards the cost?

The people caring for him could not get insurance as it is an existing condition but his eyes
are painful and without the operations he will go blind. Please if you could help
this little cat who has gone from a tough life on the streets to a home where he
is cared for, we and his new family would be so grateful.
There are many ways you can donate, we have donate buttons on our
Website and our Facebook page and you can also donate by texting ;
CATS21 £(?) to 70070. You could also send a cheque to 33 New Lane,
Penwortham Preston PR1 9JH please mark your donations for Thomas.
Not everyone is able to donate money but we can raise money from your
unwanted Christmas presents, any DVD’s or CD’s you can donate. We find
jigsaws sell well and gift sets and toiletries plus chocolates and wine are always
popular on our Tombola. Please ring Christine on 01772 750263 or Sylvia on
01772 716837 to drop off your donations or we can collect.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated this year, we appreciate all your help.


Brian has entered the London Marathon this year and is raising money for
Lancashire Cat Rescue. He would love you to sponsor him, we have a
sponsorship form we can send to you if you can collect from friends, family or
work colleagues.

Please ring 01772 750263 after 6pm or if you e-mail us at we can e-mail you a sponsorship form.

Brian has a just giving page where you can donate, just go to and make a donation he
would really appreciate your support.

Brian has not done any running for some years now and at 62 years old he is
finding it difficult but is training hard and your support would spur him on.


Some of you may have seen Brian’s photo in the LEP at the Furniture Village
Store at the Capitol Centre. We were contacted by their PR company and asked
to provide photos of some of our cats to have made up into cardboard cut-outs
to place around the store. If you visit look for Daisy, Natsu, Delilah and Poppy.

Best Wishes from   Christine

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