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January 2016 Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who donated items for us to sell, cat food,
litter, toys or their time to help us fundraise in 2015. Without your
help we could not continue to rescue and rehome the injured, stray
and unwanted cats and kittens that come to us for help. You were
particularly generous over the festive period, many of our Christmas
cards contained donations and we received lots of cat food and toys.

I am hoping your generosity will continue into 2016. Can I start by
asking you to donate any unwanted Christmas presents for our Flea
Markets at Barton, or for our Tombola. Any items from a gift set that
you do not use can be donated for our baskets that we put together for
the Christmas Tombola.


Belle, a pretty long haired ginger and white girl, finally found a good
home with someone who has been a member of Lancashire Cat
Rescue for some years. Sadly the family had to say goodbye to a
much loved cat also from LCR and kindly offered Belle a home. Belle
and her new family had to wait a while as her eyes were weeping and
we wanted to have tests done to make sure it was not contagious.
Finally Belle got the all clear and went to her new home before

Our seven cats from Barrow brought to us by the RSPCA have mostly
found homes, Turpin and Bonnie, now live together in Blackburn,
they have settled well. Turpin now called Bandit has discovered the
joys of being a lap cat whilst Bonnie is coming around slowly. They
both enjoy running around the house playing.

Sykes, now renamed Ashley has a new home in Fulwood where he is
taking his time settling in to become a lap cat, his understanding new
owners are letting him come around in his own time.

Bilbo, also has a new home in Fulwood, where he is settling in slowly
and starting to play with his new family.

Rascal, the mum of the five tabbies now lives in Ashton, with another
member of the family that adopted Bilbo.

Sophia’s kittens have all found homes, Gino, now has a home in
Leyland, Eva, lives in Broughton, Bella in Barton, while Angelina
was offered a home in Preston and Raphael now lives in
Penwortham. Sophia, has been neutered and is still looking for a

Molly, our pretty tabby female who was left in a cloth cat carrier on
our doorstep now lives with Helen, Scott and George. Molly after a
shaky start where she had cystitis possibly caused by stress, has
settled really well. She plays nicely with George and follows Helen
everywhere. Helen is another colleague of mine from the office, so I
get to hear how well Molly is doing in her new home.



HeatherHeather, a very pretty tabby and Noah, an all black cat with a white
tip to his tail, came to us as the owner moved away and left them
behind. A kind neighbour was feeding them and brought them to us.
They have been neutered, chipped and vaccinated and are ready for a
new home, they do not need to be homed together.

Raffles, is a very fluffy all black cat, he has been neutered, chipped
and vaccinated and would love a home of his own.

Robyn, is the last of the five tabby kittens from the same home as
Raffles, she is timid but is starting to enjoy being stroked and would
suit a quiet home.

Bunny, is such a pretty tabby and white long haired female, again
very timid but friendly once you gain her trust.

Sammi, was homed before Christmas but unfortunately it didn’t work
out with the cat already in the family home. Sammi was fine and she
enjoyed cuddles and sitting on knees but was never accepted by the
family’s existing cat. Sammi, is back with us looking for a new home.

Midnight, Phoebe, and Tilly, our three black females are still looking
for homes.

Buttons our timid tabby and white girl is still looking for a quiet

Pepsi is a young tortoiseshell character cat with attitude and will need
a new home with no other pets or children.

Toffee and Coco, our semi feral tortoiseshells are still looking for a
suitable outdoor home.

Just before Christmas we took in Joy, with her three kittens, as well as
Jingle and Frosty, a black long haired adult and a black and white
young adult brought to us by the RSPCA. These cats are very nervous
and will need a lot of work before they are ready for rehoming.


Riley, was found by his owner with a very badly bitten leg, possibly
by a fox, emergency treatment cost over £200. X-rays showed
amputation was the only option, the family had used their savings for
the emergency treatment. We used some funds from the donation we
received to help with veterinary treatment and Riley was soon home
on three legs but otherwise healthy and happy.

A badly matted cat was found sitting in the road in Kirkham, a very
kind lady took her home and we paid for treatment for her, thanks to
the power of Facebook her owner was found and she was returned
home. It turned out she was a very old lady with lots of ongoing
medical issues. The owner has taken over the care of her treatment.

Lucy, was taken to the vets by a lady who was concerned she was a
stray. Lucy, was badly matted, was very unhappy at being touched
Lucy 3and was obviously in a lot of pain. The initial vet visit was paid for by
the family who had taken the cat home to care for her. It was soon
obvious that Lucy was going to need ongoing veterinary care and
LCR agreed to take Lucy to our vets Oakhill in Fulwood. Lucy, was
dematted and had blood tests, she has very bad arthritis in her neck,
spine and elbows and has only two teeth, the blood tests showed she
was suffering from hyperthyroidism. This is easily controlled with
tablets and she also has metacam painkilling drops for the arthritis.
Thankfully the family that found her have agreed to continue caring
for her and she is being well looked after. We saw Lucy again for a
return visit to the vets a week later and what a difference! She was
happy to be touched and was wearing a little coat to keep her warm.
Thank you so much to Sandra and her family for giving Lucy all the
love and attention she needs and deserves.

A lady rang to say her cat had given birth two days ago, but there was
something wrapped around the legs, possibly the umbilical cord and
they looked strange. Unfortunately the owner could not afford the vet
fees so she brought the cat and kittens to us and we called the
emergency vet. When the kittens were taken out of the basket, two of
them had their legs joined together in a deformed mess and the other
had two back legs that were swollen and the feet deformed. Sadly all
the vet could do to relieve their suffering was to put them to sleep,
poor babies.


The Christmas Flea Market raised £1,452.00 a wonderful result well
deserved by everyone who worked so hard to make it a success. The
Tombola was kept busy all day and looked very festive with the
baskets put together by Dawn with the items donated throughout the

The Christmas Coffee and Mince Pie day raised £176.00. Many
thanks to everyone who came to support us. We also received lots of
cat food and toys as well as bric-à-brac for our stalls. Many thanks to
Jane and her friend who put together a basket of goodies so we could
have a raffle. This basket was first prize & we also had a basket of
toiletries made by Gill who turned up on our doorstep in time for it to
be added to our raffle. Many thanks Gill!


Saturday 23rd January, a stall at Preston and Blackpool Cat Show at
Preston Sports College, St Vincent’s Road, Fulwood. Members of the
public can visit from 13:00 hrs, admission is £3.
We collect items for the cat show all year round and are always
looking for any items with a catty theme also unwanted cat beds,
scratching posts, cat baskets etc.

Sunday 14th February, Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, 9 AM
until 3 PM.
A Flea Market with a Valentine’s Day theme, helpers needed on the
day with setting up, selling on the stalls, and helping in the kitchen.


As stated above we always need helpers at our Flea Markets, and
items to sell on our stall as well as prizes for our Tombola. Have you
any unwanted gifts that you received as Christmas presents? Or is
there an item in a gift set that you will not use, we can use these items
in our Christmas baskets. If you have anything to donate please tel
Christine on 01772 750263 or Sylvia on 01772 716837.

Best Wishes from Christine

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