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February 2022 Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who sent donations of food, money and toys for the cats over the Christmas period. We really appreciated the cards we received from those of you we haven’t been able to see in the last two years. We are really hoping to see more of you this year at our fundraising events. Apologies for the late newsletter, this is due to a combination of things. We have been sorting our downstairs room where we store our fundraising items so I can work from home two days a week. Sally, our elderly tortie is on four lots of medication which involves both myself and Brian as she may be an older lady but has lots of tortie attitude. We also have been organising the best way to run our Snip and Chip campaign with the help of Oakhill vets, our committee members and a good friend.


Corky, our young neutered black and white cat rehomed due to child developing an allergy now lives with Kyle in Preston.

Spartacus, had to wait some time for his new home, partly due to his recovery from his injuries but also because his owner had moved to Poland. At first the owner was reluctant to allow us to rehome him as they were planning to return to England. We eventually got an agreement to find him a new home and Spartacus now lives in Fence with Hilda and Les.

Bradley and Buttons, two black male kittens now named Havock and Chaos now live with Daisy and Mike in Penwortham. They settled in very quickly and are living up to their new names.

Luna, came to us after her owners did not want her anymore, the very kind neighbour who cared for her asked if we could help as she deserved better. What a lovely man, he brought her to us and gave a donation and asked after her. He was as pleased as us when Luna was chosen to go to live with Liz and Dave in Chorley with a cat that was adopted previously from us.

Ebony, a dark tortie came to us to be rehomed as the home she was in was too noisy for her and she was obviously unhappy. Ebony now lives with Mark and family in Penwortham.

Simon and Shadow, two young male kittens came to us due to their owners poor mental health. They now live together with Nicola in Chorley.

Phoebe, one of Tessa’s kittens gave us a shock when we went in one morning to feed the kittens and found she had a prolapse. Luckily our vets were able to correct the problem and keep it in place with a couple of stitches. When the stitches were removed we found her a home with Gail in Ashton.

Meg and Willow, came to us after an appeal for help from a lady who had taken them in from someone who couldn’t care for them any more. There was a home ready for them which fell through and we were asked to help. Meg and Willow now live with Joanne in Leyland along with Toffee a ten year old cat who has accepted them and they have settled in well.

We were asked to help with a mum and young adults, we are rehoming the young cats and mum once spayed is going back to her owner.

Sparrow, one of the three girls now lives with Anitra and her chickens in Penwortham.


Tessa, is an all black cat that came to us with her four young kittens w hilst we were with family on a weekend break. Thanks to Jenny for collecting this little family for us at such short notice. Tessa, has been spayed and needs a new home. Unfortunately Tessa will use her litter tray to urinate but poos outside in the outdoor run despite a litter tray there as well. We are hoping that if she can find a home where she can safely go outside that will solve the problem, but a lot of patience and understanding may be needed by her new owner.

Many thanks to Jenny and Karen for their help looking after the cats whilst we had this much needed break. Brian and I run the rescue with advice and help when needed from our committee members. I feed and look after the cats with help from Brian before and after work and Brian does the dinner time feeds for kittens and our older residents.The trips to the vets, homing the cats and most of the paperwork is done by Brian. We need to recharge our batteries by having short breaks now and then, Dawn, Jenny and Karen help make this possible. We are very grateful for their help as we can go away knowing the cats are being well looked after. We have been helped recently by Alison and Alan who have gone out trapping feral cats and transporting them to the vets to be neutered. This is an important part of rescue and one we struggle to undertake ourselves so a big thank you to our new volunteers.

Winston, is a big black cat who was camping out in a members garden and after checking for a chip and then a paper collar no owner was found. He is a very large cat and doesn’t look like a stray, unfortunately not being chipped and no response to an appeal on Facebook means we are unsure if he has an owner somewhere. Thanks to Janet for looking out for him, he is going to be neutered then we need to find him a home. Update! Winston now lives in Withnell with Jennifer.

We still have Quinny who is FIV positive and her son Harley who will be tested when he is old enough. Quinny, was very shy when she first came to us but she headbutts me now when I go to feed her, she pushes her head against me but still flinches a little when I go to stroke her. In time, with a quiet home she will make a lovely companion. Harley, will be tested soon and ideally we would like to home the two of them together, although they need to be fed separately as Harley pinches mum’s food and as big as he is now she lets him. It’s quite funny as she shouts for me to come and remove him from her dish. We place him in a large pen inside the inner part of the cat pen and when he has finished eating he can let himself out. Sometimes though he lets himself out straight away and goes to his mum’s dish that’s when Quinny yells to let me know.

Pollyanna, is an elderly black cat that suddenly appeared in a garden in Chorley. After no response to a paper collar we were asked to help and we took her in.We have advertised her on Facebook as sadly she is not chipped. Pollyanna had a fit shortly after coming to us but after blood tests nothing obvious was found. She is a lovely cat who enjoys her food and attention. As with all our elderly cats we will pay any age related vet bills if someone could offer her a home.

Wren & Robin are the remaining two kittens from Tessa’s litter, they are older female kittens around six months old, one all black and one black and white, both very friendly. They have been neutered, chipped and vaccinated

We are going to have a semi feral cat returning to us as the owner is moving to a smaller property. We will be looking for a an outside home, farm, stables, anywhere that is suitable for an outdoor cat that can be cared for and kept inside for a while until they are used to their new home.


Noelle, a tabby point Siamese came to us just before Christmas, she was found in the porch of a house with a large cyst on her face and taken to the vets where they named her Noelle. They drained the cyst and tested her as she was ravenous but quite thin and not a young cat. They tested for hyperthyroidism but the test was negative, we were asked to take her and the family who found her said they would like to see if she would fit in with their existing cats. We looked after her for a while, Noelle lost weight but nothing appeared on any tests. She had a course of antibiotics for an infected toe and then had the cyst removed. Noelle has gone to live with her new family and we have been told she has settled well and put on weight. Her new home obviously agrees with her.

Milo, was spotted on a roof of a house early one morning, the lady next door and a friend spent most of the day either on the phone trying to find someone who could get him down or making a noise to scare away the seagulls who were attacking him. One of our members who lives a few doors away rang to see if we knew of anyone who could help. I rang a lady who I know helps cats who lived nearby and she said she would go and have a look. I remember saying very clearly as she is not a youngster and not in the best of health at the moment that she shouldn’t climb onto the roof! I asked her to give me an update when she could see where he was while I tried to find someone with a ladder. The phone rang and he was safe,yes she had climbed onto the roof and brought him down! We went to the house with our microchip scanner and he was chipped. After a phone call to the chip company his owner was found, she had been looking for him all day and had driven down that road looking for him. Apparently he has done it before on one of her neighbours roofs, we advised getting a catio or cat proofing the garden as he had crossed a busy road on his travels.

A female cat we had been unsuccessful at trapping last year was eventually coaxed into the kitchen and then a cat basket. We took her to the vets and had her spayed, she had two litters last year, one of which we rehomed. We returned her home after an overnight stay to recover from her spay.


Carol had cards printed with Angel who came from LCR and Spud who came from Cats Protection and worked hard to sell them for us. The profits were split between LCR, A Purrfect Friend and Carols charity South Ribble Cat Welfare Trust. Carol has raised thousands of pounds for us over the last two years with raffles, the virtual cat shows and the sale of cat merchandise. Carol also donates when her very photogenic cats are used by companies to advertise their products. The supermodels have helped advertise pet friendly cleaning products, candles and Angel was on the Iam’s kitten food packaging for quite some time. Angel is currently in the latest Aldi leaflet advertising one of their cat beds. Thank you Carol for all your support.

Our Christmas Flea Market in November raised £1,155.00 thanks to everyone who braved the weather to support us. We were quite busy in the morning and the snow in the afternoon definitely had an effect on our visitor numbers although it did look lovely. The hall was beautifully decorated and there was a Christmas tree by the entrance and the snow just added to the seasonal feel.

We couldn’t believe it when it started snowing on the Saturday before our February Flea Market, luckily it had cleared by Sunday morning. The weather generally was bad though which meant we were not as busy as usual. Despite this we made a very respectable £725.00, thanks to all our helpers and everyone who came to support us.


Saturday 23rd April, stall at Manchester and District Cat Show.

We are really looking forward to going to a cat show again after two years of no shows due to covid.

Sunday 29th May Flea Market at Barton Village Hall, 9am until 2.30pm volunteers are needed for all these events. Come and join us on the day or ring Christine on 01772 750263 for a chat, if you would like to help.

If anyone has any unwanted Christmas presents suitable for our stall or Tombola we are always in need of items to sell. Although we have received the legacy mentioned below, the more money we can raise at our fundraising events the more cats we can help and the legacy can be kept for the neutering campaign.

We can collect or you can drop them off, someone is usually in at teatime. If you have any items for us to collect please ring Christine on the number above, after 6pm weekdays or anytime at the weekend.


We have recently received a legacy and have decided that the best use of the money is to use it for a snip and chip campaign. We started with a post on Facebook in February and to date have issued 21 vouchers, many thanks to all at Oakhill vets who are supporting our campaign. We have a post on our Facebook page explaining how we can help with the costs. Please share if you are on Facebook as despite a good response initially, we have had few enquiries this month.

Best Wishes from Christine

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