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December 2020 Newsletter

A massive thank you to all our members, Friends of Lancashire
Cat Rescue and everyone who has supported us in any way this
Thanks to everyone who has donated money, food and litter, we
have been able to continue to rescue and re-home cats and kittens
despite the restrictions imposed on us because of the Coronavirus.

Thank you to everyone who has given one of our rescued cats a
home this year for their cooperation and understanding of the new
arrangements we put in place to keep everyone safe.
We hope everyone manages to have a Happy Christmas and
hopefully 2021 will be a better year for every one.

Special thanks are also due to the Preston Guild Lodge (Masons)
for making a very welcome donation to Lancashire Cat Rescue
from their benevolent fund, this was a result of the Preston Lodge
inviting applications for funding from local registered charities due
to the impact that the Coronavirus has had on fund-raising
activities in 2020.


We have done extremely well in finding homes for some of our
longest stay cats and currently only have one black cat needing a

Olly, a young male kitten was taken to the vets with a pelvic injury
as a found kitten, we were asked to help and kept him confined
whilst his pelvis healed. We took him back to the vets for repeat
X-rays after six weeks and although the pelvis has healed he may
need further surgery later when he has finished growing. He was a
delight to look after as he was such a friendly boy and he now
lives in Preston with Rhiannon.

We have offered to pay for any further treatment directly related to
his pelvic injury.

Pergo, the friendliest of Bella’s three boys a very handsome tabby
and white now lives with Rosemary and her husband in Kirkham
and they are delighted with him.

Lucy, one of our all black cats has finally found a home with Julia
in Lostock Hall. Lucy had a great personality and kept me on my
toes when cleaning out her pen, I miss our little skirmishes. I’m so
happy she found her forever home at last.

Daisy, one of a group of stray cats we are helping to find homes
for in Preston now lives as an indoor cat with Sara. This group of
black and white cats have been so friendly despite being
abandoned by their owner.

Dylan, came to us after we had re-homed Daisy and is we believe
related to Daisy and came from the same group of cats. When Sara
contacted us to see if we had a suitable friend for Daisy, we
suggested Dylan and she agreed to give him a home.

Luna, another of our all black cats now lives by the seaside with
Jake in Lytham. Luna was overlooked because she was a bit shy
when people came to view the cats, we are delighted she now has
her own home.

Poppy, after she had recovered from giving birth to the seven
kittens which we were unable to save, despite everyone’s best
efforts was spayed and then went to live with James and family in
Lea. Poppy is now known as Goblin due to how she eats her food.
Poppy, came from the same group of cats as Daisy and they were
left to fend for themselves which may explain their obsession with

Rachel, another all black cat who had been looking for a home for
a while now lives with Laura in Longton.

Teddy, a very large ginger and white cat, extremely friendly now
lives with Joan in Chorley. We have seen photos of him sat on his
new mum’s knee minutes after arriving in his new home. Joan is
getting Teddy to be more active by playing with him in the hope
he can lose a bit of weight.

Roy, a very active kitten came to us as he had been quite poorly a
couple of times after his family got him from a private home. Roy
was tested for various viruses and tested negative for them all. We
had him neutered and then found him a home with a young family.
Roy, now named Ziggy started to be sick after eating so back to
the vets, happily we think it was just eating then running round
afterwards that made him sick. He is very active, the children love
playing with him.

Rudy, a very handsome ginger and white long-haired cat was
visiting an elderly lady every day for food and made it clear he
wanted to stay.
However for various reasons, the lady caring for him could not
offer him a home so Rudy came to us. Rudy, now lives with Anita
and Howard, they are visitors to our Flea Markets so we look
forward to hearing how he is settling in his new home.

Skip, came to us after we were asked to help with a stray in the
Inskip area, she was not with us long before being chosen to live
with Peter in Warton.

Lizzie, was our longest stay cat who had come in with kittens as
an older mum. Lizzie, a long-haired black cat now lives with Carl
and family in Chorley, I am so pleased she is spending this
Christmas in her new home.

Teddy 2 came to us after his owner asked us to find him a new
home as he was moving and unable to take Teddy with him. Teddy
is a very friendly brown tabby and now lives with Sarah in


Jess, a black and white female, was a stray living in a shed in
Frenchwood, Preston. She was being fed by Jane and Bill but she
was upsetting their cats so we were asked to help. Jess has made it
clear she needs to be an only pet as she is unhappy around other
cats or our dog Jack.

Jess, who came in on the same day as Jess above, was brought to
us by someone who offered a home to some feral cats from us a
couple of years ago. This elderly lady is around 16 years old
according to her microchip and found in a bit of a mess In
Ormskirk but chipped to an address in Yorkshire. Unfortunately
the telephone number is out of date so we have been unable to
reunite her with her owners. Jess will be having tests at the vets to
check out any health issues, she is very sweet.

Mo and Leo, came to us after their owner died, Mo, is a very large black short haired male, around three years old and Leo, is a thirteen year old long haired tabby who passed his blood tests for an older cat at his visit to the vets. Ideally we would like to home these two together, they seem to be really comfortable in each other’s company.


We have loaned the trap several times with varying degrees of
success, the cat that is currently avoiding capture seems very wary,
it appears to have a clear understanding of how the trap works and
avoids standing on the plate that sets off the trap.


We were extremely lucky in October to be able to hold a virtual
cat show on Facebook. We had several categories and thank you to
Dawn, Ann, Caroline, San, Alison, Janet, Sylvia, Karen and Lisa
who agreed to judge a class each for us. I don’t think any of us
expected the response we got, hundreds of entries, our judges had
to work very hard to pick their winners. A big Thank You to
everyone who took part in the cat show, our sponsors who donated
amazing prizes and everyone who bought a raffle ticket or bid for
an auction item. A massive thank you to those who sponsored the
rosettes for the winners, it was very generous of you and the
rosettes were gorgeous. We made well over £2,000.00!

Our grateful thanks go to Carol a friend and supporter of
Lancashire Cat Rescue for many years who had the initial idea and
worked extremely hard for the two weeks the show was run. I
really do not know how she does it, to keep up with the entries, the
payments, collecting all the prizes together, ordering the rosettes,
answering questions from people who want to enter and from our
judges. We would not have attempted this fund-raiser without
Carol’s help and we are amazed at all the interest it generated.
Carol also ran a cat show for another local charity and is judging
and helping run several other virtual cat shows.


A recent announcement from the GCCF looks like any cat shows
governed by them can only be held from June 2021, so that means
we will not be having a stall at the Preston and Blackpool Cat
show for another year.

We have seven provisional dates in 2021 for our Flea Markets at
Barton Village Hall, the first date is Sunday 21st February.
Although we feel it is unlikely to go ahead due to the current
Coronavirus restrictions. Hopefully if that’s the case our 2nd
provisional date which is Sunday 21st March can go ahead?

Please keep checking on our Web page and Facebook page for
updates. If you prefer you can ring 01772 750263 to find out
whether the February Flea Market is going ahead.

We are liaising with the Barton Village Hall committee, and if and
when restrictions are lifted and we are able to hold our Flea
Markets again we will let you know.


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I must mention some lovely different coloured baubles, Xmas
trees, stars, Christmas stockings and mittens (decorative for
hanging on the tree) knitted for us by Barbara. We also had some
knitted snowmen and Christmas puddings, we have sold all the
snowmen and just have two puddings left. Anyone interested in
purchasing any of the above please ring me on 01772 750263 for
prices and photos. They really are lovely, thank you Barbara.
Please keep safe and thank you again for all your support.

Best Wishes from Christine

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