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December 2017 Newsletter

We have had a dreadful few weeks looking after very poorly
kittens and sadly we have lost some despite our best efforts.
We are helping a couple with over 17 cats that they want to re
home and have neutered them all. Brian had the mammoth task
of transporting the cats to the vets and then returning them
home. We did this over several weeks a few at a time.


Bonnie & Clyde, were not with us very long before being
offered a new home together with Jackie in Nelson.

Merlin & Morgan, two white and ginger brothers who had
been with us for a while now live in Barton with Melissa and
her family.

Thomas, an all black kitten and the remaining kitten from a
litter we were asked to re home now lives with Keith and his
family in Penwortham.

Gordon & George, two of Giselle’s kittens found a home with
Caroline and Robbie in Bamber Bridge.

Echo & Eric, two all black kittens from Eileen’s litter have
gone to live with Marlene & Ben in Preston.

Eileen, surprisingly being an all black cat, found a family
home with Louise who brought her children to visit, before we
homed her kittens. She is such a laid back cat who has settled
in straight away into her new home.

Florence & Fred, Flora’s kittens have gone to live in Lytham
with Kate.


Tigger, is a very friendly tabby female from the multi cat
household we are helping, she came in with four very tiny six
week old kittens. We sadly lost one very early on and then
after weeks of good food and care we lost tiny Piglet who just
did not grow! He was so tiny but he tried so hard, always the
first to the food and he sat in my hands and purred. Brian
found him one morning, he had died in his sleep, just
heartbreaking, as the weeks passed I was hoping that he would
start to grow but it wasn’t to be. We have two remaining
kittens, Roo and Robin who fingers crossed will be ready for
new homes soon. Tigger has been spayed & chipped and is
ready for a new home.

Ernie, is the last of Eileen’s kittens, an all black male, he is
very friendly and purrs like a trooper, he is missing his litter
mates and would love to be in a new home like his siblings.

Gus, is a long haired black and white male kitten, the only one
left from Giselle’s litter. He is a proper little fluff ball and will
need a home where he is groomed daily to make sure his coat
doesn’t matt.

Giselle, has been spayed and is a very friendly black and white
cat who is ready for a new home now she has finished looking
after her little family.

Fizz, is a turbo charged white and black five month old kitten,
she turned up in a garden round the corner from us a few days
before Bonfire Night. We were full and as the lady was happy
to feed her and give her shelter we left her where she was until
we had room and could help. We put a picture of her on
Facebook as she was wearing a collar and very friendly and we
just thought she had wandered a bit too far and we would find
her owner soon.
Later that day she was brought to our door by one of our
neighbours so she had moved from a safe garden to one on a
busy road! We couldn’t leave her to wander so near a busy road
and with bonfire night so close, we tidied a space in our
garden shed, not ideal but she was warm and safe.
Sadly four weeks later we still haven’t found where she came
from so we have had her spayed and we are looking to find her
a new home.

We still have many adult cats mentioned in previous
newsletters looking for new homes, please if you know of
anyone looking for a cat give them our contact details.


We were asked by our vet to take in five kittens found
abandoned in a car, neighbours had been watching mum
going back and forth to feed her kittens then she didn’t appear
one day. After four days they picked up the kittens and took
them to the vets, sadly one had to be put to sleep as it was
suffering from anaemia due to the amount of fleas it was
covered in. We took the remaining four frail kittens, we bought
a guinea pig pen and put the two that needed the most care in
our living room. We bought some replacement cat milk but
struggled to get them to lap, we expected them to be eager to
feed but we had problems as they refused to eat. We took them
back to the vets and tried several types of food with little
success. We lost the tiny black kitten Mazda first, he just was
so weak his little body was shutting down, we were syringe
feeding him milk but he was not doing well. A trip to the
emergency vets as it was out of hours and a decision was made
to end his suffering, poor baby.

Little tabby Austin, was eating at first but then refused food
but was lapping the replacement cat milk. He was a happy little
boy, running around and playing but got quieter and weaker.
Many thanks to Sue who cared for him one day and tried to get
him interested in eating and to Haldora for her help with the
I cooked fish and we tried chicken but the vet thinks there was
an underlying problem and sadly we had to let him go.

Sue bought us some Nature’s Menu chicken and this finally
persuaded Bentley and Mercedes to eat. We are keeping our
fingers crossed for these two that they continue to eat and

These last few weeks have been very stressful and emotionally
draining, many thanks to Brian for all his help with these
poorly babies, giving them their morning and lunchtime feeds
and trying different foods to get them to eat.

We have helped with costs for a five month old kitten who
needed an operation for a broken pelvis, she may need further
surgery but has is recovering well.

We helped with costs for an elderly cat hit by a car but sadly
he had to be put to sleep as his injuries were too severe.

We lent our trap so a feral could be safely moved to a new


Our Flea Market in September raised £1,020.00 our thanks to
everyone who came to help and donated items for us to sell.

Our October Flea Market raised £1,025.00 Well Done

My family surprised me with a cake, flowers and bubbly to
celebrate thirty years of rescuing cats. Thanks to Alan and Joan
for my presents. It was a lovely surprise and the cake was

Our Christmas Flea Market raised an impressive £1, 270.00!
Thank you to everyone who donated cakes, Christmas gift sets,
baskets, toiletries or came along to help. The sun shone and the
stalls looked wonderful with their festive themes. Thank you
to Jean who made some whisky marmalade for us to sell I can
recommend it! Barbara made some lovely Christmas Cards,
thank you, they were very popular.

A big thank you to Sandra who raised £20.00 baking cakes she
sold at work.



Sunday 10 December at the rescue 33 New Lane,
Penwortham, Preston, PR1 9JH.

10.30 am until 2.00pm. Gift stall, Tombola, refreshments and
of course cats and kittens!

Admission £1

Come and wish the cats a Merry Christmas.
Donations of food for the cats will be very welcome. (Felix cat
food in jelly preferred).

This is our last fund-raiser of the year and until February 11th
2018 when we start our Flea Markets at Barton Village Hall
again. Please come along and show your support, you will be very welcome.

Seasons Greetings from Christine

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