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August 2019 Newsletter

Kitten season hit us with a bang and at one point we had 22 kittens we were looking after, that’s a huge workload in itself and it has been made worse by some very poorly kittens. This has also meant we have been unable to attend outdoor car boots at the weekends to raise funds as we usually do to see us through until our Flea Markets start again in September. We are having an Open Day on Sunday 1st September at the Rescue, to raise much needed funds and to celebrate 25 years of Lancashire Cat Rescue see further details in forthcoming events.


Cooper, our three legged boy had to wait a while for his furever home as his new mum was cat sitting some friends cats, but I think Cooper would agree it was worth the wait. He now has a new home with Hayley and we have seen photos of him looking very settled in his new home.

We had a litter of five tabbies brought to us and they quickly found homes. Becky & Maxim, now live together in a new home in Fulwood.
Maurice now lives in Longton with Liz and Steven, Manderley lives with Ruth in Burnley and Danvers lives in Garstang with Heather.

William, a very confident black and white kitten from Willows litter now lives in Darwen where he has made friends with the dog. William when he was playing in our run attached to the house used to pop into the kitchen through the cat flap much to our cats disgust.

Winston & Wilma, two of Mabel’s kittens have gone to live with Christine and family in Broughton.


Willow, turned out to be Daisy missing from East Lancashire, the owner posted a photo of her and it confirmed Willow was Daisy. Sadly some weeks have passed and the owner has not been to collect her so Willow is looking for a new home, she is a very pretty friendly long-haired black and white cat.

Solar & Luna, are still looking for new homes, not together, Solar is a very pretty tortie and Luna is all black. Solar has an outgoing personality and Luna needs a quiet home.

Waffle, our pretty tabby just needs to be spayed and then she will be ready for a new home, she is a very friendly girl who at the moment lives for her food. This is because she was feeding five kittens and still thinks she needs the extra food.

Wilbur, is the remaining kitten from Mabel’s litter, he is black and white and would love a home of his own.


Our poorly kitten nightmare started with Myrtles kittens, when we went to collect them I was concerned as they were very small but put it down to mum being very young and the fact there were five kittens. Both Mabel and Myrtle at different times started to go off their food despite tempting them with Chicken Applaws, tuna etc. Mabel’s kittens were eating mostly on their own but Myrtles kittens still needed their mums milk. Oreo and Cyril two of her kittens were struggling as was Larry, we brought them into the house but despite our best efforts at hand feeding we lost Larry. We ended up with the remaining four in the house on two hourly hand fed milk feeds despite the fact they were old enough to start to be weaned. Thanks to Sylvia who allowed us to descend on her with the kittens when she was hosting our committee meeting as they couldn’t be left alone.
We then had a problem as Brian and I had tickets for a concert on the Saturday and for Lytham proms on the Sunday.

Our wonderful friends and family stepped in, Jenny took the kittens on the Saturday and Dawn and Paul had them on the Sunday. Karen our brilliant volunteer came in at dinner time to give feeding mums and babies their dinner time feed. Thank you to Dawn, Paul and Jenny for their help, looking after such poorly kittens is very stressful as you could lose one and it’s heartbreaking. Luckily the remaining four

started to gain weight and to start to eat on their own as did Mabel and Myrtle.
We had both adult cats and the kittens to the vets but couldn’t find a reason for them not eating.
What kick started them eating was a tin of Almo, chicken and tuna which Karen brought one Tuesday when she came to feed the cats. Karen and Neil then very generously donated a case of Almo to help the cats, it can only be bought online.

No sooner had we got the four eating well when Coco and Sundae from Waffles litter started to fail to thrive, again five kittens and Waffle a young mum. We started hand feeding and over two weeks nearly lost Sundae twice, she has definitely used up two of her nine lives. Again Dawn and Paul stepped in and took these two for the day as we had planned a day out to Cat World an independent cat shop in Oswestry with our friend Carol. Di who owns the shop kindly donated a soft kitten blanket for our poorly kittens.

All the kittens mentioned are either black, white and black or tabby and have had their first injections and are looking for new homes.
Again a big thank you to all of you who helped care for these kittens, your help and support mean a lot.


We helped a little cat that needed treatment for a sore eye, sadly it turned out to be a tumour and there was nothing that could be done except to keep her comfortable until a decision was made that she was not enjoying life any more.

Biscuit is a feisty ginger cat hit by a car taken to an out of hours vet where she received  a scan. That showed her bladder was intact and she was sent home with pain relief. Her owner took her to her own vet the next day and an X-ray showed a broken pelvis. We helped with the operation to have the pelvis pinned and to have her restitched when she pulled all her stitches out, told you she was feisty. Why do they do that? It must hurt, anyone who has seen them try to remove stitches can see the effort they put into it, makes you shudder.

Pepper, was a stray being fed by a couple who she went to for food, she turned up limping one day and we were asked to help. Examination at the vets was inconclusive, they ruled out a luxating patella and sent her home with us on a course of antibiotics. These haven’t solved the problem so we will take Pepper back to the vets for more tests to try and find the cause of her limp.


The stall at Animal Care in May raised £105.00, many thanks to Paul and Dawn who came and helped on the stall.

We rely heavily on the “Friends of Lancashire Cat Rescue” donations during our busy summer months, this is where people sign up to make a donation by standing order into the charities bank account every month. You choose the amount and we can give you the details, if this is something you would be interested in please get in touch. We are very grateful for those of you who donate in this way.


Sunday 1st September, Open Day at the Rescue, 33 New Lane, Penwortham, Preston PR1 9JH 11 am until 3 pm.
We will have cat related items for sale, and our own LCR bookmarks, pens and key rings.

There will be refreshments and our popular Tombola as well as the chance to see the cats and kittens waiting for new homes.

Sunday 22 September, our first Flea Market after the summer break, we are collecting items for sale on our stall and asking especially for baskets or unused toiletries for Dawn and Jenny to work their magic as usual and make them up into fabulous Tombola prizes. We also have some lovely prizes donated by Jane but with five events before the end of the year and with our Tombola being so popular we can never have too many prizes.


If you have any unwanted “good as new” items you can donate then please ring Christine on 01772 750263 after 6pm or leave a message on the answer machine.

Best Wishes from  Christine