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Mission Accomplished

Posted by brilomax on April 25, 2017



One of the Lancashire Cat Rescue Trustees (Brian (on the right)) and his son Paul (who was raising funds for “Dreams Come True”), have done the London Marathon to raise funds for us this year.

They completed the challenge in 7h 5m.

It’s still not too late to show your support please click HERE to sponsor him.

All proceeds to Lancashire Cat Rescue.


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Ajax (RTA)

Posted by brilomax on January 15, 2017

On Wednesday the 11th of January we received a call from representatives of Deepdale Retail Park in Preston, a large un-neutered, un-chipped and without a collar tabby cat had been found injured on the site, he was in a bad way and was taken to our vet for assessment ASAP.

He was diagnosed as having had a major trauma to his head, he was in danger of losing an eye and was in deep shock.

It was decided that he should be sedated and put on a drip to to treat him for shock and if he survived the night we would take it from there.

Having survived the night we decided to call him Ajax after the Greek warrior who was a great fighter. We were encouraged that during the night he had used his litter tray, so we knew his digestive tract was in good order.

He underwent an operation on Thursday the 12th, he had his broken lower jaw wired and his eye was sewed shut in the hope that it would heal, he was still very poorly and it was our intention to keep him in intensive care over the weekend.

Unfortunately on Friday Ajax’s owners turned up at the vets and demanded that he be put to sleep, we were and are devastated, his owners were given the option of signing him over to LCR were upon we would have taken care of his veterinary care and endeavour to find him a loving home when well enough. Even though our vet assured them that he was heavily sedated and was not suffering, they insisted and on their instructions he was put to sleep.


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Coffee & Mince Pie Day Update

Posted by brilomax on December 20, 2016

Thank you to everyone who helped in anyway with our Coffee and Mince Pie Day on Saturday 17th of December. We received  lots of cat food for the cats dinners over Xmas.


It was nice to catch up with old friends before Christmas.

Thanks to your continued support we are able to help cats in need.


Thanks to Jane & Jean for donating the Christmas Hamper and gift vouchers for the raffle. The raffle has now been drawn and the winners are as follows;

1st B. D. Birch – hamper
2nd M. Whiteside – £15 M&S voucher
3rd J Park – £15 Boots Voucher
4th A Watkins – Bottle bubbly
5th R Denver – beauty hamper
6th Joyce Helm – bottle of baileys
7th Pat Creaton – bottle of vodka
8th Mrs Pritchard – hotel chocolat goody bag
9th Stuart Cook – bottle of rum
10th Sandra Gregory – beauty hamper
11th D Bradshaw – cuddly teddy bear
12th M Bradley – M&S bath set
13th Eugene Carroll – bottle of Cava
14th Dorothy Ward – Simple skin care set
15th Pat Creaton – box of foxes biscuits

 Thanks for the generosity and support you have given us. We would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xxx

From all the volunteers, cats and kittens at Lancashire Cat Rescue.


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Harry (Astley Village) Stray

Posted by brilomax on November 8, 2016



This elderly gentleman was found staggering around a garden in the Harperley area of Astley Village yesterday afternoon (Monday 7th November).

He is a neutered male, the vet thinks he is 12 or over due to his teeth. He is blind and possibly has other health concerns. We will be watching him closely, sadly he is not chipped, but he is in very good condition (for his age) and I think he is a much loved pet that has escaped and got lost. I am making the assumption as he is blind he is usually an indoor cat.

Please call Christine on 01772 750263 if you know or own this cat.

The vet thinks he may be on medication so its important we find his owners quickly.

Please share and lets get him home as soon as possible. Thank You!

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Posted by brilomax on July 21, 2016

Pumpkin was born at the rescue on 15th December 2015, he was one of three kittens born to Joy.

Pumpkin2His siblings Harry & Hope were homed months ago, Pumpkin has always been a happy little boy but he has caused us some concern because he makes a lot of upper respiratory noise, despite four courses of anti-biotics  his congestion refuses to budge. The vet is hopeful that he’ll grow out of it but unfortunately there are no guarantees.

As previously mentioned he is a very happy little boy and he never shows any signs of feeling sorry for himself.

If someone would give this delightful little boy a chance of a forever home, Lancashire Cat Rescue would be happy pay for any veterinary treatments relating to his congestion issues (for life).

He is mostly black but sometimes when the light catches him in a certain way (as in his photograph) his tabby markings show, he is fully vaccinated and chipped.

Wonderful News!

Pumpkin now has a forever home with a lovely lady in Penwortham, he is going to be company for the LCR cat she gave a home to 18 months ago.



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