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Posted by brilomax on April 1, 2022

Harley, seen here with his feral mum Quinny is a delightful, friendly little boy of eight months who’s been with us for far too long. He came to us with his mum in September last year when he was about six weeks old. His mum Quinny was fully feral at that time and when she was neutered shortly after coming into rescue she tested positive for FIV (Feline Infectious Virus). This is a condition that can be passed on to any cats in close proximity by grooming or/and biting, but the test is only accurate on cats of at least six months old, for this reason we’ve had to wait until now to have Harley tested, to our great surprise & relief he has proved to be negative for FIV/Felv.

So if you would like to offer Harley a home please call us on 01772 750263, we require a minimum (more is always welcome) donation of £50, he is neutered, chipped & fully vaccinated. Any adoptees will be expected to keep him in at night and provide a litter tray. We would like to home him to a low traffic area or we always encourage adoptees to consider keeping LCR cats & kittens as house cats.

Update! (04/04/2022) Harley now has an indoor home with Richard, Nicola & their three house cats in Chorley.


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