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Posted by brilomax on July 14, 2021

Elsa was a stray that was handed in to Oakhill Veterinary Centre, after a fruitless search for an owner she was signed over into the care of LCR.

Since then she has had her first vaccination and has been micro-chipped. She is just as a fifteen week old kitten should be, full of mischief and keen to explore her surroundings. Elsa is very friendly, well socialised and ready for a loving home.

If you would like to offer Elsa a loving home, then please call us on 01772 750263 (if no one answers leave a message and someone will get back to you). We insist on a minimum donation £40 for our kittens & a promise to have her neutered when old enough, also we would like any potential adoptee to keep her in at night and provide a litter tray, or even better would be to consider keeping her as an indoor cat :-).

Update! (16/07/2021) Elsa has gone to live as an indoor cat in Fulwood with Catherine, her family & a one year old male cat who is also an indoor cat (hopefully they will be playmates).


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