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Rossi & Rico

Posted by brilomax on February 2, 2021

Rossi & Rico along with another sibling (Pergo) & their Mum (Bella), were left behind when their owners moved house, neighbours fed them & asked us to help. Pergo was quite friendly and has been homed but Rossi & Rico are very nervous and the only time they allow us to touch & stroke them is when they are being fed.

We are hoping that a couple of people with lots of patience & time on their hands will step up and offer these brothers separate loving homes. Failing that we would be looking for outdoor homes which is not ideal.

They are now eight months old, their mum has tested negative for Felv/FIV, they are neutered, fully vaccinated & micro-chipped.

If you would like to offer a home to Rossi or Rico (or any other of our cats) and live local to Preston, Lancashire please give us a call on 01772 750263. We expect a minimum donation of £50 for our neutered cats and a commitment to provide a litter tray (or trays) and keep them in at night.

Update! (02/02/2021) Rossi & Rico now have a home with Lloyd & Megan in Darwen. They have very kindly stepped up and given them a home even though they know it could be a long and slow process due to their nervous disposition before they will become happy & relaxed family members.


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