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Posted by brilomax on January 24, 2021

Back in June 2020 we had a call from the Gamull Lane area of Ribbleton, “A tenant has moved out and abandoned a Tabby cat & her three kittens”.
Brian went out to assess the situation, it was evident that none of these cats were domesticated, although maybe not totally feral?

Amazingly Brian managed to trap all four of them in only two or three hours.

Since then Bella has been neutered vaccinated & chipped, but despite having been with us for four months, she is still a little nervous (as are her kittens, more of which to follow). We can pet her while she’s feeding and she sometimes purrs for us, she’s improving all the time.

So Bella needs either a very quiet home with a very patient and understanding carer, or we need to find her a place at a stables or small-holding.

If you would like to offer Bella a home please call us on 01772 750263 to arrange an appointment to view (socially distanced of course). If no-one answers please leave a message (Christine still works full time).

Update! (24/01/2021) Bella now has a home with Matthew & Michaela in a quiet part of Preston with a large garden. They have very kindly stepped up and given her a home even though they know it could be a long and slow process due to her nervous disposition before she will become a willing member of their family.


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