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Ajax (RTA)

Posted by brilomax on January 15, 2017

On Wednesday the 11th of January we received a call from representatives of Deepdale Retail Park in Preston, a large un-neutered, un-chipped and without a collar tabby cat had been found injured on the site, he was in a bad way and was taken to our vet for assessment ASAP.

He was diagnosed as having had a major trauma to his head, he was in danger of losing an eye and was in deep shock.

It was decided that he should be sedated and put on a drip to to treat him for shock and if he survived the night we would take it from there.

Having survived the night we decided to call him Ajax after the Greek warrior who was a great fighter. We were encouraged that during the night he had used his litter tray, so we knew his digestive tract was in good order.

He underwent an operation on Thursday the 12th, he had his broken lower jaw wired and his eye was sewed shut in the hope that it would heal, he was still very poorly and it was our intention to keep him in intensive care over the weekend.

Unfortunately on Friday Ajax’s owners turned up at the vets and demanded that he be put to sleep, we were and are devastated, his owners were given the option of signing him over to LCR were upon we would have taken care of his veterinary care and endeavour to find him a loving home when well enough. Even though our vet assured them that he was heavily sedated and was not suffering, they insisted and on their instructions he was put to sleep.


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